cdm 1550

  1. K2NEC

    CDM ghost invalid fields??

    I have a CDM1550LS+ (403-470) that I converted to (403-480) and when I go to write to the radio it shows that there are invalid fields. When I check the invalid fields there are none! Anyone have this issue before or know a work around? My CDM does it no problem but this one is just picky! And I...
  2. C

    Remote base question

    I am researching ways to do remote base functionality with a Motorola CDM1550. This is for a SAR application. We have two towns we’d like to establish radio comms with from the first There is no line of sight so remote base or RoIP are what I think the options are Ideally we’d like two control...
  3. N

    CDM 1250/1550 squelch adjustment

    Hi, I have a LB CDM1550 radio that has its squelch set too tight. The squelch breaks at ~-111dBm or .63uV. I need to readjust the radio so squelch opens at ~-120dBm or .21uV. Using a comms tester I read the radio using Moto's Tuner app (admittedly I have only used CPS in the past and have no...
  4. M

    RUGGED Motorola Tactical Repeater

    Hi, Just wanted to show the repeater project im working on. Im open to any questions or advice. I also encourage others to show what setup they have. I would consider items that would be posted in this forum to at least meet the following requirements: 1. Any home made repeater system with a...