1. rjvalenta

    fan harmonics

    i'm new to HF... and as i posted in a different thread i'm considering an MFJ Octopus, which is effectively a fan dipole. i have to choose 4 dipoles made of hamsticks to put in this - which will connect to my tuner. i was watching one of Dave Casler's videos (the man has taught me so much)...
  2. rjvalenta

    MFJ 2100 Octopus

    i'm considering an MFJ2100 Octopus on top of a fence top rail as a mast... not sure how durable it will be when left outside long term, or how well it will work with my MFJ939 tuner... i originally wanted to get the CHA Spider, but they aren't currently being made and Chameleon says they won't...
  3. rjvalenta

    dipole to get the most bands with tuner

    relatively new to HF, everything i've done so far has been FT8, and i was super proud of the 20m dipole i built... until a branch fell and did epic damage to my house and took out my dipole in the process... my MFJ tuner couldn't get my 20m dipole to work 6m, so my plan once the roof is...
  4. rjvalenta

    20m dipole ATU tuning vs EFHW 4010

    new to HF here, always on FT8... i have been using a 4010 EFHW for a few months with an MFJ939i tuner to my IC7100. I was always able to tune the EFHW from 40-10 as expected but could also tune it to 60m and 80m and even 6m. but i had to position it in a way that was causing RFI into my...
  5. K

    Hamstick Dipole: Why is SWR changing when I move the coax?

    Hello, I have been going crazy trying to tune my 20m hamstick antenna. It is mounted 3 feet away from my balcony and about 30 feet AGL. The antenna is not grounded, but shouldn't require it since this is a dipole. I used an antenna analyzer to adjust the antenna at 14.175MHz with a reasonable...
  6. A

    bending dipole "arms "

    the radiation pattern of common dipole is "donut shape" For sake of argument - the "arms " of the dipole are "in line" or 180 degrees in relation to each other . When this relation angle changes - measured on "narrow " side to 90 degrees - how does the radiation "donut" changes ? I would...
  7. SpaceForceCmdr

    HF antenna indoors

    I'm pulling the trigger on my first HF radio. My antenna situation will not be ideal, and I'm going to be limited to indoors. I've got about 30' of length in my attic, so I'm thinking I'll get a 20m dipole, and just focus on that band for now. Is there anything else I should consider? Would...
  8. tadpole207

    Antenna needed for HF- but in apartment

    Hello friendly hams I have just purchased an FM rig and are needing help with antenna's, I am on the 3rd floor of an apartment building currently and am wondering what the best method for putting an antenna up. With my super secret drawing software i stole from the dept of de-fence, ,i made a...
  9. Floridarailfanning

    Commscope DB222-A Dipole

    Does anyone have any insight or experience with the DB222-A? I'm considering going with the 150-158MHz version for a project I'm working on since it has decent gain in the offset config. and 36° verticle beamwidth but I'm curious what feedback others have. It would probably end up getting...
  10. brizzotheizzo

    Dipole feed line length question

    I am building a dipole antenna. I know that the feedline needs to be approximately 1/2 wavelength in length (or factors there of) for best SWR. However, there is one item of confusion. I am making an RF choke by coiling the feedline at the base of the antenna. Do I include the length of coax in...
  11. M

    Ideas for improving indoor FM reception?

    I am trying to improve stereo reception of a station about 30 miles away to the North/Northwest.The building I am in is about 20 vertical feet from the crest of a hill. I have access to interior spaces, but nothing outside. Sadly, I am on the ground floor of the building. There are two big...
  12. D

    feed line for vertical wire dipole

    i have a wire dipole that was used in an attic. I wish to use it as a vertical antenna hung from a tall tree. The previous owner said I would have no problems as long as I lead the feed line away from the lower antenna element. (so it runs at an angle to it rather than letting gravity take it...
  13. I

    Dipole/J-Pole/Slim Jim for a Backyard Antenna for my Baofeng UV-5R

    I'm looking for some advice for an external antenna that I can rig up with a simple base/post to better receive with the UV-5R. The last year I've enjoyed listening to the local repeaters (by local I mean any repeater within 20-40km from the QTH. Any advice would be appreciated. I currently have...
  14. B

    Any experiance with the Laird YDA1504 VHF Dipole

    Have any of you had any experience with the Laird YDA-1504 VHF 4-bay dipole? My options are to put in an amp or replace the antenna to increase the output, but would prefer the additional receive gain by looking at t upgrading a 2-bay to a 4-bay on a VHF repeater system? I know you get what...
  15. M

    Dipole question

    Hi All I have a line of trees above my house approx 30 yards linear up with an elevation change of approx 6-8 feet from the foundation of my house to the line of trees. The tallest tree is about 100 feet high in the air. My question is : Can I place the center dipole 50-90 feet up in that tree...
  16. 2

    Dipole, Off-Center, Balun, No Balun, 50 or 75 Ohm Coax?

    Just started playing with the home-brew antennas for my scanner family. I have 2 I am using now, plus 4 purchased antennas... I've been reading, and reading, and looking at pictures, studying designs... ... and there's a few things that seem unclear to me: 1) for dipoles, real dipoles...
  17. F

    Indoor Fan Dipole

    I am trying to build a multiband antenna for medium and shortwave listening. I will not be transmitting with this antenna. I found a website and tried to follow the design, except for indoors rather than outside. I live in an apartment. As I have limited space, I thought that I could bend the...
  18. myspacebarisbroken

    CB with a G5RV?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could effectively use a CB radio with a G5RV? I happen to have a G5RV for my Icom 718, and since it covers both the 10 and 12 meter bands, I figured I could use it on 11 meters. I was also wondering if there were any FCC regulations prohibiting such uses. Thanks.:cool:
  19. T

    Looking to build a dipole for 455 Mhz

    Hi am looking to build a Dipole for 455 Mhz just to receive I have been looking around but can't find much on this maybe some body could help me out looking at 6 Element or a half wave dipole in mm would be great with the spacing. Thanks M3FUE
  20. C

    Does a 433MHz antenna help with reception?

    Hi, this is my first post so please tell me if I am double posting or in the wrong section. Anyway, my question is whether or not a 433MHz antenna will improve reception of 433Mhz signals on my handheld scanner compared to the rubber duck stock antenna. I ask because the antenna I am looking at...