1. A

    BC246T: CTCSS/DCS tones not decoding / Trunking not working

    Have an interesting issue with an old BC246T. The scanner does not seem to be able to decode any subaudible tones and will therefore not open squelch on transmissions when such tones are set. I've done a bunch of troubleshooting and confirmed it multiple times. I have several of these scanners...
  2. 3

    SDR# CTCSS / DCS Decoders: Not Working

    RTL2832U R860 V.3 SDR# V. I have downloaded both the CTCSS and DCS decoders, placed the .dll file in the SDR# Folder, and written the code into the .xml document, but neither one will work to decode. Any thoughts on how to get these working?
  3. HWG

    Analog scanning

    I have what I need to monitor the digital and DMR stuff. I also have a vintage piece just to have. Now, what I am looking to find is the last best analog scanner that was offered before the digital days. Some criteria: 300+ channels, AM, FM-wide, and FM-narrow, 25 MHz - 1300 MHz, CTCSS/DCS...
  4. T

    Unidentified signal at 462.000 MHz

    Hello - I have been detecting a continuous signal at exactly 462.000 MHz. While initially I thought this was GMRS, the GMRS channel plan starts at 462.5625 MHz, and does not appear to include 462 on the nose. I am able to pull DCS codes from the signal, however, they are non-standard codes...
  5. LtChuck

    SDS 100 questions... power and decoding

    Contemplating acquiring a SDS 100 and have a few questions. Will the unit power up upon power being supplied from the external power input. I currently have a RS Pro 106 that powers up and starts operating when dc power is applied from a switch on the vehicles power control center (for...
  6. S

    BCD436HP: How to know what DCS turn off code to use?

    I want to scan a system i have done in conventional analog. I want to set a DCS code so i can scan the system with the squelch wide open but only still hear the transmissions and no white noise. I have gotten something called “DCS Turn off” in the log a few times, but i wonder how i actually...
  7. viper1833

    Modern CB Upgrades

    Just a curious question to all who are interested in discussing. How many think its time for the FCC to change some of the rules on CB radio, and allow companies to start adding some modern features to 11 meters. Currently I use CB radio still, my wife, and brother use them for personal use...
  8. T

    Motorola BPR40 Factory Default Settings

    Hello! I recently acquired a Motorola bpr40, but it cannot be programmed. However, I do have other radios that can be programmed very easily, so I reset the bpr40 to its factory default frequency. Do any of you know the default DCS/CTCSS codes for the bpr40?
  9. M

    Motorola Radios and DCS Code 325

    I have come across a problem where the NIFOG lists the code of 325 in the valid DCS codes list, but Motorola radios don't seem to allow it to be programmed into it. I am working on XTS and XTL series radios, but can confirm that the issue exists with APX series radios too. I am trying to...
  10. radioboy75

    BCD396XT: "analog only" with DCS passing digital audio

    My local department uses both analog and digital on the same channel. I would like to program both "digital only" and "analog only" into two separate channels. The "digital only" channel works fine, only passing decoded digital audio. But the "analog only" channel, even though I have it set...
  11. M

    TK-7160 DCS Question

    I need to update channels in a couple of volunteer agency TK-7160's. We have Version 1.01 of the Kenwood Software. Several channels that we need to program have changed from no PL Code to a DCS setting of 156. In this version of the software, there are 2 options marked D156I and D156N. I'm not...
  12. C

    Kenwood TM-D710A DCS Programming question, Please help

    I just recently purchased a Kenwood TM-D710A from my buddy and i am VERY happy with it! I love this radio but our repeater uses a 025-DCS to access and 205-DCS recieve and my problem is that i can't figure out how to get it to encode ONLY DCS... My FT-60 has a feature on it called split and it...
  13. M

    APCO P-25...Do I need to set P25 NAC or CTSS/DCS?

    Hello all! I just recently set up a new BCD396XT to monitor the newly activated Dublin/Delaware/Worthington OH Police/Fire/EMS/City... Question #1: I see there is a function in one of the scanner menus for choosing either P25 NAC or CTSS/DCS. Are these settings I need to be concerned with...
  14. WX9RLT

    CTCSS and DCS codes for the Rockford area

    I thought I would make a thread about CTCSS and DCS codes in the Rockford area. I am running a BC898T scanner that can quickly search for these codes, and this is the list that I have came up with so far (1 hour). Please feel free to add to the list. CTCSS and DCS codes for the Rockford...
  15. N

    PRO-164 CTCSS Question

    On my PRO-164, if I program a CT code and it is incorrect, will it prevent me from hearing anything on that channel?
  16. N

    PRO-164 CTCSS or DCS

    Hello. I'm pretty new to the scanning world. I'm using a PRO-164 and I come seeking knowledge! How do I know if I should use CTCSS or DCS for a frequency? It seems that for most of the Police or Fire frequencies if I use CTCSS, a code will show up on the display and when two parties are...