1. W5DON

    Provoice upgrade on BCD325P2 - worth the money for OKC?

    Thanks! Don / W5DON
  2. BCD325P2 With DMR and NXDN Options

    BCD325P2 With DMR and NXDN Options

    325P2 with DMR and NXDN, in excellent condition. Sitting idle due to overabundance of radios! Includes BOX, USB cable, stock antenna, manual, and non-OEM power cube (5V USB type). $400 shipped CONUS ONLY. Pay via PayPal or US POSTAL MONEY ORDER only. Will ship USPS Priority Mail unless you...
  3. W

    BCD325P2 - BC VUP "Scanner doesn't respond" - all drivers installed, COM registered

    Hi there, I've been digging deep in google searching for the greater portion of 2 days to find an answer to my issue, but I think I may be alone in this (as I cannot find anyone else having this issue, and it seems not to be documented anywhere) - VirtualBox running Windows 7 - Drivers for...
  4. N

    Uniden 325p2

    like new, no upgrades email me for pics. Too large for RR will ship priority bvfd17993@gmail.com
  5. J


    I recently bought a 325P2 because I wanted something more compact then my 436HP. My town uses a p25 phase 2 system (link posted below). My problem is it's not receiving any data from the system. It works at my house but once I leave that's it. I was literally at the site and it would not scan or...
  6. Remington12G

    BCD325P2: NXDN Upgrade

    I was reading about someone not being able to decode NXDN when a P25 or DMR System is being scanned. Is this true? im gonna buy the upgrade anyway i would just like to know if this is the case
  7. Remington12G

    Veteran Affairs Lexington

    When you're on the Fayette County Home Page it mentions that VA Leestown and VA Cooper are under the Federal Agencies Listing In KY. When I navigate to the Federal page and look for the VA frequencies, I can not find them. Does anyone have a suggestion to where they could be in the RR Database
  8. TheFlyingPilot

    Setting up Tone-Out on Digital

    Is it possible to set up the fire tone-out feature on a BCD325P2 when the dispatch system is MPSCS P25 digital? If so, how can I do it?
  9. TheFlyingPilot

    Transmitter Proximity

    I'm operating my BCD325P2 in a pretty low reception area, and I notice one of my P25 sites is showing 5/5 bars. I hold the frequency (853.800MHz) and drop the squelch. I hear through the static "You're... CBS Sports Radio...", and I suddenly realize that I'm listening to voice from an FM...
  10. Devin_88

    BCD325P2: I Can't hear York County, P25 on my BCD325P2.

    I tried programing my BCD325P2 for York County, PA's P25 system, its a Harris P25 Phase 2 system. I can get a signal from my local site, and I see the channel Id's, but I don't hear any audio. I have a P25 Phase 2 system by Motorola already programed from my Primary Country and it works...
  11. I

    BCD325P2: quick search does not stop in a DMR frequency.

    Hello, my BCD325P2 is normal scanning DMR frequency, but when I am at quick search it does not stop in a DMR frequency, just in analog frequency. Only if i put manually the frequency in the quick search mode this appears like DMR and giveme the Color Code. Is there any option for change this...
  12. ladn

    BCD325P2: Off / On Configuration with external power

    I frequently like to use my 325P2 in my vehicle with an external antenna and powered through the USB connector with the internal batteries removed However, whenever I power off/on the external power, the radio must be manually restarted. Is there a software setting that will give a memory...
  13. 7

    Trouble Scanning VSP on Uniden BCD325P2

    I've added the Virginia State Police to my Uniden BCD325P2 every way that I can think of, but I'm still getting nothing when trying to scan. I'm using FreeSCAN 2.18 --> FILE --> IMPORT --> RadioReference Trunked... Then...Country="United States" --> State="Virginia" --> Available...
  14. C

    Programing help with BCD325P2

    I purchased a new scanner, I updated the firmware to 1.07.09. I have tried to program it with Free Scan, CatScan(I think) and manually. The area (Buchanan CO, MO) I live in and trying to program is a Project 25 Phase 1 w/ APCO-25 CIA Exclusive. I have programed two different trunk systems...
  15. R

    Scanner help: Uniden BCD325P2

    Scanner help: Uniden BCD325P2 San Pablo PD Hello all, I just bought this new Uniden BCD325P2 scanner and was wondering if anyone can help me start scanning San Pablo PD. I'm new to scanning so I was wondering if anyone can help me on obtain a frequency or provide me instructions on how to get...
  16. C

    BCD325P2: Bug? unable to turn on group if all groups got turn off in a single system

    Have BCD325P2 Scanner ... If turn off all the groups in a conv system I am unable to turn back on any of the groups in that sytem. Example: 4 Conventional systems programmed (using freescan) and turned on: S0: 1234------ GRP1234567890 Turn off systems 1,2,4 (by pressing keys 124) leaving...
  17. jjsongs

    BCD325P2: Not receiving trunked channels

    Good day everyone. I just purchased my BCD325P2 and have been testing and programming for the last couple of days. Just for reference I live in the San Bernardino, CA area and have extensive past experience with scanners. I decided it was time to upgrade from my RS Pro97 and I thought that the...
  18. F

    BCD325P2 - How to add CHP 700Mhz

    Hello, Sorry if this has been posted before. I tried to search for my problem but nothing came up in the search results or Google. I am new here and sort of new to scanning. I recently bought a Uniden BCD325P2 from amazon. I am able to program conventional frequencies like my local PD, FD...
  19. R

    BCD325P2: Bartlett, TN P25 Sound issues

    New scanner seems to work but on some channels one side seems to be scrambled. Dispatcher side is clear, but Car to car, seems to have strange issue, sound is garbled beyond recognition. Is there some setting I can change to help this out. Second issue, the sound in general seems overdriven...
  20. R

    Bartlett, TN P25 Setup in DB questions

    I am new, hope this is right place for this. BCD325P2, FreeScan, RR DB paid member. I am confused by the setup on new Bartlett TN P25 system. I downloaded from RR DB, into FreeScan, then uploaded to scanner. Can someone explain why it sets up as three systems? Don't think I would have gotten it...