1. R

    : 49 mghz and FM BROADCAST BAND freqs

    Howdy, I want to program my 396xt with 49 megahertz frequencies and the FM Broadcast band using FREESCAN. When I attempt any type of CONVENTIONAL DOWNLOAD IN FREESCAN I cannot find these portions of the spectrum. Is there any way This can be done in FREESCAN.? Thanks in advance!
  2. dillpickle83

    Erie County (PA) FreeScan File

    Here is my freescan file for Erie County, PA. All FIRE,EMS,POLICE,SHERIFF,PRISON STATE PARK OPS & HAM. Hopefully it will fast track someone to programming there scanner, or an add on to someone maybe visiting or traveling through. -Dill
  3. J

    Need assistance with BCT15X & Freescan

    Greetings, I am a novice to scanners. I live in Daleville, AL. I was gifted the BCT15X & Centerfire Delux Discone antenna for Christmas, I have a few questions I can not find clear solutions anywhere to help. I have reviewed the You Tube Freescan, I have read the 'Easier to read 15x manual'...
  4. rhaasjr

    Freescan support for BC346XTC

    What is the chance of Freescan receiving an update to include the newer Bearcat 346XTC? The software currently won't recognize the newer version even though it is the same as the 346XT without any battery charge settings.
  5. S

    BCD396XT Recording

    Hey all, it's been a couple weeks with my scanner and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm able to program with ease using freescan and so far have not come up with any issues except for one--recording. I've followed all references on the wiki and everything with my soundcard is set up...
  6. ad5kl

    Freescan Version 2.15 Issue

    It seems like the option to change the backlight color per channel is now missing. I go into Edit Conventional Group and the option is not there anymore. I usually assign a color to service (blue for police, red for fire, etc.) I also noticed the volume increase/decrease setting by channel is...
  7. B

    FreeSCAN - Assigning colors to groups?

    Sorry if this is a little elementary, but I'm still getting to know my 396XT and FreeSCAN. I am looking for a way to set an entire GROUP to a particular COLOR. For example, I have about 70 talkgroups for my local police department. Do I have to individually set the color for each talkgroup...
  8. M

    Scanner Software Screen Saver?

    My old flat screen monitor displays bcd996t and bcd996xt images using ProScan. Is there a way to have each virtual scanner image move around the screen slowly to prevent burning the screen?
  9. M

    Scanner display screen saver

    I'm using an older flat screen monitor that shows two virtual scanner displays (996t and 996xt). (ProScan software on Dell Optiplex running Windows XP SP3 if it matters) Since the monitor is on 24/7, I'm concerned that they will "burn" into the screen. Does anyone know of any screen saver...
  10. T

    ARC XT vs FreeSCAN vs Scancat software.

    I'm looking to add a Uniden 996xt to my scanner collection (now have two Radio Shack models), and was wondering about the software available. Any suggestions or in sites about the ARC XT, FreeSCAN, and Scancat software? The description of each seems tp have features that I might like-but ease of...
  11. T

    Help with CIRN and FreeSCAN, please

    So my shiny new BCD996XT arrived today, and I can't wait to get going. I've downloaded FreeSCAN and created analog system of my choice for Placer County (SAR, PCSO East & West, Auburn PD). I can't enter it into the scanner right now, however, as I'm waiting on a serial port/USB adapter. What...
  12. spectr17

    WX alert. How to program it in with Freescan?

    I have the SAME number for my county. The input fields are: SAME Group Name FIPS1 FIPS2 FIPS3 Also do you check any of the 3 boxes? Weather alert, attenuater, record? Delay. 1 to 5? Thanks
  13. radioscan

    Need help with programming file for Horry County.

    I created a file for the 346XT for Horry County and the person I created it for is reporting not receiving anything. Can someone in that area give this file a try and see what may be wrong with it? This file was created with Freescan. Thanks.
  14. gonzalu

    FreeSCAN BCD996XT Setup Check

    Hello all, I am completely new to Trunked Scanning and the BCD996XT. My sig line shows what I was used to before :P Anyway, I have no idea if I am doing this right or wrong so I am going to abuse of your generosity and kindness to help me with setting up my extensive collection of CONVENTIONAL...
  15. S

    MERA Freescan BCD996XT

    I just received a used Uniden BCD996XT. It did not come with the USB cable so while I have been waiting for that to arrive I have been plugging in frequencies and TGID's into the freescan program. Does anyone have a working MERA freescan file I could take a look at to cross reference my work...
  16. cpuerror

    New version of FreeSCAN - 2.11

    FreeSCAN 2.11 Available ================= It's been a while since the last version came out, but having found some free lately, 2.11 is available with several improvements. -New:Audio Recording has been reworked. It should now operate more reliably across different systems. Note: You may have...
  17. G

    Need Help with BCT15X Upload Issue

    Using freescan when I try to upload I get the following error. System is a P25 system and is only supported by the digital scanners. As a result, it will not get uploaded. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I also have a BCD996XT and a few weeks ago when I received it and used freescan it...
  18. C

    bct396xt new owner of; bct396t repairs

    I just got a used bct396xt in great when I looked for bct396xt_uasd on uniden's site, it was nowhere to be found. So I tried Freescan to see if that would work for uploading, and downloading and it looks pretty good. Just wondering if anyone found BCT396XT_UASD (uniden advanced...
  19. D

    Best set up for freescan

    I have a new bcd396xlt and still learning about how the groups and sites are set up and will be using freescan. My question is I would like to group the different police agencies together under one quick key then also have each group of police departments each with thier own quick key. I would...
  20. D

    Questions on St. Joe, Elkhart counties

    Just became a paid member here. I just got a new bcd396xt. Blows my mind how much scanning has changed since I last listened years ago. . I feel likea caveman waking up in the future. Anyways Im using freescan and imported freq. to the software. Im still waiting on my rs232 to usb cable so I...