1. C

    Transmissions coming through a different frequency

    Hi, I have multiple scanners and dongles running all at the same time, and I've noticed something weird that's been happening lately. I have an analog only scanner that scans the airband frequencies from the nearby airport. One of those frequencies is the guard frequency, 121.500 AM. I have...
  2. F

    2023 Atlantic City Airshow Frequencies?

    Does anyone know the Airshow frequencies for tomorrow? Saw a post regarding 2022 but unsure if anything has changed
  3. E

    Which airband transceivers have a PTT/TX lock function?

    This is my first post here, so while I believe this is the correct forum, please let me know if it would fit somewhere else. I'm interested in purchasing a dedicated handheld airband transceiver purely for listening to a few local airband frequencies. I live in an apartment building and do not...
  4. H

    Greek laws on airband scanners

    Hi all. I am on holiday in Greece and I arrive back on the 19th of April. I have an airband scanner and I used it to listen to ATC on my way out of England (it made it through Airport security with SOME hesitation from the security officers). I’d like to know on the current laws on frequency...
  5. Edelweiss

    Another 8.33 kHz Scanner table anybody? Here you are!

    Original is in Open Document Spreadsheet Format (which is not permitted here). PM me if you want it, newer Excel will probably open it correctly.
  6. A

    Ways to boost reception/range when scanning Airband and MilAir

    I'm looking for ways to boost my scanner's reception/range when scanning the Aviation and MilAir bands. It uses an SMA-F connector. More specifically, I'm looking for a way to listen to the military aircraft refueling at AR-206 (I live under the entrance of it). Any and all help would be...
  7. BlueDevil

    VHF AM/Airband Transceiver Isolation

    I am looking to resolve an issue when transmitting on a VHF FM radio causing back feeding and breaking the squelch on a VHF AM radio. I would like to know if anyone else has dealt with a similar problem and what their solution(s) they found. Do I need a BandPass Filter/Isolator on the VHF AM...
  8. drsn0w

    BCD436HP: Airband Scanning Issues

    Hello RadioReference! I just tried to program in an airband favorites list using Sentinel. I wrote the list to the scanner and restarted it holding down my assigned startup key. However, when it turns on, it simply gives me 2 low beeps and the screen displays SCAN MODE, while obviously not...
  9. F

    Yupiteru MVT-7100

    I am considering purchasing the Yupi receiver. It seems to come highly recommended by a lot of people who monitor the civil airband and it's known for its great sensitivity. My question is, how about selectivity? Is it great, better than what a dedicated aviation transceiver's for example...
  10. U

    Ordered C Crane Skywave

    Well since I am new here my post need to moderator approved. While waiting for my previous post about using the Tecsun PL 660, PL680 or PL880 for aircraft I pulled the trigger for about $65 new and shipped from an Amazon vendor. What sold me was the adjustable squelch and I think it can scan the...
  11. U

    PL660 - PL680 - PL880 for airband

    I live near MEM airport and like to listen to the pilots and controllers. Most reviews of these radios don't say much about airband performance yet this is very important to me. The C Crane Skywave has a squelch which may be nice but overall I don't think the sound is as good as any of these. I...
  12. M

    8.33 kHz AM airband in Europe

    Being in the UK, I would like to be able to properly receive 8.33 kHz AM transmissions as used in the civil airband across Europe. Although a number of Uniden scanners provide an 8.33 kHz tuning step, is is clear that the bandwidth remains about 25 kHz so you can potentially hear three channels...
  13. D

    BC125AT: Firmware enhancement suggestions

    Hi all, Recently got into scanning and am currently enjoying my new BC125AT. After playing with it for a week, got a couple of suggestions, which Uniden might want to include in some form in the future firmware release (should there be one) 1 - limit the default Civil Air service search to...
  14. D

    Antenna help needed

    Hi All, I am new to the world of scanners and recently got my first one. Before this I was actually listening to online scanners but they had nothing for my country. (fyi, I am from India). Please read the brief desc first :- (correct me if i am going wrong anywhere) I have got a Uniden...
  15. pm4hire

    New -- GRE PSR-700 as an airband radio

    As a newby, I'm interested in purchasing a PSR-700 scanner. I like the concept and think this type of radio has the potential to bring many new folks into the radio scanning hobby. My primary interest is in airband monitoring, both commercial and military. My question is: Will the new PSR-700...