1. P

    BCT15X vs WS1065

    What is better in terms of programmability, sensitivity, usability, mobility, and quality? Either will be used to listen to analog systems.
  2. W

    BCT15X: Having some trouble need help please.

    BCT15X when there are transmissions there are breaks in the conversation how can I fix this I am a new owner of this scanner?
  3. BCT15X for sale. $115.00 shipped!

    BCT15X for sale. $115.00 shipped!

    Excellent condition Uniden BCT15X scanner. Used in a smoke free home. Minor scratches on top. Includes the power adapter, stock antenna, and scanner. I do not have the original box or mounting bracket. Will except PAYPAL and ship via USPS mail with insurance and tracking.
  4. wski

    BCT15X: Squelch & Static Issue

    Hey guys, My BCT15X recently started to make this awful static noise when the scanner is tuned to a frequency without CTCSS or DCS. Even when the unit's volume is set to zero it emits a faint humming, static sound. Turning up the squelch has little to no effect. When tuned to frequencies with...
  5. Edelweiss

    BCT15X: BCT15X Search and Store on Custom Search limited to 1,2,3?

    Hi Normally not using this feature but playing with it today: Assuming your have more than three custom searches programmed it appears that when activating this feature it defaults to S+S on the last used of the first three custom searches that are programmed. I.e. once you press Custom Search...
  6. JimD56

    MAY 2022 Shack Re-Do

    In my last shack, I had everything in one Rack (Box) an 8U Black Woodgrain Rack (24"hx21w"x16"deep) which took up the whole left side of my corner desk, reducing my workspace. Great for the radios/scanners not good for desk space. In this new change, I found smaller narrow standard rack boxes...
  7. For Sale - Uniden BCT15X Scanner

    For Sale - Uniden BCT15X Scanner

    I have for sale a Uniden BCT15X scanner, power supply, and antenna. Cost is $100 including shipping, payment to be paid via PayPal, local pick up possible. Please reach out if you have any questions.
  8. JoeBearcat

    BCT15X firmware update released

    Version 1.07.00 Released 10/8/21 Housekeeping update to accommodate revised hardware - No functional change from 1.06.03
  9. NLACo

    ProScan: Unable to download scanner

    I control the scanner but I cant access the program or database feature.
  10. JimD56

    June 2021 Shack

    I think at this point I'm right where I want to be with my shack. It is primarily monitoring with only a little bit of DMR. Here is the lineup. Top Right and Top Left - BCD996P2's monitoring different local digital P25 Phase II systems that are NOT Simulcast. Center Left - SDS200 monitoring...
  11. Yocuz

    System and Group Scroll

    I am new to the BCT15X. I am looking to accomplish two things. 1. Scroll through systems to see which groups are enabled/disabled. While scanning conventional systems, I press [HOLD] [SCROLL Wheel (Function)], scroll through the systems. These seems like a temporary pause. If I am not fast...
  12. S

    How do I slow down a scan of a specific freq range?

    Hi—I have a BCT15x that I am trying to set up for a very specific purpose: omnidirectional scanning of the 216-222mhz range used for animal tracking collars, and no other bands. I've managed to set up custom search of the range, but it just flies through it so fast that it never catches the...
  13. Edelweiss

    BCT15X accessing channels via number tag across Systems

    Hi, when on Hold I try to access a channel in a different system. The channel has a confirmed number tag allocation, checked by using scanner menus and also via ProScan that I use. I can't get this to work. Does the to-be-accessed system need to be active? If I enter say 6.60 MENU according to...
  14. L


  15. Uniden BCT15X *SOLD*

    Uniden BCT15X *SOLD*

    Recently purchased this scanner used for monitoring what's left of LTR & EDACS systems in my area, immediately following my purchase the systems started the move to DMR and P25. Not much of analog conventional here so I am selling this scanner for $145. $145 gets you the scanner, wall plug...
  16. JimD56

    Receive Sensitivity Specs BCT15x vs. BC125AT

    Is there any literature or anecdotal evidence here on the forum on the receive sensitivity specs of the BCT15x vs. the BC125AT when listening to UHF 453-460mhz Analog with the same antenna. I just picked up a BC125AT return on Amazon for $76 to monitor just one channel not tying up any of my...

    BCT15X: Uniden BCT15X randomly stopped receiving. Help!

    Hi there. Last night, while sitting in my van listening to the scanner, it seemed to randomly stop receiving transmissions. My mobile (Baofeng UV-5R) was continuing to receive frequency 412.4625 with CTSS tone 107.2, but my BCT15X was not. I thought perhaps that my antenna got busted, but even...
  18. L

    BCT15X P25 phase I

    Bought a BCT15X and want to know if p25 phase I can be programmed in to it. My local fire and ems is all analog but police is all trunked with p25 phase I. Is there a way I can program this in to the system? Thanks in advance
  19. xantegh

    Antenna for Milcomm Scanning

    Hello Team, I'm looking at improving my military band reception as my Diamond Discone doesn't seem picking up well specially that I live 40 miles from JBLM and 60 miles from another Naval Air Station. i have seen lots of good reviews about DPD Omni X Antenna. do you agree or have another...
  20. xantegh

    BCT15X: BCT15X Back Serial Port

    Gents, I do understand that the port in the back of the BCT15X cannot be used to update the firmware, but I have read as well that this RS232 port can be at least used for logging using the available softwares such as FreeScan or proScan, which is my intention. If my understanding is correct...