1. Motorola APX 7000 selling together $2700

    Motorola APX 7000 selling together $2700

    Hello I have 3 radios that I am selling together. The price is 2700. Comes with 3 chargers. 3 batteries and 3 radios. Will include 2 extra stubby antenas and programming cable. Please see pics for description. These are not password protected and will need to be reprogrammed. Currently they are...
  2. D

    Apx CPS Help

    Is it still possible to read and write conventional channels on an apx7000 while not having access to the ASK for the trunk? The radio I have is supposed to be on the system which is no issue, but was wondering if I will run into any problems when changing around the conventional stuff from...
  3. N

    APX APX Scan Question / Help

    Hello all, I am hoping to try and find a solution to an issue I have been running into. When im scanning my city fire talk groups, every now and then the beginning of the transmissions will get cut off. Im not sure if it is a setting that I can mess with in CPS or if there is another solution to...
  4. theking205

    APX 7000 Program error indirect ptt audio

    My APX 7000 will read but wont program. The error is the indirect ptt audio routing feature is not supported between source and target. Has someone seen this error before or how to fix it? I can read the radio just fine but cant program it. I have been able to program this radio before. I...
  5. dennisondenatalie

    APX APX7000 Oddities and Issues

    I have some questions regarding a new purchase of a used APX7000 UHF R2/7-800 FPP. I purchased the radio to start learning the CPS for that particular radio, and plan on using it for mostly ham stuff, as well as listening to a few local fire departments. Thus far, I've done all the programming...
  6. F

    APX7000 Scan Issue please help

    My MOTO APX700 will TX and RX on any selected channel but will not scan my programmed list. I have double checked everything that I know to and I'm coming up short. This is a trunked P25 system, Is there a setting in the software that I can check? I have compared another radio's programming side...
  7. ferryfan_ray

    APX Looking for APX Broken

    (Admins: Delete if not allowed and please guide to the rules) Hi, I am looking for a Motorola APX4000XH, APX5000, APX6000, 6000XE, APX7000, APX7000XE, APX8000, APX8000H, APX8000XE, Or An APX8000HXE that has defects or possibly doesn't even work anymore. I want it as a prop for a video I'm...
  8. G

    New (to me) APX Radio - cannot transmit on -p25 conventional

    I bought an APX7000. It transmits fine on analog UHF/VHF. I tried transmitting on UHF conventional p25 and nothing comes across any other radio. I tried using three. The radio receives p25 conventional no problem. Thoughts? Time for a refund?
  9. J

    Motorola type 2 Analog question

    Hello when Programming a smartnet 800mhz radios system into a apx7000 Do I have to check the Legacy transit box!?? Yes I am authorized to talk on the system.And it’s a analog. Thank you
  10. zacabo

    APX 7000 Scanning Beep

    I have recently programmed my APX and when scanning I'm getting a beep when switching between channels. I have looked in the Scan Wide and Radio Profiles but didn't see anything that jumped out to me. Does anyone else know where I might find out where the setting is located?
  11. SlipNutz15

    APX7000XE noise cancelling option

    I understand the APX7000XE has rather good background noise suppression technology. I recently bought an APX7000XE and would like to enable the noise suppression on my digital channels. I watched this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUxAw55O1rg) on youtube and was fairly impressed. I...
  12. AK4FD

    XTS Charger Adapter for APX??

    Hey guys! Has anybody had the chance to use a NNTN7687 or NNTN7687A yet? It's an adapter/converter that allows you to charge an APX7000 in a charger for an XTS5000... I know Motorola makes it I'm just wondering how it works and how well it charges, is there a difference between using the...
  13. I

    APX 7000 Read/Write Issue

    It wasn't until recently that my APX7000 (700/800 - VHF) started acting up. Sometimes it will let me plug it in and read it, other times it immediately calls the device unrecognizable and blocks it. Now most of the times I get it to read I have to then spend close to 15-20 minutes trying to get...
  14. S

    APX Voice Announcement Programming

    Does anyone know if the voice announcements can be switched on/off by the user? I can't find a menu item or way to program to allow the user to turn the voice announcements off that are loaded for the channels
  15. M

    800mhz Trunking on APX

    Using the conventional method to monitor a trunking system on my new APX7000. I cannot seem to hear anything unless I have squelch open. I have talk groups set up, and only want to monitor those that I have set...any suggestions? Could I have the NAC wrong...what is is by the way?
  16. T

    APX7000 housing questions

    Hello, I need help with the answers to some questions about the APX7000 / XE. 1. First of all, on the housing, if you replace it will the scratches on the screen go away or is what is exposed the screen assembly itself? 2. Also, what equipment would I need to replace an APX7000 housing if...
  17. T

    APX7000 waterproof specs

    Hello, I am aware (due to help on another thread) that there is the mil spec waterproofing (APX7000R) and the IP rated waterproofing on the APX7000XE. My real question is if I get a radio that is used (most likely it wouldn't have tags) what is the risk that the waterproofing would have been...
  18. T

    APX7000 models

    Hello, I am trying to get to the bottom of what all of the flavors of the APX7000 are. I know there is the 7000 and 7000XE but every once in a while, I see someone with a APX7000 R up for sale. They claim the R stands for Rugged. Is this actually a real model? If so, what are the differences...
  19. T

    APX7000 Forced Narrowband?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if I am going to buy an APX for ham use (as well as LMR) if I have to purchase it before Jan 1, 2013 to use 25 KHz bandwidth or is it already too late? I read in some other forums that it is the Q507 flash that forces narrowband and that if you do not have Q507...
  20. N9JIG

    APX7000 Cloning Question

    I have a growing fleet of APX7000's at work and we have an agreement with the system owner that allows us to program the conventional channels of the radio and I don't diddle with the trunked stuff. The trunked system is protected with an ASK anyway... I can read the radios, edit the...