1. A

    BC125AT: Battery Level effecting Receiving?

    (My model is the European BC125AT, the UBC125XLT) Does battery level effect the range that my scanner is receiving, or am I going crazy? I notice that (2.85V being fully charged) when my scanner reaches ~2.4V and lower, I start to get lower receiving range, less talking, etc. Is that...
  2. H

    Thin/Compact battery for the XTS2500

    Can anyone suggest a good capacity lithium-ion battery for the XTS2500? I purchased an XTS 2500 because it was more compact than my XTS5000. However when looking at the photos of the XTS2500 the battery looks to add a fair amount of bulk to the radio. Can anyone suggest a thin quality battery...
  3. W4XED

    Mobile Install Question

    I've searched and searched, but can't find the answer I'm looking for. I'm going to wire my quad band mobile ham in my 2016 Malibu Limited 1LT (which has an auxiliary battery in the trunk to facilitate restarts when the auto-stop engages). The only difference I can find functionally between the...
  4. J

    BCT15X: Rechargable Battery source for BCT15X

    Hello, I am looking at getting a BCT15X for scanning railroad frequencies. I'd prefer to have a rechargable battery outlet to hook it up to in the car instead of using the car itself. The scanner would be the only thing it would be powering. The longer it lasts, the better, although 6-8 hours...
  5. S

    HT1000 Best charger for HT1000 batteries.

    Hello friends! This is my first post in this Forum. I own three VHF Motorola HT1000's that I have for Amateur Radio use. Recently, my NTN8831A charger stopped working. My friend recommended that I get a brand new Impres WPLN4114AR, as it was considered to be quite the upgrade from what I had...
  6. N

    Uniden Sds100 Frequency Standby Problem and Battery

    1- Uniden Sds100 Tarayıcı belirli frekanslarda yaklaşık 10 saniye bekler. Bu yüzden sık sık diğer Sohbetleri özlüyorum. Tarayacak fazla frekansım yok. Çözüm nedir? 2- 5400 mha pilim var. Düşük Pil Ayarlayın. Voltaj 3700'ü ayarlayın. Bu doğrudur. Ne yapmalıyım. Şimdiden tüm arkadaşlarıma teşekkür...
  7. S

    Impress battery does not charger with a Multi-unit charger

    Hi everyone, I have one MotoTRBO battery (NNTN8359A), it is a DP Impres battery; it does not charge with my multi-unit charger (PMPN4283A), the multi-charge is also of Impres type; charger gives a blinking red led. The battery only charges with a single-unit charger (WPLN4226A) with no issues...
  8. K2NEC

    XPR NNTN8128

    Hey all I recently got a few NNTN8128 batteries with the intention of using them with my XPR7550e. Charged a few up and put them in my radio only to find the "Unknown battery" error. I know that these are meant for the APX1/2/4000 but shouldn't they work with the 7550e too since they use the...
  9. SignalEmitter5000

    IMPRES batteries & “Rem. Cap”

    What is the significance of the “Rem. Cap” followed by random numbers? I see this on my IMPRES batteries but have never been told or informed by anybody or through any Google searches of its meaning. I’ve assumed it was how many charges the battery would support, comparable to the estimated...
  10. daugherh

    WPLN4219 Question

    Hi all. I have a WPLN4219 6 bay Impress gang charger. I currently have 4 XPR series radios that I charge in it regularly. I also have a CP200D and a couple HT1250s. I found the Impress battery for the HT1250 (HNN4003BR) and was wondering if it would charge successfully in the WPLN4219 gang...
  11. S

    Impres Battery Charger with Impres Battery Reader

    Hi Everyone, I have an Impres Battery Charger and at the back of the charger it has an RJ9 socket, and I'm trying to use the Battery Data Reader. I've brought an RJ9 to USB cable and connected the charger to the PC directly and tried it with the software, but it does not work. The PC...
  12. Salvatorejrc

    SDS100 battery issue

    I bought an sds100 about a week ago and I love it but I think it may have a battery problem. I get about an hour, not even like 45 minutes just on the battery itself and it doesn't matter what I'm scanning, while the big battery is boasted to last around 6 hours. I fully charged it to see if...
  13. S

    Over-The-Air Impres Battery Management with no IP connection

    Hi everybody! I've downloaded the Impres Battery Fleet Management software, and I've been testing to see if it is possible to configure the Over-The-Air data collection option by configuring one Mobile Radio (DM4601) to act as a Control Station, but still no luck. We are not using an IP...
  14. W


    Lets go into some review of why I started this project. I have few HT750 and HT1250 radios that I love to use. My biggest frustration is the OEM designed Battery pack. It does not last long after full charge, its expensive to buy replacements, there are bunch of aftermarket batteries with...
  15. N

    APX IMPRES 2 Recondition Loop

    I have a new PMNN4486A being charged in a new NNTN8845A IMPRES 2 charger. When I insert the battery it, the LED goes orange as it has never been conditioned before. Once the the conditioning is finished it'll charge and display red LED. After a few hours when it seems like it is about to start...
  16. N6JPA

    BC125AT: The radio works fine with USB 5 volt cable, but no longer works with batteries

    :devilish:When I put the batteries in the radio the radio no longer power ups. These are AA NiMH batteries with the NiMH switch selected in the radio battery bay. The batteries are putting out the proper voltage on a VOM meter and work in other radios. Any one have a clue as to what is going on...
  17. ll35689k

    ISO Uniden SDS100 Battery

    I am looking to purchase a Uniden SDS100 slim regular size battery and battery cover.
  18. M

    Homepatrol 2 & Eneloop Pro Batteries Issue!

    Hello all, I typically use the Eneloop 2000 mAh white batteries in my Homepatrol 2 scanner. I decided to pick up some 2450 mAh Eneloop Pro batteries, thinking I'd get a little more time in between battery change-outs (I don't charge in the scanner). Well, the Eneloop Pro's won't power up the...
  19. kf6olc

    Replacement battery for old Standard C156A

    Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement battery and power cord for an old Standard C156A handheld ham Radio? Google Image Result for Thanks for any help. KF6OLC
  20. I

    HomePatrol 2 Battery/Charge problem

    I have a new homepatrol 2 scanner. I have had it for 4 days now, I put in the batteries that came with the unit and I can not get it to come on using battery power. I have plugged it into the wall to charge for 14 hours like I was supposed to but it still won't work on battery power. It does...