1. K

    Astro Spectra/XTL W-Series Keyloader Pinout

    Keyloading an Astro Spectra using the Kfd tool shield. I am attempting to build a connector for the w series control head mic port. Does anybody know what the sense, ground, and signal on the Kfd tool shield should go to on the w series control head mic port?
  2. Stretchman

    XTS 3000 issue with tx

    I recently acquired a Motorola xts3000 and managed to get a virtual box win xp vm installed. It's talking to the radio, and I have an efj 5100 that can hear the 3000 talking, plus, the 3000 can hear the 5100 and the hot spot. But when I tx on my hotspot or to the local repeater on astro, it...
  3. S

    Need Help with Astro Mobile CPS

    I am trying to help a small fire department with programming their XTL radios. The guy that programmed the radios before put an ASK write protect on all their radios. He has since got of the business. I have ASK for both systems in the radio and I can program them but they are asking if I can...
  4. F

    APX7000 Scan Issue please help

    My MOTO APX700 will TX and RX on any selected channel but will not scan my programmed list. I have double checked everything that I know to and I'm coming up short. This is a trunked P25 system, Is there a setting in the software that I can check? I have compared another radio's programming side...
  5. LouisvilleScanMan

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van
  6. T

    XPR 5350 as an IP Bridge

    How to do this : A job for Two XPR 5350 s: I have 2 Siemens PLC, A and B , 15 km apart. Rural location, no cell service. I surveyed from A to B using CM 200 450-470 band. Coverage is good, 85 dB fade margin from A to B. PLC A and B need to exchange data via IP. Maximum data speed will never...
  7. K9ROD

    DualBand Astro Spectras

    I know about the SIU way, but I have come across a "Y" cable that is for two Astro Spectra's. In the software under the "Advanced II" tab you check the box for a dual band unit and designate one radio as primary and the other as secondary. This is usually also referred to as the green radio and...
  8. B

    Astro Spectra Plus W4 Reprogramming

    My fire department has an old Astro Spectra Plus W4 built into its main vehicle. The radio still has frequencies programmed into it from the department we bought it from and we wanted to program it to function on the Provincial Fire frequency. I was wondering what it would take to reprogram it...
  9. A

    Trying to locate an ASTRO Spectra UHF Srecord

    Good morning everyone. I am searching for an Srecord to convert an ASTRO Spectra from a D04RKF9PW5AN to a W3. I have a few 800 mid power W3's I can pull the interconnect/faceplates from and the W3 HHCH's. (I've swapped the dim green display LED's out with red ones and it makes them much easier...
  10. M

    Programming D04 Dilemma

    I have a Dash Mount Astro Spectra Analog Mid Power Programmed by someone else Service Mode says; R110103 A070309 CNTLHD31 D04JKF9PW5AN 494AAw0613 1MEG FLSHCD 000004-000004 I am using aftermarket cable and RIB. The cable is put together properly. This radio works in the car and can transmit...
  11. M


    I am new to tinkering around with radios. I am currently working on getting my Technician ham license. I have a huge technologic background and Ive heard motorolas can require a lot more attention then others. Anyways, I received a Motorola Spectra Radio from a friends radio club that had a...
  12. F

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  13. S

    ASTRO spectra mid max power

    What is the lowest and highest point the mid power VHF AastroSpec can handle before it folds? I recall reading somewhere that the midpower could do up to 75watts before degrading, how accurate is this? As far as low goes is 1w ok ?
  14. N

    Saber / Astro-Saber

    Anyone able to help me program my Astro-Saber for listening only in the Southern California Area .. ? Also have a Motorola Saber II, which I know at this point only can be program with DOS on a old computer, if anyone can help me out and a reasonable deal, please let me know, Have 2 sabers...
  15. M

    Help With Spectra

    Hello, I believe I have a Motorola spectra. I cant tell if it is a Astro Spectra, Spectra, Or Spectra Plus. I have a W9 control head and it connects and works fine. I can read and write fine but I want P25. The model number for the radio is: T99DX+167W_ASTRO I cant find anywhere to decode it...
  16. SlipNutz15

    P25 Linear Simulcast Modulation ASTRO

    Ok, I may be overthinking this but Centre County 911's new P25 radio system has three emissions, 8K10F1D P25 Phase I C4FM data 8K10F1E P25 Phase I C4FM voice (P25 mode in Database) and then 8K70D1W P25 Linear Simulcast Modulation ASTRO (9.6 kbps in 12.5 kHz...
  17. M

    CPI Tone Remote/ Astro Consolette

    I'm attempting to connect a CPI DR-10 tone remote to an astro spectra consolette base station. I have a service manual for the consolette, but no documentation whatsoever on the CPI consoles. The consolette DOES have the tone remote board installed. So far I have done the following: I have...
  18. WQAJ741

    ASTRO trunking

    I have an astro saber that has conventional channels, and the company I am starting work for said I could use my own radio. The issue is that they are UHF I heard Astro can do that, but can I have a zone where it is trunked and everything else is still conventional or is it one or...
  19. T

    Motorola Astro Spectra (High Power) and Vehicle Repeater

    Hello, My agency has been experiencing terrible radio service in our county. We have one repeater site that covers 486 square miles of hilly terrain. Our cruisers are equipped with 50 watt Vertex radios that are underpowered. In response to this, I recently purchased some refurbished...