1. jeremyapps

    Quick CHP Broadcast Question

    Hello all, I usually listen to LASD but recently started scanning to CHP channels and I have a quick question regarding what their dispatchers are saying at the end of a broadcast. “……..(Call details)……. No follow no further ??? cleared at midnight 16 hours.” What do they say between no further...
  2. T

    Better Audio Quality with Unitrunker

    Hello I've configured Unitrunker with Trunking Recorder going to Broadcastify. Everything is working great, as you can see here... The issue I have is the audio quality out of Unitrunker has popping in the audio. What's odd is SDR sharp does not have...
  3. L

    Broadcast schedules

    Hello all, as a newbie I came across several sites with Boradcast Stations Schedules. Can someone shed some light what the different schedules mean: A14, B16, B20 and so on. Thank You in advance. Grettings from Belgium Lambert
  4. V

    SDR for NXDN/Brodcast

    I have a SDR that I would like to use to broadcast a system that is NXDN. I have yet to find a way to decrypt NXDN and broadcast it to the internet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also if you know, can I have more then one feed broadcasting from the same computer at the sometime?
  5. K

    ( HELP ) Broadcasting by mobile ( is it possible )

    Hello my name is Jeremy I'm 29yr old , I've been woundering is it possible to broadcast Kenton, County which is Erlanger , Elsmere , Crescent Springs , and some small parts of Boone & Florence area. Yes Erlanger Police cover all these areas and since there isn't a Kenton, Kentucky Live scanner...
  6. Q

    Streaming an AM/FM Tuner

    Greetings radio people. I have a remotely controllable AM/FM broadcast band tuner which I stream to internet for my own private use, although the stream is not protected in any way. I put up the stream so that I could listen to my radio at home when I am not at home. This radio is located in...
  7. RadioGuy1951

    Want scanner with FM b'cast band

    I already have a Realistic (RS) Pro 2006, which does get the FM Broadcast band... ANY OTHER scanner makes / models that also get the FM B'cast band..? Thanks...
  8. I

    Seminole Fire / Sheriff ?!?!?!

    What happened to the Seminole County Sheriff broadcast feed? The Seminole County Fire feed is still running strong but the Sheriff feed has been down for almost a year and a half now. What is the legality of setting up my own feed to broadcast those talk groups?
  9. H

    broadcast quality

    I currently run the Richland County Police, Fire, and EMS, Wilkin County Sheriff Live Audio Feed. ND-Richland county. i have a pro-652 hooked up. i have the unit threw a 3.5mm spliter so we can hear it with powered speakers in the house and that sounds great. but when it comes over the computer...
  10. SamAltenberger

    Disconnecting PC input with Uniden BC346XT

    Hi all, I've recently set up a Broadcastify feed using my Uniden BC346XT scanner. The problem I'm running into occurs when I plug in a 1/8" audio patch cable between the scanner's headphone jack and my computer's line-in jack. When the scanner isn't playing anything, my computer recognizes that...
  11. V

    Fire conditions/forecast broadcast

    Are there any regular, repeating, or daily broadcasts that state the current fire conditions and forecast in the state? I think I remember hearing a regular broadcast around 9 or 10 AM every day, but I can't remember what agency or frequency. I'm looking to keep up on the latest fire...
  12. P

    Laws of broadcasting and recording a scanner feed

    Hey guys I'm wondering what the law says about recording the audio of a police incident from my Uniden 396XT or from an online source and later using it on YouTube mixed with the audio of my video? More precisely is it legal in Canada? Thanks!
  13. J

    Thumping Ticking Sound!

    Hello all, I have recently started a new feed. Since being approved and initial broadcast, I have been getting ticking, thumping and static sounds. I have tried several different pieces of equipment, Baofeng uv-5r & uv-b5, Kenwood tk 2170, and a bearcat 855 scanner. I figured It was the sound...
  14. screenersam

    military seeking tech to override am/fm broadcsts

    Special Operations seeks way to override broadcasters ***The U.S. Special Operations Command wants to find technology that would allow it to locate AM and FM radio signals in a specific area and then override those signals to send propaganda messages. The SOCOM solicitation, posted Monday...
  15. H

    Lowell Fire Dept. Broadcast Host Feed

    Hi everyone, I have been the Exclusive Feed for the Lowell Fire Dept.,( Greater Lowell Area Fire ) (Only Transmitting Lowell Fire). Today I have changed the location of my antenna and I am now able to receive a much larger area. So I have changed the feed to Transmit Lowell and Tyngsboro Fire...
  16. Danny37

    NYC News stations on 450MHz

    What are some continuous news station that broadcast continuously on the 450mhz? if you have a list that would be so much better, thanks. Northern NJ and Long Island are welcomed as well.
  17. V

    Free ShoutCast Servers

    Hey guys, We're looking for feedback on our ShoutCast servers. If you'd like to get a free ShoutCast server, give us a holler. We have limited spots available, so first come, first serve. Drop by and use the pre-sale contact form. Thanks guys!
  18. w2xq

    Philadelphia remote broadcast frequencies

    Years ago I liked to listen to the chatter of TV news crews and traffic patrols, but my 450-451 and 455-456 Mhz list is badly out of date. Obviously a lot of the comms have gone to cell phones but I did hear a KYW3 helicopter while it was taping video of a fire near my Pinelands location. If you...
  19. S

    volume on broadcast

    I have recently started a new broadcast and for some reason the volume from the broadcast is very low. I have the volume on my scanner maxed out and still when I listen to it on the computer it is very low. Any ideas on how to fix this? P.S. I am using a mono cable.
  20. klusterphuk

    live audio app pending

    was jst wondering if anyone knows how long it takes the live broadcast app to go through its been 2 days thanks in advance