1. citygirlleosprtr

    Law Enforcement Channel(s) To Listen To In New Jersey?

    Hi, I'm Chloe. I am not comfortable with forums, so I hope I am doing this correctly. I listen to public safety comms from around the world and I really wanted a NJ channel. I use Scanner Radio and Police Scanner. Recently, I have been listening to agencies from On Patrol: Live. Tonight, I am...
  2. C

    Sonoma County Fire Dispatch Tone-outs

    Hello. First time posting here and I am not that educated on everything yet. I’ve been monitoring local departments for a few years now but recently I got more involved with the purchase of an HPII instead of only relying on my 536HP which is mounted in my car. I have a question regarding...
  3. G

    BCD436HP help with Chelsea Police Dispatch

    Hello, I am new to scanners. I read the manual as well as the easy to read manual, yet I still can't seem to figure out how to listen to my local Suffolk County: Cities/Municipalities - Chelsea: Police Dispatch channel (470.8875MHz NFM C131.8). I used to be able to listen to the channel on my...
  4. PhillyPhoto

    New Britain Fire using automated voice dispatch

    I heard over the weekend New Britain fire is now using automated voice dispatch for both fire and EMS. The dispatchers still talk to the units, including asking if a medic is available for a call, but the actual dispatch call is a computer. I think it's the first in the capitol region as far as...
  5. thescannerdude123

    911 Dispatch Terminology

    Listening to my scanner in Chester County and I keep hearing two things in almost all calls and I can't figure out what they mean. Something that sounds like "MickYou" or "Mickey" and a number and also something like "Box 20-05". Does anyone know what either of these mean? I hear them call the...
  6. L

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 not receiving

    I just got my SDS100 Scanner and just wanted to listen to some stuff. It doesn‘t pick up my local police department or any VHF dispatch but it has no problem receiving my Baofeng on UHF.
  7. U

    Carroll County Dispatch Firefighter Night before Christmas

    Just a heads up for anyone interested in listening. Tonight at 8pm Carroll Comm. is going to do the Firefighter "Night Before Christmas" over the air. This should be over UHF 460.325 as they cannot dispatch FD's over MARCS yet. I beleive this will be the first this has been done in Carroll...
  8. rfburns

    Interagency Dispatch Centers Proposed Closing of Pueblo....

    The results of a study that began in 2018 has been publicly released. The proposal would close interagency dispatch centers in Pueblo, Durango, Montrose and Craig. Leaving Fort Collins, Grand Junction and a new center to eventually be built in Colorado Springs. Medicine Bow-Routt NF in Colorado...
  9. S

    LAPD audio cutting off on BCD436HP

    Howdy Howdy! I'm having a little bit of an issue with listening in to LAPD on the BCD436HP. When listening to their audio (from the latest database), I hear the dispatch/tac audio clearly, except that the last half-second of the transmission always seems to be cut off. I've tried different...
  10. R

    Motorola ASTRO 25 dispatch equipment

    Motorola Voice Processor Module for MCC7500 IP DISPATCH CONSOLE for sale. Project 25 based, for ASTRO 25 systems. Model: B1933A This is not a complete setup! This is just the VPM, which is one of several components in a MCC 7500 console. I acquired this unit at an auction, in with a mixed lot...
  11. H

    Input frequencies for Oxford RCC

    Does anyone know the various input frequencies for Oxford RCC Fire Dispatch (154.0700)? There are multiple repeater inputs, Streaked Mountain, Spruce Mountain, and I think Black Mountain. Cannot find the input frequencies and associated PL tones. Thanks.
  12. K

    Portable Radio Transmits But Dispatch Can’t Hear

    I’m using a Kenwood NX-1200 AVK that I programmed to use on duty with the ambulance service I work for. I’m available to receive transmissions from dispatch and I can hear myself on the radios of other units when I transmit, but it seems that dispatch can’t hear me as I get no response when I...
  13. Skyman2002

    Keolis dispatcher DTMF tone.

    Hello there! Back in November of 2020, when listening to the Keolis Worcester Main Line, I heard a DTMF number tone generated at the end of every transmission from the dispatcher. Can someone please explain the reason behind this tone? When onboard the trains, i hear the dispatcher on the...
  14. C

    Dispatch Console Wireless Headset Setup Questions

    Hoping somebody can help me on here with a new setup for our consoles at the PSAP I work at. I work at a small PSAP in New Jersey that has 3 identical dispatching consoles. We currently use the Zetron 4118 Dispatch console. We are trying to figure out a way to upgrade and/or improve our...
  15. amoking

    EBRCS Contra Costa Sheriff 7725 traffic??

    I have heard dispatch on this the last few days. 7725 is listed as Training. Sounds like Central County (but not a simulcast of 7712) and/or Concord. Have I just not noticed consistent traffic on there or is it a new thing?
  16. S

    Verdugo Fire Communications: What am I doing wrong?

    Hello everyone! Please bear with me while I try to explain the situation. I've been an avid scanner listener for a while now and up to this point, I really enjoy listening to my local LASD and LACoFD and CHP frequencies and a few other local agencies. But I recently had to lock-out the dispatch...
  17. VE6RSU2

    Alberta takes ambulance dispatch from cities after years-long dispute with Calgary

    From CBC News: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-ambulance-dispatch-calgary-lethbridge-red-deer-wood-buffalo-1.5673943 Not sure how this will effect AFRRCS talkroups - if at all?
  18. C

    Need Help Finding Freq: CSX | Bellevue, Nashville, TN

    Hello, Thought I'd run this question to see what I people may know. I can not seem to find the correct frequency for the CSX railroad that is near my house. Here are the details: Crossing: 7491 Old Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37221 Crossing ID: 348036X Railroad: CSX Milepost: 0012.360 There...
  19. w2lie

    Seaford FD Dispatch to swap input/output on 1/7/19

    I've been told that Seaford Fire District will be swapping their input/output frequencies to align with the common input/output pairs. Instead of listening to Seaford FD on 458.2875 (which should be an input frequency), you will be able to hear them on 453.2875. I'm not sure why they are...
  20. M

    Dispatching Help

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and needing some help. I operate an Event Medical company, we provide medical standby at events. I have BF-888s radios and a CF-19 laptop running windows 7. I have 2 questions, when at larger events we bring a dispatcher at a quite location in the event area to...