franklin county

  1. Colin9690

    Franklin County: Unable to receive Hilliard or Upper Arlington PD

    Hello all, Using the SDS-100 here. A while back I noticed that I am not receiving Hilliard or UA police departments on COIRS, which is strange because I always receive Worthington PD just fine. What puzzles me is that both Hilliard and UA use the "Dublin-Hilliard-Worthington" site of the...
  2. murrayustud

    Franklin county p25 system question

    Seems I'm no loner able to receive this system not with the Unication G5, Uniden sds200 or any other radio, not even when I was in the county a few weeks ago having dinner. Has something changed? I have all the current system information in these units.
  3. A

    New and would like some advice please.

    I recently started getting into this a hobby. Just to listen to local Fire,EMS and Police. I live in Franklin County PA, I was able to pick up a BC72XLT at a yard sale the other day for 25 dollars. I programmed all the frequencies that I found here...
  4. K

    Franklin County upgrade / changes?

    Radio maintenance has been working on the system for several days, yesterday afternoon my 996p2 went silent. I live in a fringe area but have a decent outside antenna. Haven't been having problems hearing them before. Has anyone else had this problem. I'm thinking they either changed to a new...
  5. D

    Franklin County switching to 800 mhz

    Does anyone have the talk channels for Franklin County yet? I'm starting to get some by searching for them on my scanner but not sure if I have all of them yet, nor descriptions.
  6. S

    Whitehall Police MARCS

    I know that Whitehall Police is on the new MARCS system. But for Franklin County there are multiple different sites listed as part of the MARCS system. Which system is Whitehall using? I have been struggling to program them in their own bank, and I just want the system frequencies that they're...
  7. M

    Freescan Template Franklin County Ohio

    I queried once before but was unable to connect with anyone for a solution. I have a 996XT I would like to program for this area and hoped that someone may have already created a file in Freescan so I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. Can any member advise if they have something similar...
  8. M

    Osage Co using franklin co channel 4 private use

    The channel 460.52500, the database says it's franklin country fire. But it has been heard the last few days that osage county school board has been using that channel for private use and i'm hearing it early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Saying that the kids r in school or they...
  9. R

    Franklin County-Police Channels?

    I am currently programing my PRO-84 200 Channel scanner that I use for travel and I was programing all of the Fire and Ambulance along with the state police, but I was wondering if anyone knew the Greencastle Police frequencies. I asked around but no one knew so if anyone knows it is much...