1. WX9RLT

    Medical Emergency On An Airplane Landing in Rockford

    Medical Emergency On An Airplane Landing in Rockford Around 8 am this morning an aircraft was coming in to land with a person that is having a medical emergency. Details at Rockford Scanner
  2. L

    Southern Spain Frequencies, Anyone?

    I am looking for some Spanish emergency service freqs and so far, my online searches are coming up pretty blank. Does anyone have frequencies, or can give me some ranges, for emergency services for anything Spain nationwide (Guardia Civil, Policia Nacional, etc), or specifically, Granada...
  3. M

    Revive this board?

    Hi, I am a freelance for Dutchess county and am always on top of the latest events, I see this board is dead and that's a shame, I would like to post constantly to this to keep everyone updated but would it hold value? would anyone care for that or is it dead for a reason?
  4. screenersam

    Wicomico Emergency Drill

    Wicomico County 911 having emergency drill today @ SBY airport
  5. T

    Ham Radio with common battery

    Hi I feel kinda stupid asking this. But during an emergency where one would depends on Ham radio for information, specially during a power outage, you would need your ham radio battery to last days if not weeks before you can charge it. Unless it uses more common batteries found everywhere...
  6. E

    Luzerne County To Go Digital

    Switching Luzerne County 911 Radios to Digital Begins Tuesday | WNEP.com "WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County announced Monday that changes are coming to improve the response to emergencies."
  7. L

    Battery Backup

    With so many types of batteries on the market now (AGM, LIo, lead acid, etc.) I'm at a loss as to what is best to use as a battery backup for my ham radio transceivers. I want to set up a battery back-up, maybe a small bank of batteries, that will be outdoors with the power lines run through...
  8. A

    telus and radios in gaspesie park

    Hi I am wondering if anyone knows how the commercial radios work out there in the wild. In particular, I know that skidoo drivers in the Gaspesie provincial park use Telus commercial radios, which I assume are VHF. I was wondering if there is a way to use those channels in an emergency if you...
  9. gonzalu

    Ready Made Emergency Go-Box

    Hello all, I have been looking for a ready-made Emergency Go-Box I can buy where I can just mount my radio(s) and and antenna (and external power to charge batteries etc.) Frankly, All I find is DIY videos, websites, etc. My problem isn't that I can't do it myself, but I just don't have any...
  10. F

    Motorola CentraCom - Emergency sound

    Hi Guys. I'm looking for a sound clip preferred in about 20/30 sec lenght, of the emergency tone that dispatchers on a CentraCom recives. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTLcdxKt2As I'm setting up a MotoTRBO dispatch running TRBOnet and I just can't get the "right" emergency tone...
  11. D

    APX Emergency Alert Timeout

    I am researching the programming codeplug for our APX7000 portable radios for a concern we have. I have come across in the "Emergency Configuration" section, looking at "Trunking Emergency Profile"... there is an option called "Retry Counter". Does anyone know what this means? I have looked...
  12. screenersam

    military seeking tech to override am/fm broadcsts

    Special Operations seeks way to override broadcasters ***The U.S. Special Operations Command wants to find technology that would allow it to locate AM and FM radio signals in a specific area and then override those signals to send propaganda messages. The SOCOM solicitation, posted Monday...
  13. J

    Emergency radio transmissions

    I was wondering about one part in particular of the FCC Rules regarding Ham radio. Essentially, my question is: If you are a LICENSED Ham operator, are you authorized to transmit emergency messages out of ham bands in an emergency situation? My hypothetical situation is: I'm out driving...
  14. BCasto

    RDU Simulated Aircraft Emergency Exercise

    Viper TG 784 - State Events A1, includes FBI, Tactical Teams, RDU SEU, etc.. Analog TGs
  15. C

    Emergency Communications system

    I am working as a new emergency services coordinator for my student co-op. We have about 20 houses spread about 1.5 miles apart between the furthest two houses in an urban area. We need to find an emergency radio set-up that doesn't require members to get licenses and doesn't cost a bundle. What...
  16. B

    Vx 454/459 emergency

    Can anyone help me with programming the "EMERGENCY" function of the new VX-454/459? I have the radio all programmed, however, I cannot get a MDC emergency packet to be sent. I can only get the radio to transmit an "open mic." I have made numerous programming changes, all of which have proved...
  17. Eastie

    Is 121.5 an Emergency Freq for Logan or Airplanes?

    Hello everyone, Is 121.5 an emergency freq for airplanes? I've seen it called an emergency freq on some sites a while back... Though I've never heard it used as such... actually... I've never heard it used... When ever there is an emergency at Logan I hear the pilots talking to the tower...
  18. B

    Preparing for G20 in Toronto

    Hi folks. Just wanted to get some feedback on what I should be looking for with respect to the G20. I have some freq tables for downtown, where I am, but thought some people might know anything special for such a special event. Love to get your input. Cheers
  19. F

    State Of Emergency - 3:50 pm (ORANGE COUNTY)

    Orange county executives have issued a state of emergency . In effect from 6pm - 7am All vehicular traffic is prohibited within these times. Exceptions: Snow removal equipment Volunteer firefighters Dire Emergencies...
  20. N

    Eton FR600 Solarlink review

    Just picked up an Eton Solarlink FR600 emergency radio as an upgrade for my grab-n-go bag and am very pleased, so thought I'd share some thoughts, especially in regards to HF. It is a slightly different animal as compared to the earlier FR500 (which I don't have). I won't rehash every gizmo...