1. N

    APX Trunking Can't RX or TX audio

    I've previously been monitoring a P25 trunked network (NSW Government Radio Network Trunking System, NSW Statewide and ACT, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies) in my state using the non-affiliate scan method. I.e. I created the actual trunked channels and placed them in a scan list linked to a...
  2. N

    APX IMPRES 2 Recondition Loop

    I have a new PMNN4486A being charged in a new NNTN8845A IMPRES 2 charger. When I insert the battery it, the LED goes orange as it has never been conditioned before. Once the the conditioning is finished it'll charge and display red LED. After a few hours when it seems like it is about to start...
  3. N

    APX Checking Valid Flashcode

    How would I be able to check if a flashcode is valid and that the options are all compatible with each other? There are sites out there that will let you generate flashcodes with any options but won’t necessarily be valid with Motorola. The flashcode is 9GXY6g-11sE91-9 for an APX8000.
  4. N

    APX APX8000 Automatically Included Options

    Hi all, While I was browsing a flashcode encoder for the APX8000, I came across some options that were listed as "This option is automatically included on this platform". These options are listed here: H43 Trunked Remote Monitor/Radio Trace QA09006 Adaptive Noise Suppression QA01768 Enhanced...
  5. ll35689k

    APX 4000 Volume

    We have a APX4000 and by default whenever it is turned on it defaults the volume to 12. Is there a way to default it to 15 (the highest)? I have looked in the radio profiles but all I see is Max and Min volume. The radio volume does not appear to be as loud as the APX6000's, are there any...
  6. DiGiTaLD

    APX APX 900 "COTS" Bluetooth Options

    There are numerous existing threads on similar topics, but they are all old and closed, so I had to start a new one. I'm seeking commercial off the shelf (COTS) Bluetooth options (receive only) for an APX 900 and don't want to have to keep buying Bluetooth hardware until I find something that...
  7. P

    APX 7000XE Strange Scan Sound

    When I scan analog frequencies and someone is talking I hear a quick burst through their voice almost like doubling or garbling underwater. It's really fast and happens every second only when scan is on. It's almost like the scan is fluttering rapidly through channels.
  8. SlipNutz15

    EDACS on Motorola radio

    I've seen a forum post somewhere that says you CAN monitor an EDACS system with a Motorola radio but something about wide-WACN setting hex edit? Can this actually be done for a non-affiliate scan an EDACS system with an APX?
  9. A


    Has anyone figured out how to capture to capture the GPS data stream transmitted from Motorola APX portables to mapping software, like Google Maps, in order to track location of the radio? Motorola is working on their own system for accountability purposes; but it's not ready for 'prime time'...
  10. D

    APX 4000 Key Fail?

    I am usually good with two-way radios, however I received my new radio from EMS and feel like I have accidentally changed something. When I select the secondary ops channel (which is encrypted) I get a key fail message on the screen. I also see the busy indicator light when the channel is in...
  11. J

    Apx7000 smartnet/smartzone flashcode in same code plug

    I have a apx7000 no the radio is not alt/dev Radio has a legit serial number but the person I bought it from did update the flash by himself Radio was used and did not come form a Motorola shop. And yes I know the risks about used apx already just need advice on this flashcode! I had the radio...
  12. K

    XPR speaker mic on an APX?

    I am wondering if the XPR speaker mics will work on APX radio's more specifically the PMMN4040. I know it works on the XPR series and I am pretty sure they can work on the APX because they have the same connector and pin layout but I cannot confirm because I don't have either of those. My friend...
  13. E

    APX6000/SRX2200 Isolated TX Issue

    Hello guys and gals, this is my first post here so forgive me if I'm breaking any rules! I've been having an issue transmitting on a particular TDMA/FDMA DDM enabled Talkgroup. - CH 1 and CH 2 are under a single personality as two different talkgroups. We'll refer to CH 1 as "LMR" and CH 2 as...
  14. R

    Difference between APX CPS and Depot??

    Just to start off, i'm not looking for free versions or anything like that, nor am i looking to learn how to use them. I'm just curious as to the difference between them? Are they separate software or is Depot a more robust version of CPS? I am new to the moto world and slowly picking things up...
  15. ptfd13

    APX 6000 Quick-Call II Alert

    I'm trying to find where in the programming software this option is. I'm sure it's sitting right in front of me but I can't seem to find it. I want to change the sound that is played when an alert is received but I can't seem to find the setting for it. Loads of sounds in the software but I'm...
  16. J

    Clear an Emergency from console - not APX radio

    This is probably a stupid question, but I can't find a setting in CPS to disable the ability to clear emergency calls from the APX radio. I want a dispatch console to be the only device capable of clearing emergencies. CPS Settings are: Call Only Emergency Talkback - Tactical Revert PTT ID -...
  17. J

    APX-8000 Emergency Behavior

    I have a Motorola APX 8000 & APX 7000 radio that I'm testing on a Harris P25 system. Whenever I declare an emergency from an APX, a "User Alerts" dialogue box displays on every Harris/Maestro console requiring the dispatcher to acknowledge the emergency. How do I disable this in the code plug as...
  18. J

    APX 8000 WiFi

    Does anyone happen to know if the APX-8000 supports ICMP? Just trying to ping a radio while troubleshooting. Thanks!
  19. M

    Motorola APX 8000 External Antenna Adaptor

    Need to attach an external antenna to a Motorola APX 8000 portable. What type of connector is needed between the radio and the coax? SMF? The radio will be used indoors for a temporary gateway, need to run an external antenna outside for range and desensing. Mobile radio not an option. Thanks...
  20. SlipNutz15

    APX decoding MDC1200

    Ok, I'm not new to radios but am still learning the APX CPS. I had a CDM1550 that would decode MDC1200's and would show an Alias on the display if properly decoded; do the APX series do this, too? If so, where in the CPS is it?