1. U

    Digital Scanning

    I have a BCT15X and have been very happy with it. I had thought about getting a BCD996XT I was curious to know how I can find out if digital radio is used in my area. (as that seems to be the main differences between the BCT15X and the BCD996XT) Is there any particular indications that I should...
  2. D

    New excited user

    I am a recent owner of a Uniden BCT15X. I owned a scanner about a decade ago, also Uniden (not sure which one). I liked the hobby then, but never got very seriously into it..just used the noise to fall asleep to really. I decided that for christmas I wanted a scanner and to get back into the...
  3. T

    Wi-Fi Interference

    Ok, here's the scoop. 1 channel and 1 channel only on my scanners (155.58) comes in super noisy (Filled with Interference). The problem goes only goes away in 2 situations: A) I turn off my Wi-Fi router/modem a few feet away OR B) I pick up the scanner(s) and lift them a few inches off...
  4. va2thc

    Help with my UniTrunker experiance

    Ok here's what I'm trying todo, I baught a BCT15X to try and fallow my local EDACS/ProVoice public security systems, Works fine for analogue, but for the provoice part it wont fallow conversations giving me the discriminator output to decode the provoice with dsd (works great with the bct15x...
  5. K

    Future of digital in Pierce and King? (which scanner should I buy?)

    I've been scanning conventional systems with my ham gear for a long time. Now that Tacoma has moved to a trunking system, I'm interested in purchasing a dedicated scanner. I do most of my scanning mobile, and I'm really interested in location-based scanning, so I've been looking at the Uniden...
  6. T

    Help: Can't Shut Off Service Searches

    Hi all, I am fairly well versed in the BCT15 & 15X scanners but I've run into a problem. We have a BCT15 and a BCT15X in our main console (public safety dispatch center). One of my well-meaning dispatchers was trying to find a nearby FD channel in the radio (they were operating at a multiple...
  7. B

    General BCT15X Instructions

    Hi folks. I bought a BCT15X and I'm having a horrible time trying to figure it out. I'm an amateur radio operator and software developer, so I'm not new to this type of stuff. Far from it. The problem stems from the fact that the manual for this unit is horrible. Online information that I...
  8. K

    BCT15X 2-second pause

    With the BearTracker on or off, I still get a "gap" when I'm listening to activity on my BCT15X. I'll even open up the squelch and you can distinctly hear a 1-2 second gap in conversations. Anyone have this problem? Yes, this problem happens with free scanning and also with programmed systems.