astro spectra

  1. jeatock

    Looking for Moto Spectra Astro trunk cables

    My volunteer fire department recently acquired a half-dozen VHF Spectra P-25 Astros (D04KKFP9W5AN & W5 remote head) from GSA Surplus. Perfect radios for the emergency-response command and control trailer we are putting together as time and budget allows ... if only GSA had bothered to include...
  2. D

    Motorola A9 w/ PA/Siren amp

    Hey everyone, just bought an A9 head with the Siren/PA amp and what I think are the necessary cables. The Siren/PA amp is marked Systems 9000 and includes the proper Systems 9000 interface cord, and I also had a left-over Motorola style power plug from some vehicle strips. For now I just...
  3. LouisvilleScanMan

    97 K1500 Roadside Assistance/SAR Setup

    I do roadside assistance professionally and volunteer with a local search and rescue team during my down time. The comm stack from top to bottom is as follows: Whelen PCC-S9 light controller (overkill atm but I'm replacing the minibar with an MX7000 in the next month or so) Yaesu FT2900 VHF...
  4. A

    Adding P2017a to Astro Spectra mobile

    I picked up a P2017A . I understand from what I read that it will interface with the Astro Spectra mobile. My mobile is a VHF trunk mount with W7 head. I see the connection point on the front of the radio and I have setup VRS. I was lookig for some documentation on the unit. I opened up the...
  5. A

    HHCH W3 Question

    I have an Astro Spectra D04UJH9PW3AN dash mount 800 with W3 head. I wanted to put the radio in the trunk. I was told I needed a HLN6092A cable. I got the cable and tested this before install and the W3 doesn't work. I'm not sure if this helps but I have also found that the W3 I have is...
  6. R

    ASTRO Spectra Radio Comm Failure

    When attempting to read a Motorola Astro Spectra with Motorola RIB and CPS version 5.0, I am having trouble part way through the device read and get a Communication failure with radio. The read device process starts fine and I get the typical response on the control head "1 CSQ" and the...
  7. S

    ASTRO spectra mid max power

    What is the lowest and highest point the mid power VHF AastroSpec can handle before it folds? I recall reading somewhere that the midpower could do up to 75watts before degrading, how accurate is this? As far as low goes is 1w ok ?
  8. KK4LQX

    ASTRO Spectra ASTRO Call List

    Hello All, I am working on a VHF ASTRO Spectra (Model Number: T04KKH9PW9AN, FLASHcode: 580001-001000-8, Firmware: DSP Software: N08.03.05). I am trying to get ASTRO ID Aliasing to work on these radios. I have tried mulitple transceivers and no luck. The ASTRO ID will display...
  9. KK4LQX

    ASTRO Spectra Split PL Tones

    Is the ASTRO Spectra capable of using a different PL one for RX than it is for TX. I have a local amateur radio repeater system with a remote receive site. I need to TX on with a PL of 162.2 to get into the remote receiver but I need to RX with a PL tone of 156.7 to hear the transmitter. I can...
  10. J

    Need help: Programming scan in astro spectra

    Good Day Masters! I would like to ask some information and proper method in programming SCAN in ASTRO Spectra using ASTRO SPECTRA CPS. Need to program all my channels and talkback to any channel. Instead of choosing to every channel, this thing will help us a lot in monitoring. Please help...
  11. KK4LQX

    800 MHz Astro Spectra Programming

    Hello All, I recently bought an 800 MHz radio off of eBay and have run into an issue. I am able to read/write the radio using ASTRO Spectra CPS Version R05.03.00 just fine. When I try to read the radio with ASTRO Spectra/Saber/XTS3000 Tuner Version R01.03.00 the radio will not read. If i'm...
  12. KK4LQX

    ASTRO Spectra Control Head Interchangeability

    Hello All, My question is a simple one with what I expect to be a complicated answer. Are different styles of Motorola control heads interchangeable? For example If you have a radio with an ID number that indicates a W9 head will a W7, W5 or W4 head work with it? My first reaction was no...
  13. KK4LQX

    Ptt id

    Hello All, My local EMS uses PTT IDs to allow them to Ident a unit while transmitting. I have my ASTRO Spectra set up to scan all of there frequencies and can hear them all 100%, however I do not see any form of ID number on my display when they are transmitting. I know that you have to...
  14. KK4LQX

    DEK with ASTRO Spectra W4 Remote NO SIREN

    Hello All, Is it possible to hook up a DEK to a W4 control head just to simply have more buttons. Please don't beat me up with all the why's, i'm just trying to figure out the how. If the wiring is located in a tech manual please let me know, if on a batboard a URL is most appriciated
  15. A

    Astro Spectra Programming

    Hi everyone, I have seen this asked a bunch of times but never really get an answer I am trying to program my departments astro spectras and we really do not want to shell out for the rib and cables associated with it. I found a cable...
  16. KK4LQX

    Motorola ASTRO Spectra PTT ID

    Hello All, I know what when using HAM bands you must identify yourself every 10 minutes. Well that got me thinking about using the PTT ID feature to do this. Weather or not this meets the requirement i'm not sure. What I need to know is how to program my call sign in so that when I key up my...
  17. KK4LQX

    Motorola ASTRO Spectra

    Hello All, I have just acquired the following radio: Model No: T99DX+091W_ASTRO ID No: T04KLF9PW4AN (info from BSM) T = Trunk-Mounted Mobile Radio 04 = ASTRO K = 146 to 178MHz L = 61 to 110 Watts F = Limited Keypad; With Display...
  18. kd7kdc

    Astro Spectra Host/DSP Upgrade?

    Hi Could someone who has MOL access let me know if the firmware upgrade for the Astro Spectra Host and DSP is still available, what version and how much? Thanks 73 Steve
  19. A

    Spectra and ASTRO Spectra Control Head Cables The Same?

    Im looking for an answer to a question I was asked just the other day, wondering if the control head cables for the "Spectra" are the same cable as the "ASTRO Spectra"? I just thought this would be the place to ask so fire away!! Thanks!