1. melona380

    I wanted to post the official police codes from a dispatcher training hand book

    Here are the official police codes #FREETHERADIO
  2. w2lie

    ProScan: Error Code 4 and Error Code 8

    If anyone has a list of error codes and how to correct them, that would be helpful! I have a user of mine that seems to be getting error code 4 every 10 minutes or so. I looked into my logs and I see error code 8's flagging. One of feed, it seems to be him, but on another ProScan feed I run...
  3. W

    West Hartford ?

    Does anyone know what a code10-65 for West Hartford PD is? My old list skips a few numbers and that one isn't there.
  4. P

    OPD Signals/Codes

    Does anyone out there have a more current/more complete Signal and 10 codes for OPD in Owensboro, Ky I've got a list but I'm sure its out of date, and for sure missing several Signals and 10 Codes. Anyone got a better list? Hers what I have OWENSBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT SIGNALS 1-8 RAISE &...
  5. B

    Ontario License Restrictions

    I've been trying to figure this out and can't really find any good info anywhere. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the license restrictions stand for. So far I've heard them say A,X,Y,W example: Driver is licensed class Golf, restrictions Xray or some times they will say no restrictions...
  6. N

    Same Codes and Event Codes

    Hello Everyone on RR, Just a quick question.. So i've got this scanner.. Radioshack Pro-106 and I can program in SAME codes on it for my county and surrounding counties. Can someone please explain to me what Event codes are and do you need them for the SAME codes to work? Thank you! Henry N2HJS
  7. R

    Florence County Codes

    I have been listening to Florence County Public Safety daily, and I need some codes - MOSTLY signals because it seems they're using those a lot more now. Official 10-codes and EMS codes and lettering would be appreciated as well.
  8. 8

    Granby, CT PD/FD Codes

    Just purchased my first scanner and I am quite new to this. I have programmed some local frequencies including Granby, CT. I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find Granby's 10-codes. If anyone has the codes for the Granby Police or Fire I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. J

    DPD / DFD / EMS Code Language

    I have been reading some posts on the various PD/FD/EMS "10-" codes, Denver District IDs, and other Code #'s. Thank you all who posted to the links listed below. As a curious listener, I have figured out most of these, but I am wondering if anyone out there can direct me to a comprehensive...
  10. C

    Round Lake police F-? Code

    when i look at the frequencies for round lake some have a Police: [F-4] under descriptions. does anyone know what these mean
  11. wlittle

    Codes Used by Rural Metro Ambulance

    Over the weekend I programmed Rural Metro Ambulance into my Pro-94 scanner and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the codes stand for they utilize on a dispatch? For example, they just dispatched a "3 Charlie 1" and, from the description they gave, I figured put that the call was a...
  12. NFR85

    EMS Priority Meaning

    Can someone please tell me what a Priority 1, 2, 3 means? I looked everywhere. No Luck finding it. Thanks
  13. T

    Montgomery County (Tx) Law Enforcement Dispatch codes

    I've been browsing all over the web, so far no complete list of Radio response codes and priority levels. (Search engines used : Google/Yahoo/Wikipedia) Can anyone please display or give a link to with a list? Montgomery County ,Texas Thank you all.
  14. scanningman

    Code Adam on MSP channel...

    Was just listening to the scanner and heard "code adam" on the msp channel. I assume it actually means code a, but anyways, does anyone know what this means? The officer responded "code adam positive" and really made me curious.
  15. joshua86

    Newark PD Codes

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of Newark PD radio codes and signals?
  16. scaner123

    Shelby County Sheriff Codes

    Does anyone have the Shelby County Sheriff Office Signal and 10 Codes?
  17. J

    Stow Police Codes

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a list of the Stow Police Codes.
  18. RadioDitch

    Elizabeth FD/EMS Dispatch Codes

    Can anyone provide a list of the dispatch signal codes for Elizabeth Fire and EMS? For example, EMS2 and Engine 1 were just dispatched for a medical as "Signal 806 for a male with difficulty breathing..." I know one of the dispatchers is on the forum. Thanks gents...
  19. WX9RLT

    CTCSS and DCS codes for the Rockford area

    I thought I would make a thread about CTCSS and DCS codes in the Rockford area. I am running a BC898T scanner that can quickly search for these codes, and this is the list that I have came up with so far (1 hour). Please feel free to add to the list. CTCSS and DCS codes for the Rockford...
  20. D

    Motorola GP360 Programming Code

    I have just bought a motorola GP360 off a friend, its fixed to one frequency and has limited options. i have a programing lead and wish to change this, although the radio is protected by a password, which neither of us can remember, is there a way or resetting the device and clearning the...