1. APXandRailroadRadios

    APX6000 Fail 01/A2

    Hello RadioReference, I took apart 6000 to put a new RF board in due to the old one having P25 conventional disabled. Now that I have the board in it says "Fail 01/A2". I put the original RF board back in, and it still says fail. I have tried both multiple times now, but even on the original...
  2. R

    Remote control APX 8000

    Is there a way to control an APX radio, or even mototrbo radio with a computer? Make it to where it can send and receive digital data through a cable interface? Using something like fldigi or similar.
  3. E

    Do APX radios have volume normalization/audio AGC?

    I have a Unication G5 that I use to monitor my local P25 system. It's a great radio, but my biggest complaint about using it is that different users have vastly different volume levels. At a given knob volume level, some users on some talkgroups will be so quiet they are almost unreadable, while...
  4. N

    Motorola Quantar Intellirepeater Single Site-VOC Configuration

    Hi All, Wanted to ask if anyone here has experience on setting up a single-site, voice on control channel configuration on a Motorola Quantar using the Intellirepeater system type, along with the correct APX programming fields. I have been testing different configurations and have not been able...
  5. K

    Turn XTS into a scanner

    Hello. Hopefully this is the right place for this. So, basically, I am a radio nerd in Michigan and want to listen to MPSCS. I understand that MPSCS is fully P25 phase II capable, but all talkgroups are phase I in every county except Oakland. Making this thread I'm assuming they'll stay phase I...
  6. A

    APX Data Profile Type Missing

    I’m trying to setup a SmartConncect profile. Under my data profile type, only trunking and conventional are showing up. From my understanding, it is supposed to show broadband only, trunking & broadband, and conventional & broadband. Any idea why it’s not showing those options? APX 80000...
  7. A

    XVE 500 vs XVN 500

    What's the difference between the XVE 500 and XVN 500? I know the XVN meets NFPA 1802, but otherwise they both look and seem to function almost identically. Are there any major difference besides the certification and price?
  8. Z

    Is there a way to delete emergency calls?

    Is there a way to delete/remove the emergency calls in the recent calls on the APX? Not seeing an option to, not sure if it's just a permanent thing that'll always be there.
  9. S

    Encryption Changes w/ Migration To Motorola

    Hi, I'm starting to notice that a lot of agencies in Florida are slowly migrating over from Harris radios to Motorolas (portable-wise). I'm not sure whether or not it means they need to create an entire new TRS (not referring to the sites ?), I have no idea how what works. My question is -...
  10. B

    APX 7000XE Bluetooth Question

    HELP.....PLEASE I just purchased 2 APX 7000XE radio from eBay. My sole intent for these radios was the utilization of Bluetooth for a product line I sell. Before purchasing I called Motorola and they confirmed with me that Bluetooth was a feature for the serial numbers given. I received the...
  11. N0BDW

    Missing RM Client?

    Hi folks, I'm evaluating using Radio Management for our fleet of <100 APX radios. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here. I've downloaded and installed APX CPS R31.00.01 2023.2 Feature Release with Radio Management. This gave me CPS, RM Server Utility, ASK Admin, POP25 Device...
  12. TJX400

    Command Center/Dispatch Console Build

    I recently bought a new desk for my radio room to replace the previous countertop & drawers. When I was searching for the new desk, I had some requirements in mind... I needed it to be sit/stand, L shaped or wraparound, and be humongous enough to fit my monitors, radios, both PCs and...
  13. F

    APX6000XE Not Trunking

    Hey ya'll im at a bit of a loss here. I have an APX 6000XE I am attempting to program on the TxWARN system. Conventional works fine with the national 7/800 interop channels but once i make a channel trunked instead of conventional it white screens and wont turn off. It also dosen't display...
  14. P

    APX7500 monitor stays on/auto off alert

    Hello all, I have a VHF/UHF APX7500 and I can not get the monitor function to turn off. My suspicion is that it’s a setting in the CPS as the monitor speaker icon remains on the radio screen even when it says monitor off. I did program PL/DPL tones in CPS. From my testing it appears that the...
  15. northstarfire0693

    Have a couple of radios up for sale.

    I am looking at selling two radios I dont use very much. APX 7000 7/800-VHF M3 with tags. Includes radio,Impres battery and charger RSM. FW 17. Asking 2500 OBO XTS 5000 M2 7/800. Tags. Includes radio, charger (not in best of shape, but works. Battery, RSM. Asking 130 I can include pictures if...
  16. D

    APX 7500 in a Toyota Sequoia

    After around 12 hours of labor and many many many days of work I completed my APX install into my car, here are some pictures of the process.
  17. Z

    APX P25 Audio Volume

    I’ve noticed that there’s a somewhat significant volume difference between P25 channels and analog channels, which is fine when listening to one or the other, but when scanned it’s annoying to have to constantly adjust volumes. I believe the solution would be to put it on a different audio...
  18. D

    Motorola M5 to O5 for APX 7500

    Hi all, I have an XTL2500 with the standard M5 head on it. I have made it to an O5 by flipping the tab around but the flex cable does not match up to fit my APXs connector. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the adapter to get the M5 connectors to work with my APX 7500 connections if...
  19. dennisondenatalie

    APX APX Tone Signaling Alert Tones

    Hello! Working on some APX 8000 XE radios... and am being tasked with added Call Alerts with QC-II and a Tone Set. I'm also added a tone-set onto the call alert as the automatic timeout is set to 2 minutes. However, I don't know which Alert Tone is which! Does anyone know what type of sounds...
  20. dudeman105

    APX Motorola APX6000/SRX2200 Volume Knob Damage

    Hello all. This is my first post after lurking for a long while. I currently use an SRX2200 AN Model 1.5 radio and recently it was dropped from a fair height directly onto the volume knob. The result was the knob and the connector to the knob (including the spanner) was disconnected from the...