1. Salvatorejrc

    Scanner Delay Options

    I'm aware that there is a delay option on my sds100. What do the negative seconds options mean? For ex- there could be 3, 2, or 1 second delay time or the same but in negatives.
  2. laythrom

    XTS3000 Rx Delay?

    Okay, I'm having a bit of an issue and I am beating my head against the wall here. I recently picked up an XTS3000 and programmed it to work like my old MT & HT. Everything works great with exception to there being a delay on the Rx side of things. When someone starts transmitting, I lose the...
  3. SamAltenberger

    Alpha Tag Synchronization Issue

    :confused: Greetings all, I have a question regarding alpha tags on a Broadcastify feed. I currently stream the Seattle Fire feed on Broadcastify (the "Broadcasting Alpha Tags" option is selected), using a Uniden BC346XT scanner (latest firmware 1.05.00) connected to a computer running Windows...
  4. C

    Scannercast delay

    OK when i use scanner cast there is a 45 second delay from when somthing comes over the scanner till i hear it over the site. is there away to take away the delay or at least lower the delay to 5 -10 second deley?
  5. M

    Delay Time

    I know there is no way to actually set a delay for conventional frequencies like you can trunked. But, is there a way to, sort of, trick it to basically be the same as being delayed. Would it work to set the same conventional frequencies in multiple banks in the same channel or in different...
  6. D

    uniden bc396xt problems / delay help please

    I have a uniden bearcat scanner 396xt that I need help with. I noticed the other day when I had my scanner next to another scanner a cheap radioshack model that mine would not open the squelch or find a conversation on analog channels for about 2-4 seconds after the other scanner started.The...
  7. L

    Signal Delay Question

    Hi, newbie member with newbie question, just wondering: If I am within a small office building listening to the radio (AM or FM) is there a delay in receiving the signal due to the building and surroundings? Or would I receive the signal at the same time as if there was no building? I know the...
  8. AK4FD

    Negative Channel Dropout Delay?!?!?!?

    I have a BCT-15X... Can someone please explain what Negative Channel Dropout Delay (Forced Resume) is/means? All I see is a few sets of negative #'s and I have Googled and Wiki'd and nothing seems to clarify what its purpose is... Much appreciated! :)
  9. WX9RLT

    Feed Delay

    Has anyone found a way to delay our scanner feeds yet? There is a 30 second delay as of right now, but for officer safety, it needs to be longer. For us who owns scanners, we hear it right away. But for officer safety, there needs to be more of a delay in the feeds than 30 seconds. So...
  10. G

    Priority Delay: 396XT vs PRO-95/97

    Just curious if there is a quick fix or if this is just a Uniden quirk. I've read other posts in regards to P25 delay time, but I'm currently only scanning conventional systems. When Priority is enabled on the 396XT, I always get a minimum 1-second pause while the scanner checks stored priority...
  11. wlittle

    Delay in broadcast(s)?

    I monitor the Atlanta Police Zone 2, 5 and Fire Dispatch feed and I've noticed with fire dispatch there is sometimes a two to five minute lag in what I'm hearing. What I mean is that I live about a quarter mile from Atlanta fire station 30 and they will pass by responding to a call and I'll just...
  12. E

    Streaming w/ delay for first responder safety

    A feed for Chicago Police Zone 4 recently stopped appearing on Radio Reference. I am interested in providing this stream. I have a spare a PC and no shortage of radios. The last thing I want to do is jeopardize the safety of our first responders. For better or worse, the availability of...
  13. Avery93

    BCT-15 CTCSS delay

    My BCT-15 sometimes misses up to half a second of transmissions on some frequencies with CTCSS enabled. I can set here with my PRO-136 (no CTCSS) and BCT-15 held on the same frequency, and the BCT-15 usually misses the first quarter second, and sometimes half a second of transmissions. However...
  14. P

    Senate Approves Digital TV Delay

    Read about it by clicking on this link: