1. VOXScanningYT

    New Castle County Fire & EMS Unit IDs

    Hello, I am currently trying to program unit IDs for New Castle County Fire & EMS into my BCD325P2. I have looked all over the internet and have found nothing. Could anybody provide me with a list, or do I have to manually search for them? Thanks, VOXScanningYT
  2. batt14firebuff

    LASD Dispatch channel beeping

    Hey y'all, So I recently programmed LASD into my BCD325P2, and I feel like anytime a unit other than dispatch talks, it's a low beep. I can hear dispatch just fine, however when any unit talks, it's beeping. I've attached a recording to help y'all better understand what I'm talking about (Audio...
  3. batt14firebuff

    Freescan: Error while downloading data from Uniden Scanner onto FreeSCAN

    Hey y'all, So I boot up FreeSCAN, plug my scanner in, switch the COM port to the correct one on the download page, and it says that the COM port access is denied. This is the first time this has happened. Is there a driver update? Any idea how to fix?
  4. B

    Increasing scanner range

    new to scanning. Might not understand some advanced terminology. Does anyone have some recommendations for antennas or methods to increase the range of my scanner. I use a BCD325p2 and would like to pickup trunked frequencies. I also use a diamond RH77CA. I can get a good range outside, but...
  5. D

    Local School District Listening

    Hello, I recently found out the frequencies for one of my local school districts and started to try listening. After listening for about 5 hours I hadn’t heard anything, so I am now coming to this forum to see if anybody would know why. Could the frequencies possibly be encrypted? Thanks, Dominic
  6. H

    BCD325P2: BCD325P2 - raw data output - what did i miss?

    Hello, I was trying to test the raw data output on the Uniden BCD325P2. • I went to Settings > Set C-CH Output > On • I connected an audio cable from the scanner to a PC, hoping it will recognize the data signals coming out from the audio socket, like it does with Whistler`s TRX-1 (IF...
  7. R

    BCD325P2: BCD325P2 and NXDN programming

    Can any one point me in the right direction in looking for any publications on NXDN setup on the BCD325P2 the manual does not reference any? Our local PD uses this and I have the key upgrade installed.
  8. T

    BCD325P2 migration to SDS100

    In an attempt to mitigate simulcast issues, I am considering upgrading my main in-car scanner from a 325P2 to an SDS100. My 325P2 is programmed using ProScan and is set up to my needs, using quick keys to toggle between specific systems, geographic areas and businesses. I know that with...
  9. blueangel-eric

    BCD325P2: programming statewide system in BCD325P2

    Can someone share a file for ARC-XT software showing me how to program the scanner with systems sites and groups including the statewide system, KSICS? I'm new to these newer style Uniden scanners and I'm struggling to know how to organize my programming and assigning quick keys. I think i...
  10. S

    BCD235P2 & ProScan

    Hello, I am fairly new to the current scanner technology, but was looking for an easier way to program my scanner. We we travel in our motorhome a lot and I need an easy way to program the scanner for my current location. I down loaded ProScan after reading reviews and am on the trial period...
  11. For Sale: 1 Uniden Handheld Scanners (Edited)

    For Sale: 1 Uniden Handheld Scanners (Edited)

    The BC125AT has sold separately. For sale is a Uniden BCD325P2. Specs / info: https://uniden.com/products/handheld-trunktracker-v-scanner It is in excellent condition, and works 100%, but no returns. It comes with the original antennas, belt clip, new NiMH batteries, new charging cable, a...
  12. ** SOLD ****   Like New Uniden BCD325P2 Scanner - $325 SHIPPED

    ** SOLD **** Like New Uniden BCD325P2 Scanner - $325 SHIPPED

    *** SOLD **** For sale is a pristine, like new BCD325P2 scanner. I'm moving to a new area that is going to require the more sophisticated SDS100. Bought about 7 months ago. No scratches, bumps, scuffs, dings, etc. on case or front screen. Comes with box, paperwork & all accessories. No...
  13. L


  14. L


  15. R

    Uniden BCD325P2 Digital Tracking Scanner

    (SOLD) Purchased in May 2020 this scanner is in perfect like new condition in the box with everything that originally came with it. Email me at figure82@gmail.com for more information.
  16. W5DON

    Provoice upgrade on BCD325P2 - worth the money for OKC?

    Thanks! Don / W5DON
  17. BCD325P2 With DMR and NXDN Options

    BCD325P2 With DMR and NXDN Options

    325P2 with DMR and NXDN, in excellent condition. Sitting idle due to overabundance of radios! Includes BOX, USB cable, stock antenna, manual, and non-OEM power cube (5V USB type). $400 shipped CONUS ONLY. Pay via PayPal or US POSTAL MONEY ORDER only. Will ship USPS Priority Mail unless you...
  18. W

    BCD325P2 - BC VUP "Scanner doesn't respond" - all drivers installed, COM registered

    Hi there, I've been digging deep in google searching for the greater portion of 2 days to find an answer to my issue, but I think I may be alone in this (as I cannot find anyone else having this issue, and it seems not to be documented anywhere) - VirtualBox running Windows 7 - Drivers for...
  19. N

    Uniden 325p2

    like new, no upgrades email me for pics. Too large for RR will ship priority bvfd17993@gmail.com
  20. J


    I recently bought a 325P2 because I wanted something more compact then my 436HP. My town uses a p25 phase 2 system (link posted below). My problem is it's not receiving any data from the system. It works at my house but once I leave that's it. I was literally at the site and it would not scan or...