1. T

    Baofeng Baofeng DR-1801 unable to receive DMR transmissions

    Hi all, I am trying to receive local DMR transmissions on my Baofeng DR-1801. I am picking up strong, local transmissions on Anytone AT-D878UVII using a rubber ducky antenna , I record the colour codes and time slots as well as talkgroups from the Anytone's display and then program them in to...
  2. A

    China PLA using Baofengs

    Found this picture of Chinese PLA military using uv-5re model baofengs, credit goes to "Task & Purpose" news.
  3. T

    Baofeng GRMS 9R Manual (Annotated) WRXU901

    Recently got the new and improved GRMS bright orange. Seems to be very waterproof and has some typical Baofeng quirks. Supposed to be the UV5R evolution? Annotated and edited the manual I scanned in. It was worse than the GM-15 Manual. Enjoy and comment...
  4. T

    Baofeng GM 15 Pro Manual (Simplified & Annotated) WRXU901

    GM15 Pro owners. This is my simplified and annotated version of the manual. The changlish, circular logic, errors of the original manual is crazy. Baofeng GM 15 PRO Manual Simplified V15_Compressed.pdf Its a dropbox link so skip the download app jazz Enjoy!
  5. T

    Programming Baofeng GM-15 Pro (GRMS) WRXU901

    FYI..successful in programming BF GM 15 Pro with TIDRadio Wireless Bluetooth Programmer. Although it said that device software driver was in beta it worked like a charm. The app is okay, has some quirks but much much better than hand punching channels to monitor. I gave up desktop computers and...
  6. A

    How to listen to dmr agencies with dmr radio?

    I recently got a Btech 6x2 Pro since all the local companies went digital. I have always used this site to get the frequencies and all that. It shows DMR under the mode not P25 ( I know P25 uses different digital signals not compatible with regular digital radios) now I don’t know what the...
  7. N4SRN

    Baofeng UV-5R Poor RX

    I’m a Ham General and have used high quality radios for years. I picked up a kit pair of TIDRADIO UV-5R radios - chargers, extended batteries, programming cable, etc., for $80. I bought them thinking to program for a few people I’m trying to entice into radios for RX-only use, then get them to a...
  8. P

    Baofeng DMR-6x2 DMRII vs DMRIII

    Alright so don't hate on me too much as I'm brand new into the radio world outside of what I was told to do in the army which as I'm coming to realize isn't much in the civi world. So here at home I have a handful of SDR dongles and I've been running DSD+ for DMR decoding for some frequencies...
  9. R

    Why do I only hear static?

    I am trying to program 451.1625 (CC 8) onto my UV-5R. When I type in 451.162 I only hear static. Please Advise!
  10. K

    Baofeng Hello!

    Hi all! I'm Kodiak85 a complete noob to the whole ham radio thing. I just got a cheap (although mighty ) Baofeng UV-5R off of amazon one thing I have discovered is that these can, in FACT, scan or as I like to say peek into police scanners and the like. I'm just using this for listening for now...
  11. R

    What are the frequencies I can use program in Boca Raton on my Baofeng UV-5R

    What are the frequencies I can use program in Boca Raton on my Baofeng UV-5R
  12. N

    Baofeng New Baofeng. RD 5R

    Just got a new Baofeng rd 5r sdr handheld radio. Am having trouble programming it. Can anyone recommend software to aid in this? Don't care for chirp, and can't find any other compatable software. Any idea?
  13. 634bmf01

    Baofeng Baofeng BFF8-HP Antenna

    I just got a Baofeng BFF8-HP and am looking for suggestions for an antenna I can attach to it so I can hear something. I live in a suburban environment with some hills, so I need an antenna strong enough to overcome this so I can at least hear something interesting.
  14. RenoHuskerDu

    SMA female to FME male adapters. Too much HT twisting?

    Just about to order a dozen Larsen NMOKHFUDFME cables (NMO roof to FME) for a small fleet of vehicles. We'll be running Kenwood 45watt mobile radios in mgmt trucks (I'll go FME to UHF on those) and workers will plug their 8watt GT3-TP HTs into the antenna cable via SMA female to FME male...
  15. C

    Baofeng Baofeng DM 1801 getting a lot of static

    Hello guys, From the moment I received Baofeng I tried to make it communicate with my Motorola talkabout. I already installed Open Gd. However, even putting it on the correct frequency, with or without CTCSS, baofeng can only transmit to the talkabout, and the audio arrives perfectly on the...
  16. RenoHuskerDu

    Baofeng Baofeng GT-3TP, one of these is not like the other...

    I bought a few of these little gems for a pittance, all in one order. My Yaesus are jealous, tough luck. One of them seems to have slightly different firmware. Its TXP parameter displays as "MEDIUM" instead of "MID" and won't change, for example in 2m band. It's stuck on 1w trx power...
  17. T

    p25 Baofeng DM-1701

    I'm trying to scan p25 with the baofeng digital DM-1701 radio and I cant seem to figure out how to do it. it calls for a 210NAC but my radio does not have a spot for the NAC ??? and recommendations ??
  18. K

    Baofeng Programming UV-5RTP with CHIRP

    Been looking for answers for a while for this but can't find a solution. The closest thread I found was this, but it seems like the OP got help outside the forum with a change to the .img file. I have a UV-5RTP that I'm dusting off after not using it for a while. I'm trying to edit the...
  19. hotdjdave

    Baofeng Baofeng DMRs - Alphanumberic?

    Does anyone know if the Baofeng DMRs (DM-1701, DM-1702, DM-1801, DM-X) allow alphanumeric tagging of the channels (or whatever the equivalent is called in the DMR world)? Some ancillary questions: Besides the ones I listed above, are there any other Baofeng DMRs? Which Baofeng DMR seems to be...
  20. FoxMcCloud

    Baofeng Reverse Burst On Baofeng DM-1701

    I just programmed my DM-1701 with an analog channel with CTCSS 67.0. There is a squelch tail at the end of the transmission, I checked the box that says 'Reverse Burst' in the CPS software. And set the QT reverse to Silent, there is no change to the squelch tail.