1. R

    TMS on XPR 7550e

    I know XPR has its own messaging setup. Is there any way to communicate with TMS to an APX/Astro system and vice versa? I've been trying a bunch of different settings and haven't gotten yet. Just conventional channels, nothing trunking. I can send pages, my radio ID, but haven't gotten messages...
  2. dennisondenatalie

    Random Radio Stuff...

    Alright folks... I've got a few doozies here. I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive VHF radio. Found an XTS2000 on eBay that I really like, however I'm having some hesitations about pulling the trigger -- As far as programming it, that is. I cannot find the programming software for it anywhere...
  3. H

    APX Voice Announcement - Website to create WAV voice files

    Can anyone suggest a website that they use to generate the voice announcement WAV files for the APX CPS? I am looking for something that would allow me to create and download WAV files that are in the right format to be converted directly to Motorola VA format as shown below. Required settings...
  4. I

    APX Pin 21 Output for Line Level Audio Out

    I work for a law enforcement agency in Pennsylvania and we will be moving our office to another location. In doing so, we are going to mount ceiling speakers in each area of the office and have them hooked up to an amplifier. The issue is getting the sound from our APX4500 to the amplifier. I...
  5. SirJ

    APX8000 top displays UID

    So I noticed something which may be a programming error ? when on a p25 conventional system, while receiving a transmission the top Display-only shows two letters “ID”. Once they unkey it alternates between ID and the actual numbers for a few seconds. Is there a way to remove this alternative...
  6. theking205

    APX 7000 Program error indirect ptt audio

    My APX 7000 will read but wont program. The error is the indirect ptt audio routing feature is not supported between source and target. Has someone seen this error before or how to fix it? I can read the radio just fine but cant program it. I have been able to program this radio before. I...
  7. dennisondenatalie

    APX APX7000 Oddities and Issues

    I have some questions regarding a new purchase of a used APX7000 UHF R2/7-800 FPP. I purchased the radio to start learning the CPS for that particular radio, and plan on using it for mostly ham stuff, as well as listening to a few local fire departments. Thus far, I've done all the programming...
  8. kc7gr

    HKN6160B XTL/APX RS232 Pinout

    Fellow techies, I ran into a situation, not that long ago, where I couldn't read or program an XTL mobile through anything but the rear accessory connector. After getting thoroughly disgusted with not finding the HKN6160's pinout on the Internetzz, I finally broke down and bought one. I...
  9. T

    Un-associated scan for APX radio

    This may be a long shot, but has anyone heard of an APX radio being able to scan a p.25 phase 1 system unassociated?
  10. Lakes_Region_Comms

    APX Motorola APX6000XE Transition

    Hello, I am Transistioning from a XTS2500i to a APX6000XE and was wondering what the major differences are? I am on a VHF Analog system as well as P25 systems, In the flashcode I see QA00580 Enable TDMA Operation, Does this item affect regular P25 RX and TX? Or is it just for trunking? I am...
  11. H

    Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) that works with both APX and XPR radios?

    Does anyone know of a bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) that works with both the APX series of radios as well as the XPR series? I have found Motorola RSMs on eBay and other retailers but there does not appear to be one that works with both. Since they are rather expensive I was hoping to buy a...
  12. H

    APX APX6000 - Adding a new channel via FPP

    Am I able to add a new channel in the APX6000 with FPP enabled? I have one channel that I am able to edit but what I am wondering is if I can add an additional channel via the FPP menu. Currently, when I enter the Select Channel screen I have the entry for my one existing channel and the soft...
  13. H

    APX XPR and APX antenna - Are they interchangeable?

    Does anyone know if the XPR and APX radio antennas are interchangeable with each other? Specifically the APX6000 and the XPR7550e series.
  14. S


    I need a clean codeplug for my newly bought APX 7000 because I can't make any changes to the current one. If we have any kind soul that could help me please I'm stressed out search all over the internet lol. Thanks.
  15. H

    Guide to understanding radio features

    Is there a guide or website that might explain what all the different features of a Motorola radio are? I know what some of them are … Q52: Federal Government FPP (front ad programming) Q806: ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation (digital mode) QA00570: Primary Band: VHF (band-split is VHF) but many...
  16. ExpatLMRGuy

    APX Crosspatching between two APX 7500's

    Hello all! Does anybody know if there is a way to utilize a crosspatch cable for the respective rear consolette crosspatch port to do the following: Patch voice communications from Zone A; Channel 1 to Zone B; Channel 1. I am trying to set it up so that if a subscriber transmits on Z-A Ch1 it...
  17. 109heavystatic

    APX Motorola APX CPS 23.-- with APX7500 not communicating

    Had absolutely no issues until yesterday, when out of nowhere, CPS will not communicate with my 7500. Historically, I plug in the programming cable to the APX and Windows asks if I should connect to the network, I accept, and all is fine. Yesterday it stopped working all together. I...
  18. M

    APX in radio strap creating interference when transmitting and receiving

    Using my APX 8000 and trying to transmit on an analog frequency the radio is creating a scratchy/windy interference noice when in a radio strap. It only creates the interference when walking around, the interference goes away when you stop. When I take it out of the strap the interference goes...
  19. M

    Apx6500 dash mount convert to remote mount

    I have an apx6500 dash mount with an 05 head that I am trying to convert a remote mount with on 03 head. I have an xtl5000 parts radio that I will use the remote mount parts from. The flex cable is different, and cannot locate the part number of the flex cable I need to make this work?
  20. APX8000XE

    NJICS APX Codeplug

    Hello all, I am looking for someone who has the NJICS system programmed in their APX for NAS and would be willing to share their codeplug with me. I am just looking to use it as a template. I have programmed Phase 1 into XTS series radios before, but am having trouble with the APX. Thanks