1. D

    Philadelphia International Airport Police/Fire

    Hello. I’m new to the scanning world, I have a sds100 and love it. I have both Philadelphia Fire and Police programed. My question is, I’m trying to listen into the Philadelphia International Airport Police and Fire channels. Per RadioReference, the channels are not encrypted. Is it because they...
  2. Salvatorejrc

    EWR Tower

    Did not want to put this in the aviation forum because I'd rather get answers from locals who scan the same stuff. I've never monitored any sort of aircraft or tower before so forgive me. I was wondering if and how I can receive EWR, JFK, Laguardia tower, departure, approach, all of that stuff...
  3. WX9RLT

    Airplane Goes Off Runway & Crashes Into A Vehicle

    Rockford Scanner: Airplane Crashes Into A Vehicle Near Cottonwood Airport in Rockford A small aircraft goes off the runway and crashes into a vehicle in Rockford, Illinois. Details in the link above.
  4. Salvatorejrc

    Is it possible

    So I currently live in morris county NJ and i want to receive all frequencies coming from Newark Liberty International Airport, which is a county over from me (19 miles from me). It's frequencies should be available under essex county on the RR database. I have an sds100 programmed and...
  5. A

    Louisville International TRBO System

    Looking at FCC licences and found this. Looks like a trunked MotoTRBO system but need help finding out the LCNs and sites. Thanks,
  6. N

    Venice Airport ops

    Looking for operations frequency at Venice Airport. The old 467.7625 is inactive. I was able to close call from the restaurant inside the terminal and got no hits even though I could hear transmissions coming from the desk there. Any info appreciated. FYI I was using a 436HP upgraded for TRBO...
  7. screenersam

    Wicomico Emergency Drill

    Wicomico County 911 having emergency drill today @ SBY airport
  8. E

    United Airlines Dulles VA (DMR)

    ADMIN please delete this thread. I posted on the wrong spot
  9. marksroberson


    While scanning around on the radio I ran into a frequency that sounds like one of those airport weather observations stations you hear on HF radio, only I am hearing it on 114.4 AM. About 50% signal is static, but I can still hear that automated voice going non-stop. I don't know where it's...
  10. greedo24

    Grand Rapids airport

    Does anyone have the frequency for Southwest Airlines ground ops at KGRR? I've seen (and heard) their base station at the gate area. Heard pilot talking to the de-ice truck. Greedo
  11. T

    Newbie questions.

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get into the police scanner hobby, and I have a few questions. I have a general understanding of what trunking is and know most police agencies in my area, and all state agencies use motorola Utah UCAN trunking. I also know that all of the Utah Highway Patrol uses UCAN...
  12. T

    Hanscom Field (BED) Airport Missing from Database?

    Hi all, While reviewing my HP-1 and then the online RR Database, I am unable to locate any section in Middlesex County for Hanscom Field (BED) Airport in Bedford. I could be missing something I suppose. If it IS absent, I'd be willing to do some legwork and then submit my findings to the...
  13. D

    Urgent Activity at Sac Metro (SMF)

    Sounds like a breaking security event at SMF. They have called everyone in from off-duty and activated the DOC. Terminal A They have open doors to the tarmac. AIROPS talkgroup
  14. W

    Seattle-Tacoma Town Car Service | Seattle Airport Town Car | Bellevue Town Car

    24-7 Town Car provides stylish ground transportation service in the Puget Sound and surrounding areas. Call us 24/7 at (206) 458-0411 or (206) 366-5677 or make a reservation on our website! Our Featured Services * Airport Transportation * Corporate Services * City Tours * Proms and Graduations...
  15. 6

    Centennial Airport Exercise 4/13

    Message boards around the airport today r/t an exercise in the AM. Signs note 0700-1700.
  16. Eastie

    Need Alitalia Freq. at Logan Airport

    Does anyone have Alitalia's frequency? Or, trunked group if they are with other airlines? I have two frequency's that are floating around the web... I've been scanning them for about 5 months now and only one works, 131.3000 but I think they are in NY because Ive heard JFK mentioned and JFK's...
  17. M

    RS PRO-82 Broken/Recommendations Wanted

    Hi all, I am a newb to the forums as of today. (I still have that new member smell!) LOL. I found R.R. within the last year or so while searching for frequencies. What a great info-chocked website. Enough with the pleasantries. On to the issue at hand. I had the pleasure of owning my first...
  18. J

    Birmingham Airport

    Does anyone know any unpublished frequencies for the Birmingham airport. I was listening to 123.8 and the controller told an airplane to switch to 126.15 for final approach control. Here is a good link for most of the BHM freqs: Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, KBHM - Airport...
  19. P

    Scantenna distance question???

    i was wondering.. i have a Uniden BC95XLT hooked up to a Scantenna in my attic (to protect from outside) my question is... how far will my antenna reach to get a decent signal???. im really looking for air frequencies.. i can reach about.. oh i dont know... 30 miles away with Badley intl. ...