1. C

    Sonoma County Fire Dispatch Tone-outs

    Hello. First time posting here and I am not that educated on everything yet. I’ve been monitoring local departments for a few years now but recently I got more involved with the purchase of an HPII instead of only relying on my 536HP which is mounted in my car. I have a question regarding...
  2. R

    Hatzalah South Florida

    Does anyone know the correct frequency for Hatzalah South Florida (formally Hatzalah Miami)? Site Name County Freqs 001 (1) Miami Beach Miami-Dade 461.5125 (CC 1) 002 (2) North Miami Miami-Dade 462.175 (CC 1) 003 (3) Aventura Miami-Dade 463.200 (CC 1) 004 (4) Countyline Miami-Dade...
  3. scanthewaves

    Ambulance EMS frequencies in Kleberg County?

    I see EMS ambulances on the way to Spohn Kingsville.almost daily, but I can't find any EMS to hospital frequencies in the RR database, I monitored VHF EMS to hospital freqs but nothing, haven't tried the UHF frequencies, Also I see that Sensible Ambulance seems to be the main company in the...
  4. slingshot202

    Hatzolah Livingston/West Orange

    Does anyone know if Hatzolah Livingston/West Orange is operating on radio? I have seen in the DB they have some channels on DMR in Newark area, but not sure if they are using them up here or not.
  5. I

    Clermont, Florida

    I just moved here and looking for some help as I see the last entry for "Clermont" was in 2010. If I understand correctly they are on a trunked system. If so, what are the emergency services frequencies for Lake County and Clermont, and which handheld scanner would you recommend? Thanks in...
  6. A

    Is Cyprus Police Fire and EMS encrypted?

    Hello. I’m not asking to monitor these frequencies. This post is strictly for research purposes! I’m curious on what Frequencies the Cyprus Police Fire and EMS services are using. I’m researching what radio systems First Responders in EU countries use and I’m aware that the UK is using TETRA...
  7. rolypolyman

    DSDPlus FMP24 missing specific transmissions in NXDN96 -- mystery

    I've been having a strange problem picking up my EMS system in Texas. This is a rural county with a very simple trunking system. I monitor it with FMP24. Dispatch will alert the EMT for a new call. by saying "Medic 48." Normally I should then hear the address and nature of the 911 call...
  8. A

    Can't hear local pd or ems radio

    Why can't I hear local pd or ems radio I have a uvh radio but quite on there radio frequency I'm located in waverly, Henderson ky area please help
  9. I

    CT CMED Call Numbers

    Sorry if I put this under the wrong category, wasn't sure where it would belong. I'm wondering if anybody has any information on the identifiers that EMS use on CMED, particularly for Northwest and South Central CMED. I've found a few older threads with some information, but not much. I feel...
  10. F

    Please help with a uniden bc355n scanner

    Hello, I recently purchased this scanner and it works great with the PD frequencies. I tune into the FD/EMS frequencies and I do not hear any audio, only a loud screeching sound. I know I have the right channel but I dont know if I am missing a step. Please let me know if you can help, I am not...
  11. K

    Portable Radio Transmits But Dispatch Can’t Hear

    I’m using a Kenwood NX-1200 AVK that I programmed to use on duty with the ambulance service I work for. I’m available to receive transmissions from dispatch and I can hear myself on the radios of other units when I transmit, but it seems that dispatch can’t hear me as I get no response when I...
  12. Icom IC-F4161DS IDAS Portable UHF Radio 512 CH, Military grade

    Icom IC-F4161DS IDAS Portable UHF Radio 512 CH, Military grade

    Four of these UHF radios are available, each with two batteries and a charger with wall adapter, spring pocket clip and 6 inch antenna. All work and are currently programmed to interact on the three channels that have been programmed. Extra chargers and batteries are available. The radios have...


    Like new condition tyt dmr digital tier 2 UHF radio. Radio covers 400-480 MHz and holds 1000 channels. Radio is compatible with Motorola dmr tier 2 radio systems. Full specs can be found in the photos.


    Kenwood TK370G UHF 450-470 MHz 128 channel 4W Narrowband radio. Radio has some minor scuffs and scratches from normal use but does not effect Operation. Radio comes with Kenwood speaker mic, charger, antenna, speaker mic bracket, and brand new battery that I installed on April 15th. Battery...
  15. S


    Have For Sell a Relm RPV599A Plus Narrowband VHF 99 Channel Portable Radio. Radio covers 148-174 MHz. Radio is chipped On both sides but does not effect the operation. Radio comes with brand new battery that was installed on April 15th, charger, kenwood speaker mic, and antenna. Battery fully...
  16. S

    Valley Ambulance Companies

    I may have asked this before, but I’m too sleepy-eyed to search. Please correct me on this. FD: Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa AMR: Avondale (West), Gilbert (East) Maricopa Ambulance: Surprise, Goodyear, Scottsdale, and Glendale I believe PMT serves others such as Tempe just confused as theee...
  17. Oconee269

    Private Ambulance Services

    Does anyone have any frequencies for private EMS companies in the Upstate? Especially Prisma Health Ambulance Service, formerly Mobile Care, in Greenville. I know they are on digital but that is all.
  18. N2AL

    Updated Knox County Med Channels

    Can anyone supply an updated list of frequencies and tones for the Knox County Med Channels? I am looking information for Med 1-9 and Med 102, and other EMS channels in the area. The current list I have is outdated, and the frequencies on the RR Database reflect the old frequencies which are now...
  19. Charlie1068

    Yellow Ambulance DMR information Louisville

    Does anyone know the color code slot and talk groups for the Yellow Ambulance services DMR frequency in Louisville I saw the info for the Inidana ops in the data base but does anyone have the info for the Louisville channel and the Jtown channel
  20. SlipNutz15

    ICORRS counties fire and ems dispatch

    For those counties part of ICORRS, which counties are still using conventional paging for Fire and/or EMS services? Armstrong - Fire was low band but shows deprecated. Are they using alpha pager or a different voice paging? EMS paging still 155.2200? Fayette - Fire dispatch still 155.1900...