1. w2lie

    Seaford FD Dispatch to swap input/output on 1/7/19

    I've been told that Seaford Fire District will be swapping their input/output frequencies to align with the common input/output pairs. Instead of listening to Seaford FD on 458.2875 (which should be an input frequency), you will be able to hear them on 453.2875. I'm not sure why they are...
  2. M

    Dispatching Help

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and needing some help. I operate an Event Medical company, we provide medical standby at events. I have BF-888s radios and a CF-19 laptop running windows 7. I have 2 questions, when at larger events we bring a dispatcher at a quite location in the event area to...
  3. M

    Centracom gold elite information

    First things first: I fully understand that if I don't know what I'm doing I should just give up now, I understand that the gold elite system is extremely difficult to setup and probably won't work properly. With that being said, Background: I am a volunteer for a small department that has a...
  4. Radiocar

    LASD beeping around 0320 hours?

    If any of you fine LASD aficionados or SCC Superstars can help a brother out it would be most appr3ciated. Okay, so I'm kinda nocturnal by nature so I generally catch a lot of code 9 10-29Vs* and 459s on the dispatch channels really late at night. I don't know if I have been hearing this for...
  5. K

    Medical Dispatch heard on FRS ch 14 in S.E. MI. tonight.

    Strangest thing. I was receiving medical dispatch transmissions on FRS Channel 14 tonight, here in south east Michigan. Tones and all. At first I though I had misnamed a channel on my programmable radio but then I verified it with my bubble pack FRS/GMRS radio. FRS ch14 (467.7125) is NOT a...
  6. M

    Question about Police Scanner Archves

    Hey everyone, Thank you for allowing me to register. I am an independent documentary filmmaker working on a new project, and I am looking for someone who might be able to help me locate a Police Dispatch Recording for a specific date in 2014. The local jurisdiction in question is Hayward, CA...
  7. drdeputy

    Des Moines PD CTCSS Question

    Does Des Moines PD use a CTCSS tone on their repeater output? I know it's commonly used on the 'in' freq (203.5), but I have a radio that has a birdie on the F1 (Dispatch) freq and I was wondering if locking it down with the tone (if they use it) would solve that for me. When they transmit, it...
  8. J

    Spillman Cad Audio Files

    Does anyone have access to the spillman cad audio files and able to send them to me? Thanks in advance.
  9. marksroberson

    Homewood Public safety no longer conventional?

    I have waited awhile to post this but I think Homewood police and fire no longer operate on the 460.125, and 460.625 frequencies, I have heard the Police get dispatched on the Jefferson County Public Safety System (trunked 800 system) and heard the Fire department migrate to a different dispatch...
  10. S

    Missaukee County Dispatched By Wexford County

    Is Wexford County now dispatching Missaukee County Police and Fire? Also not hearing Missaukee County Police parched to Talk Group 5174 on MPSCS Thanks Dennis
  11. BlueDevil

    Quik-Call II Delayed Alert

    I am setting up a CDM1550LS (VHF Model) to operate as a base station radio and station alerting system. I have all the tone information I need and have successfully programmed the radio to decode the tones. My issue is that the radio does not sound the Alert Tone until after the carrier has...
  12. K

    GPS and Dispatch Software

    In the following link you can download demo version of EZ PTT Software, user guide and troubleshooting included Fleet Sync and Nexedge compatible (including new special status for NX5000 series), advanced GPS functions, call recording, automatic answering machine, calls reports among other...
  13. S

    WSP ID 59212

    Got a few Hits This evening. Broadcasting in FDMA sounds like dispatch.
  14. mcjones2013

    Sacramento County Fire Map Pages

    Does anyone know what map book and/or software Sacramento county & city fire agencies dispatched by Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Dispatch Center (SRFECC) use? I assumed it would be Thomas Guide since many other agencies use that but the pages don't match up to what is dispatched. Is this a...
  15. crayx

    Newman PD - Stanislaus County

    Did the Newman Dispatch move from Stanislaus County Sheriff to someone else dispatching? Thanks
  16. B

    Use Grecom PSR-200U to hear police dispatch

    Hi, Total newbie here. I have the Grecom PSR-200U. I want to hear the Emeryville, CA police dispatch. There is some info on this site at this link: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=5317 but I don't understand how to use that information to tune my scanner. Emeryville Talkgroups...
  17. JamesPrine

    Livingston Parish Sheriff and Fire on LWIN

    Wow, they are really using TG 20013 today instead of their usual scratchy VHF North and South dispatch frequencies. 20039, too, for Parishwide Fire Dispatch.
  18. 6

    Schuylkill county dispatch tones

    Does anyone know what the tones in Mhz are for any companies in pottsville?
  19. S

    Evansville IN tornado 2005

    Does anybody have 911 recordings from Vanderburgh county dispatch during the Nov 6, 2005 tornado? I am looking for early dispatches for a class I am putting together for fire dept. training
  20. R

    Radio Dispatch (CAD)

    Hello Guys, Greetings from Denmark. I hope you guys can point us in the right direction and maby supply us with some feedback. We are in need of a small and easy CAD-setup for when we do event safety/event security. We are experiencing problems when having many radios in play at once. Often...