1. K

    Motorola XTL to Kenwood TK Interconnect / Patching

    Does anyone have experience linking a Motorola XTL-series radio (J2 connector) to a Kenwood TK-series (25 pin) radio for crosspatching? Have a couple disparate radios I'm trying to patch together. The process has been fairly simple within the same brands, but been running into issues connecting...
  2. A

    Data exchange between two PCs via MotoTRBO

    Hello, I'm trying to link two PCs to transfer short data by two DP4401e like in this video: While searching for a solution, I came across this discussion where the same question was raised: TCP/IP over DMR through MotoTrbo The nuance is that they stopped only at pinging, but this is not the...
  3. Salvatorejrc

    SDS100/SDS200: File/Directory Corrupt

    Hello, I just tried to program some favorites list changes onto my sds100 & I got a message on Sentinel that says: "The file or directory /BCDx36HP/Favorites_lists/f_000197.hpd is corrupt & unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility." What does this mean & how can I fix it? Thanks
  4. darthgarlic

    Digital Status indicator on SDS200

    Mine toggles between DATA and LINK. Can someone explain what this means? There is no mention of it in the manual.
  5. S

    TTC Radio Data With SDR Receiver

    Does anyone have any information or insight they can share with regard to using a SDR dongle to receive data being transmitted on TTC frequencies (particularly the CIS data channel 423.7375?). Myself and a friend are looking into this using a SDR software but he thinks that the radio data output...
  6. A

    FDNY MDT Frequencies

    I have read on some old threads here that FDNY uses 5 frequencies for their MDTs (and at the point that the threads are from, they had just switched to using the RD-LAP 19.2kbps protocol) (ULS License - Public Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conv. License - WPBG281 - CITY OF NEW YORK -...
  7. K

    Dallas Police high speed multimedia?

    Hello alll, Thank you for reading my post. Recently I attended a rally in downtown Dallas, TX, and spotted local police using an antenna array not recognized. It looks similar to a higher end HSMM-Mesh antenna used in amateur radio. As seen, the set up is hard wired to an overwatch position...
  8. M

    Kenwood TK8180

    Hello all. New to working with Kenwood PMRs. I'm trying to setup something very simple, and wondered (a) if it could be done, and (b) how to do it. Fairly sure it can be done. I want to transceive 9600 baud data. I need the audio to be as flat as possible and the minimum phase distortion on...
  9. RedBase1

    Newbie return scannee from the 2000

    Hi all, New here and looking forward to chatting and getting know everyone , well as many as possible if you understand. My name is Col , from North East England and currently own UBC 3500XLT with a Skyscan indoor antenna. Would like some advice help with couple of minor problems i have been...
  10. D

    New (used) BCD396T

    Hi Folks, I just got a used BCD396T from a guy at the ham flea market and I'm at the point where I've got it loaded and working for my area. My new tangent is CLOSE CALL - I've done the RTFM thing and got it working and capturing calls and I've tested it and its working OK. So I ran it for a...
  11. K

    The " GoTenna " and other hardware like it

    Today, I was looking up ways to send data to others in my area via a PC. I'm new to packet / data radio on HAM bands. I was trying to find hardware or something similar that I could plug into a USB port on a PC, plug into an antenna ( mine is outside ) and send receive texts via my computer to...
  12. kk4dnl

    Where to find amateur operator data transmissions?

    I am new to shortwave listening been at it for about 2-3 months. Just wondering what are the popular frequencies on shortwave to find amateur radio operators chatting. Wanting to decode really anything , RTTY, CW, MFSK, PSK stuff like that. I will be getting my second SW receiver in a few...
  13. N2AL

    Affordable Radio Packet Data Modem

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to read this thread, and for offering any assistance you may be able to lend. I am looking for an affordable radio packet data modem, but I do not know where to begin. I've found the PACTOR modems, but I am not willing or able to pay close to $1,500.00...
  14. T

    tetra DMO GPS DATA transfer (EADS)

    Hello, I´m newbie for tetra setups and need some help (any useful information is welcome!). My example is used by EADS (Cassidian) radios (thr 880i and thr9). Is it possible use DMO talkgroups to transfer data from handheld to handheld or handheld to mobileradio? Data would be each radio GPS...
  15. n9mxq

    442.075 Data transmissions??

    Dunno if it was due to a ducting event but I heard what sounds like a data transmission on what used to be a local repeater freq.. Anyone in Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin know of a Dstar or other DV repeater here abouts??
  16. K

    NXDN Data Mode

    Has anyone else used the capability of the Kenwood NXDN radios in 6.25 kHz for text exchange or broadcast? If so, how are you using it?
  17. R

    Mystery Data ????

    I found this frequency (453.7500) is registered to a local bus company. They have two channels, one for their dispatch and then this channel. Attached is a sample of data that is transmitted on the second channel. I think it is GPS. But can someone tell what it is?
  18. martidav

    Data Decode Thresholds - Seattle Pub Saftey

    Good day, I'm seeking a sampling of what folks have for set for their Data Decode Thresholds of the Seattle-KC Pub Safety trunk and it's various sites. Based on my homebase and my travels, my preference is the main Seattle and/or Cap Hill sites, but of course it annoyingly picks up some weaker...
  19. F

    Discriminator Tap BC700A

    Ok, i was wanting to know how to put a disc. tap on my old scanner, i have sort of an idea on how to do this but i'm not sure where to solder from to the pin. Plus after i do this would i be able to get the raw data from the headphone jack or how would that be done? Thanks in advance.
  20. martidav

    Pro-107 - Threshold Settings

    Pro-107 - Data Decode Threshold Settings Good morning, A few scattered thoughts here so bear with me. I *think* I understand the Data Decode Threshold settings, but I could be wrong. I live and roam in metro area Seattle/King county's Similcast vicinity. Besides the main Seattle Site, I'm...