1. BCD536HP Works Great - Upgraded Memory Card / Upgraded Antenna

    BCD536HP Works Great - Upgraded Memory Card / Upgraded Antenna

    Uniden BCD536HP - works great - has upgraded (remtronix) and original antenna. Also has upgraded 32gb SSD card for recording space. Works great - no upgrades / no box or manuals. Just power cord and unit with antennas. Non Smoker / No scratches
  2. P

    BCD325P2 vs BCD996P2 on simulcast

    Before you say anything; yes, I know they both are not made for simulcast but let me tell you. I recently bought the 325 and tried it out and I didn't have the best time on simulcast in my area but it worked! I atleast heard 70-75% of the conversation, until I traveled a bit with it and it...
  3. BCD536HP-Reduced to $375.00-Free Priority Shipping

    BCD536HP-Reduced to $375.00-Free Priority Shipping

    Hello, I have 3 of the BCD536HP units (used). My father is/was a retired LEO. He made purchases now and then when he had a chance for personal use or resale. He passed away recently and I have these units selling for $375 each. The units come with mounting bracket, antenna, Wi-Fi dongle, USB...
  4. SOLD


    SOLD Uniden BCD536HP Base scanner. Wifi dongle, mounting bracket, stock telescoping antenna, AC power brick plug. No original box. No upgrades. Works perfectly. Venmo or Zelle preferred. $300 shipped to conus.
  5. F

    BCD536HP: BCD536HP Wi-Fi Connection Issue

    I am using Pro Scan and have a BC536HP Scanner. Prior to switching routers (Comcast) I would occasionally lose connection to Pro Scan and rebooting the scanner would resolve the issue. Now I have Comcasts "latest and greatest" router/modem and I cannot stay connected but for about 30-45...
  6. N

    BCD536HP: BCD536HP Date and Time reset.

    OK, I know the Clock Reset issue is an old one and Uniden has ended the repair campaign and the other threads are closed. My current issue seems to be a little different. I have searched and scoured the web and learned there used to be a small hearing aid type battery on the "BT401" spot on the...
  7. J

    Need help, with a new uniden scanner

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I bought a pre-programmed Uniden scanner model BCD536 HP p25 series 2. I reside within Pennington County SD 57703. I bought this scanner to replace my other one as all PD,Sheriff, ems & fire went to P25 series 2 and mine wouldn’t work. After getting this...
  8. Uniden BCD536HP with DMR and NXDN Upgrades - like NEW, FREE shipping!

    Uniden BCD536HP with DMR and NXDN Upgrades - like NEW, FREE shipping!

    Like-New BCD536HP with DMR and NXDN upgrades unlocked. Free USPS Priority domestic U.S. shipping. Original packaging with all factory included components (Wifi adapter, antenna, power cables, bracket, 4GB microSD, manual, instructions, etc...). SCANNER: Purchased September 2021, my BCD536HP saw...
  9. T

    BCD536HP: Brand-new BCD536HP for $399.98 (price seen on 07-16-2022)

    Heads up for anybody in the market for a brand-new Uniden BCD536HP, Amazon (Sold by Amazon.com and Ships from Amazon.com) currently has it for $399.98. That is a very good price (Amazon link below says it's the lowest price in 30 days) as Scanner Master currently has it for $519.95 and Bearcat...
  10. B

    BCD536HP: BDC536HP Not Receiving Both Type 1 & 2 P25 Digital Transmissions

    I'm using this scanner to replace an existing older analog only unit so that our fire house can continue to receive the digital transmissions as we migrate from an existing VHF analog system to the nearby city's 800 P25 system. The specific system is the Salem P25 system in Salem, Oregon. I've...
  11. ToDaMax

    A "Mostly" Complete Favorites List for Public Safety in Wisconsin

    Hello! This was done using Uniden Sentinel software for SDS100/SDS200/BCD436HP/BCD536HP. I do not know how compatible this will be with other scanners, and I do not have the means to test it out. Apologies in advance. I am here to share a pet project I've been working on for some time. As a...
  12. J

    **Wanted** Uniden WiFi dongle for BCD536HP **FOUND**

    **Found**Let me know via message / post if you have a Uniden BCD536HP WiFi dongle you are willing to sell. Bought my 536 used with no dongle and I just want to check it out to see if it will work for me around the house. Thanks JT
  13. ** SOLD *** Uniden BCD536HP Scanner for sale  ($400)

    ** SOLD *** Uniden BCD536HP Scanner for sale ($400)

    Pristine condition BCD536HP scanner. bought around 3 months ago. just moved to a new area where everything is simalcast and bought a SDS200, and no longer need this. Never even took factory screen protector off. Has box, all paperwork and all original accessories. NO UPGRADES. Check my feedback...
  14. B

    BCD536HP: Uniden BCD536HP - Pre-Purchase Questions

    Greetings, I am currently looking to upgrade my home scanning setup. I wanted to get something that I could connect to my home network, and a few other features like have an app to view and control it, although I've seen posts about the app having not been updated since 2016 [which isn't really...
  15. trentbob

    Firmware clarification

    This is in regard to new firmware update announcement made today regarding firmware update released in June, 2021. Uniden, please clarify who needs this firmware update and is it necessary, since it has no function but to accommodate new hardware. What radios require this update, what serial...
  16. JoeBearcat

    BCD436HP / BCD536HP firmware updates released

    Version 1.28.14 Released 6/25/21 (both models - BCD436HP and BCD536HP) ONLY use Sentinel to upgrade firmware. Some users have rendered their scanners non-functional using other update methods. Housekeeping update to accommodate revised hardware - No functional change from 1.26.00.
  17. SOLD -BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 - Like New in Box - 2 BONUS Items

    SOLD -BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 - Like New in Box - 2 BONUS Items

    BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 for a project that I never got around to. Only used inside - WORKS GREAT ! All original items in Box. BONUS: Upgraded 32gb Sandisk SSD - more record time BONUS: Remtronix Antenna - so much better than stock FYI: No upgrades purchased. Non-Smoker - maybe used 10-20...
  18. TRADE Uniden BCD536HP - Yaesu FT3DR

    TRADE Uniden BCD536HP - Yaesu FT3DR

    Looking to trade my Uniden BCD536HP for a Yaesu FT3DR Transceiver. Purchased April 24th of 2021. comes with box and all cables. Firmware updated including the Wi-Fi dongle. For some reason not able to find the telescoping antenna.
  19. *SOLD*Uniden BCD536HP Like New

    *SOLD*Uniden BCD536HP Like New

    For sale is a Uniden BCD536HP, no upgrades and comes with all original accessories to include, bracket, Wi-Fi dongle, programming cable, antenna, and mobile harness and BOX Was always sitting in the box or on the desk never mobile. Asking $400 plus around 10-15 for shipping dependent on...
  20. Uniden BCD536HP scanner with DMR upgrade

    Uniden BCD536HP scanner with DMR upgrade

    <<SOLD>> Uniden BCD536HP Base scanner with DMR upgrade installed. Wifi dongle, mounting bracket, stock telescoping antenna, AC power brick plug all included in original box. Also cigarette plug power adapter and hardwired harness (never used). Asking 425 and estimate 16 shipping. If the...