1. B

    BCD396xt Odd Freescan Problem.

    I have dug and dug and dug through the internet to find someone with the same problem as me, but most problems are so similar to mine, although different, I cannot find one helpful piece of information. I have a BCD396xt and want to program it with freescan(currently programmed by hand). I got...
  2. A

    Monitoring Detroit Fire Departing on 396T

    Monitoring Detroit Fire Department on 396T For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set up Freescan to program my Uniden 396T to listen to the DFD. At one time, I was a wiz at this, but I took a couple years off and lo & behold, the software I was familiar with is obsolete. I'm trying to...
  3. originalvalleykid

    freescan and first time use..

    hey guys- so ive had my uniden bcd396xt for six months now, i love it! the local radio store was nice enough to program itfor me seeing as how i have a mac. i have since found an old pc and downloaded freescan. the local shop gave me a quick tutorial when they originally programmed it, but of...
  4. cpuerror

    FreeSCAN 2.06 Available

    FreeSCAN 2.06 Available =============== It has been months and almost 7000 downloads since FreeSCAN 2.05 came out. We now have version 2.06, which you can download at - The Home of FreeSCAN! Whats New? -New: GPS System plotter. Draws all of your systems/sites & ranges on one Google...
  5. tmclain55

    Question on Programming BCD396XT

    As a new owner of the BCD396XT after using many other Uniden scanners, I am embarresed that whenever I upload anything from RadioReference using FreeScan, the new uploads are successful, but when hitting Scan the unit goes through the new uploads OK, however, then scans through ALL of the 26...
  6. Y

    New BC346XT user, freescan and programming questions.

    Hello, I have a new BC346XT and am using freescan to program it. While I've made lots of progress I still don't feel I'm quite there. I have a friend who has a different scanner who gets something every few seconds - I do not - even though we have the "same" setup. He has a different scanner...
  7. cpuerror

    FreeSCAN 2.03 Available!

    It has been a while since the last release but this new version includes improvements and bug fixes. Now it's time to turn my attention to PowerPatrol! Download Link: - The Home of FreeSCAN! 2.03 ----------- -New: Added Select All function to Edit menu -New: System/Site/Group names...
  8. D

    RSSI units in Freescan

    I've looked and so far have not found anything in Freescan's documentation, wiki or this category that provides information about the units that the RSSI column is with the data logger provided by Freescan (a great product, by the way!). I've heard that the acronym stands for Received Signal...
  9. H

    Help with BC346XT Programming

    I just bought a BC346XT and I'm trying to program it using FreeScan. Im trying to figure out how to put a CNV system and a MOTO2 system on the same Qkey if possible please help Im new to this kinda thing.
  10. dustinrenz

    BCD296XT with FREESCAN and PROLIFIC Serial adapter Help

    I cannot seem to get freescan to connect. I installed a serial port on my PC and that works fine, but I want to run it off my laptop with the USB to serial adapter and cant seem to get it to work. The baud rates are all the same. I tried different rates, tried different ports. I downloaded and...
  11. bnish84

    BC346XT Prog. w/FreeScan

    Hello, I am upgrading to the 346XT from a BC245XLT. I have the 346 on the way, I am looking forward to getting it. From everything I have read I am going to use FreeScan to program it, I programed my 245XLT by hand with no major problems. I like how I can turn off and turn back on certain trunk...
  12. B

    General BCT15X Instructions

    Hi folks. I bought a BCT15X and I'm having a horrible time trying to figure it out. I'm an amateur radio operator and software developer, so I'm not new to this type of stuff. Far from it. The problem stems from the fact that the manual for this unit is horrible. Online information that I...
  13. car7858

    BCD396XT-Problem with uploaded channels

    Hello, I recently purchased a serial port to USB adapter for my Uniden scanner and it is working fine as far as connecting to the scanner & Freescan. However, when I load the P25 frequencise for my area into the scanner, the scanner shows the frequencies but dosen't receieve them. Also, I...
  14. A

    BC246T USB PC Connection Nightmares

    Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a BC246T and a USB-1 cable from Uniden. I'm am having one hell of a time configuring any computer, be it vista or xp, to recognize and work with this scanner. I've downloaded the correct driver from uniden as and installed it. When I plug the scanner in...
  15. jclarkr6

    Updating TGID's on Freescan w/ 396xt

    I programmed in an Illinois Starcom21 site into my BCD396xt using the latest version of Freescan. RadioReference recently updated many of the Talk Group ID's (TGID) for my area. I am wanting to use Freescan to simply update the TGID's (located under three different groups) in the system that I...
  16. Y

    Freescan band defaults settings

    I'm using .9b with a 396xt, and I can't find the band default settings. Am I missing it somewhere? Thanks! YoShep
  17. cpuerror

    FreeSCAN 0.8C Available

    FreeSCAN 0.8C This new version includes a number of fixes and enhancements. You do not have to uninstall your previous version prior to installing this one. Direct Download: .8B/C Fixes/Improvements ------------------------- RadioReference Web Service...
  18. J

    Need Help Connecting FreeSCAN to RadioReference

    Hello, I am a new user. I have subscribed to Radio Reference as a PRemium member and able to view the data bases. I have also purchased ARC 996 and FreeScan but neither SW package is able to connect to RadioReference to import databases. I get an error message that says "Error retrieving...
  19. crippledchicken

    Uploading from Freescan to bct15 help needed

    I have my local conventional frequencies programed in to my scanner by hand. Now, I have retrieved LTR frequencies with Free scan from RR and saved the file to desk top. Now, do I hook up scanner to pc turn it on and just open my saved files in Free Scan then, just choose upload to scanner or do...
  20. Paco-Jerte

    The Official site for Freescan 396 and 996. No more Yahoo groups

    Attn: Mods, please make this a sticky for everyone to see and use just like the other softwares. Thank you. The new home for future Freescan releases will be at This will cover both version for BCD396T and BCD996T. Here is a note from the...