1. A

    Charlotte UASI Questions

    I have a couple questions about Charlotte UASI control channels: 1. What's the deal with control channels? Do I need to program all of them? Should I program the non-control channels? If not, why are they listed, what do they do? 2. Why are there multiple control channels? If I remember...
  2. A


    Trying to find out which MEC-OPS TGs are used for fire. I want to be able to listen to the Meck Co. FDs as well as CFD, so I have dispatch programmed in but I don't know which OPs TGs to use. Any help is appreciated.
  3. A

    Air Medical Ops - Charlotte

    I saw a couple of LZ channels and Helicopter calling channels on the Charlotte P25 system. I was wondering which talkgroups/freqs I should monitor if I want to hear life flight/medevac operations in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Thanks.
  4. wa2chj

    Unication G5 Charlotte UASI Programming

    Hi, I've been programming Motorola, Vertex Standard, and Various Amateur radios through CPS, PPS, etc. for decades for personal and EMS/Fire department radio equipment as Communications Officer. I'm a newbie when it comes to the Unications G5 PPS, and need to get up to speed quickly. I'm...
  5. D

    Charlotte scanner

    I recently found an old scanner i previously ( several years ago) used to monitor the Charlotte trunked radio system. The scanner is a Radio Shack pro-164 scanner. All of the control channels appear to be the same yet I am not hearing any police/fire/ems traffic. I have noticed that it has...
  6. nloder

    CMPD on Mobile Scanner

    I have been using a Uniden BCD436HP to monitor CMPD and Charlotte-Mecklenburg MEDIC, and the simulcast distortion is terrible! I live in south Charlotte, but the problem is persistent throughout the county. Is there a better scanner model, perhaps with updated software, for monitoring P25...
  7. RaleighGuy

    Charlotte Public Safety LTE

    Charlotte Launches Public-Safety LTE Service with BTOP-Funded Equipment (6/2/15) By Sandra Wendelken The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, launched public-safety data services funded by a restructured $8.8 million Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant. The broadband network...
  8. adams_jb

    Cabarrus County/Charlotte - Mecklenburg

    Good evening, I have recently acquired a Model PRO-18 scanner. I have spent the better part of a week trying to understand the programming software for the scanner. It appears that Cabarrus County is piggybacking the Charlotte P25 system? Please correct me if I am wrong? I have tried to use...
  9. D

    Mecklenberg county wreck

    At 3:43pm today Charlotte *medic,charlotte fire engine 33,cooks fire department, and long creek fire department were dispatched to a motorcycle vs truck MVA on I-485 Inner loop near beatties ford rd. *While responding dispatch advised that there was one possible fatality. *Medic 1 and Medic 50...
  10. P

    Charlotte Area Radio Shops

    Hey guys & gals. I am looking for a store in the Charlotte region that carries classic and shortwave radios. I am shopping for a gift for my father, who is retired from radio. He collects radios and I am looking to get him maybe a Zenith D7000 or similar. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. E

    Programming Uniden BCT8

    Hello, I got a Uniden BCT8 yesterday. *My main purpose is to monitor my local police dept* Eastway Division. I had read all about trunking prior to purchasing a scanner. SO i just pulled it out of the box and tried to search manually. When I got some generral action on the scanner I tried to...
  12. Bill28227

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Citizen's Academy

    CMPD’s Citizens Academy is now accepting applications for Fall 2010 workshops which begin on September 14, 2010. Workshops are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings either at CMPD Headquarters 601 East Trade Street, or the Training Academy located at 1770 Shopton Road, from 6:30 pm until 9:30...
  13. kb9akp

    SouthPark Mall Freqs?

    I was looking for security/ops frequencies for the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte and can't seem to find anything. Anyone know what freqs they use? Thanks, Zeke
  14. Grog

    Charlotte hamfest in new location March 14 - 15, 2009 I know some of you guys have to plan ahead for time off (like me) so this should be enough time :D I've never been to the new location but it looks like it should be great enough that I won't even notice driving a few extra miles from Gastonia.
  15. Grog

    Anyone have any BC246T files for Charlotte or VIPER

    Anyone have any BC246T files for Charlotte or VIPER that they can share? I'm looking to play with this thing and would not mind some help since I'm a long time GRE user. There seems to be much more software available now too so be sure to let me know what you use. Either upload the file...