1. fdnyfish

    Siren app question

    An the siren app be set up to listen from outside your home? Looking for a direct straight answer, with instructions.
  2. K

    new member, but not to scanning

    Hi all, Just purchased a new BCD536 and have loaded my favorite frequencies etc., via Sentinel. All the conventional channels are working fine, but I'm not receiving anything on 2 of the P25 systems I have entered. My suspicion is that I'm overlooking something glaringly obvious. Are there...
  3. K

    Need advice on audio issue on my feed

    I had unplugged the 3.5 connections on both my BCD536HP and my HP Pavilion Tower that had been running the feed since 2011. When I went to plug things in, I was unable to get audio back. I used 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm audio cables and it was put into every 3.5 mm jack available. I did it again...
  4. E

    BCD536HP: Resolved LSM Simulcast issues - BCD536HP

    I've resolved (at least improved a lot) simulcast issues with my BCD536HP on a local P25 phase II system. Items modified: Threshold changed from AUTO 8 to MANUAL 7 ATT (Attenuation) set to ON Antenna Yagi (directional) pointing to a direction where signal didn't fluctuate as often You can hear...
  5. F

    BCD536HP: Driver problem with Windows 7/64

    I just bought a brand new BCD536HD and dowlnloaded the firmware upgrade and pay and install the DMR and Provoice upgrades When I want to connect the BCD to my computer W7/64 I entered in MASS STORAGE mode but the BCD is not seen by the Sentinel software I check Device Manager and see that...
  6. K1IWN

    The Flaky iOS Siren App

    Looking around this website among others to try to troubleshoot the iOS Siren app with the 536. It works once in a while, seamlessly. Other times, I get voice, but a blank display. Other times I get absolutely nothing. The dongle upgrade was done, the right IP for the scanner is loaded, and...
  7. L


    Does the USB cable to connect the bcd536hp have a Regular USB at both ends or is there another required configuration?
  8. K1IWN

    BCD536HP: Sentinel - avoid channels clear with each update

    Every time I run an update for the database with the BCD536HP, any channel that I have set for permanent avoid clears out, and I have to manually reset each one as they pop up again. This also applies when I update my HP-2. I suspect there is a way to keep those avoids alive, I just haven't...
  9. hydrasports

    Upgrading firmware for BCD536HP and Dongle?

    When upgrading firmware for both the BCD536HP AND the dongle do you use sentinel? When I go to Update at sentinel it say "Update Firmware" and it says "Update Master HPDB"? Is this where you go to upgrade both the scanner and dongle?
  10. K8CPA

    Any Pro-Voice in Michigan (Detroit Area)

    Hi Guys, I bought the Pro-Voice upgrade. I'm glad I got it. Is there any Pro-Voice stuff in the Detroit area at all? Just wondering...
  11. M

    BCD536HP: FL/System scanning sequence

    I am constantly annoyed by the illogical and non-sequential way the BCD536HP scans thru FLs and Systems. It does all the system 0 s in each Fav List, then all the system 1 s in each FL then all the system 2 s, 3s, 4s, etc. As each FL is stored in a separate file this makes no sense to me. This...
  12. W

    New to scanning, which P25 Phase II scanner to buy?

    Hi Everyone, I just picked up a Radio Shack PRO-163 at a flea market and the scanning bug has bitten. I'm interested in buying a Phase II-capable scanner. The Home Patrol 2 seems like a good candidate. DMR doesn't interest me so the TRX-1/2 isn't on my list. Any recommendations? Thanks, Brian
  13. N

    BCD536HP WiFi listening from anywhere?

    Hi, I just read on marksscanners.com that "The BCD536HP will have a Wi-Fi dongle and a companion Siren App that allows connectivity to your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in your house, your car, or the world". I have mine up and running, but my range is limited to that of my router's...
  14. N

    City not included in Uniden BCD536HP Database

    Greetings, I returning to scanner use after a 10 year hiatus, having retired from a lifetime of service in my local fire department. A lot has changed. I just purchased a Uniden BCD536HP and have it up and running monitoring my local emergency services. I also want to monitor the emergency...
  15. A

    Program bcd536

    Does anyone have the files for slater for buetel 536 seems like everything is showing up but never works on st Charles pd county or city. Or someone local here in st Charles offer program service email is drinkganocoffee@aol.com
  16. R

    BCD536HP: Bu-Tel ARC / Uniden Sentinel Riddle me this ...

    OK riddle me this .. I can connect my 536 to my Windows 10 box, verify there is an active comm port link in the devices manager, open Sentinel and Read the card in the scanner, make changes and there is no issue. However, to use BT536, the only way to address the scanner is by using the Open...
  17. K

    Uniden BCD536HP Input Frequencies

    I am new to all this and trying to figure it all out, so please forgive me if I do not understand all the terminology from the beginning. I have the Uniden BCD536HP and I live in North Johnson County Kansas where they have switched to the (MARRS) system. My scanner will not pick up any of the...
  18. N

    BCD536HP: Not Receiving DMR

    I am having difficulty receiving DMR and was wondering if I have a simple setting that may be preventing reception. I've imported the frequencies and enabled Custom 1 but still don't get any hits. Any suggestions?
  19. qc

    2004 Chevy Silverado Install

    We Just completed our radio install wanted to thank 8859, mmckenna , WX4EMT and everyone else for the help Here is list of everything we installed Havis made me a 1-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket. I just ship my Yaesu FT 8900R to Havis and there engineers made it fit like a glove the part...
  20. rvacs

    BCD536HP: New Bcd536hp can I use my Sentinel Favorites from my HP-2?

    Hello All, Sorry if this is a bogus question. Can I use my Favorites in Sentinel for my HP-2 for my new BCD536HP? I assume I will need to add Quick Key assignments to them since BCD536hp relies on them. I didn't have to add those Quick Keys for the HP-2. Any other info? Thanks, Rich