1. S

    The Quebec-Gatineau Railway frequencies

    Hello everyone, If you are interested to know Québec-Gatineau Railway frequencies, I'm giving it to you. Here it is. 161.265 160.605 163.980 160.815 161.265
  2. W

    Missing Transmit Frequencies

    Does anyone have the transmit frequencies for Hardin County? Almost all are missing. Also, if I were looking for other Transmit Frequencies in other counties, how would one find them out using the FCC database? Thanks!
  3. S

    Scanning Analog frequencies

    Hi i have 2 SDR's using unitrunker and dsd+ fastlane to pickup an edacs96 trunking system. all working well. My main question I would like to be able to scan through a list of analog non trunking stations for fire brigade and other standard frequencies. I have seen I can use sdrsharp to tune...
  4. W

    Home Patrol 1 Help

    I purchased a home patrol 1 scanner that I'm really excited about getting. I choose this one because it looked pretty simple to use. I live in Wayne County, MI and I'm hoping to listen to Westland PD and FD, along with some surrounding cities. I've done so researched and saw that Livonia and...
  5. M

    Sentinel Software freq database

    So.. I've played with my new BCD436HP scanner for about, maybe, a half hour so far. I'm coming from a Radio Shack pro-34 scanner, so you'll probably see me here asking questions over the next few weeks+ :) I installed the Sentinel software and plugged in my scanner with the mini-usb cable...
  6. J

    PRO-91 Scanner and Kirkwood, MO

    FIRST... I am not an experienced scanner person, so forgive my ignorance... I turn it on and plug in the freq and hope to hear something. :) I use it to listen to local Fire / Police / Ambulance happenings in Kirkwood, Crestwood, Glendale, Webster area etc.. I used to be able to scan and...
  7. Bote

    Virginia I-95 CONVENTIONAL Freqs In Use

    I'm trying to pare down my bank of old conventional frequencies along I-95 in Virginia. I don't drive that stretch often any more so I don't want to put in a bunch of trunked systems that get used for maybe 15-20 minutes at a time while driving through. I note that a lot of them never have...
  8. F

    RF Links?

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to scanner land and was noticing on a lot of the RadioReference frequency listings for my area that the fire departments each have their VHF frequency, but then there is also a UHF frequency labeled as RF Link or Link. I am not able to receive many of the farther out...
  9. J

    Does anyone have a list of frequencies for the Honolulu PD?

    I am just curious is anyone has a list of frequencies that The Honolulu Police Department operate on. I can't find it on the database (Probably for good reason) and couldn't find a website that had frequencies for the Honolulu Police Department. If you could list all of the divisions, car-car...
  10. K

    The change of primary frequencies?

    I believe all monitors here know that HF primary&secondary frequencies for an MWNRA area is different at day and night. The question is how does a radio operator decide to change frequencies?I found that (may be it's not true) there is no obvious pattern. For example, 11330 usually is the...
  11. RedBase1

    Newbie return scannee from the 2000

    Hi all, New here and looking forward to chatting and getting know everyone , well as many as possible if you understand. My name is Col , from North East England and currently own UBC 3500XLT with a Skyscan indoor antenna. Would like some advice help with couple of minor problems i have been...
  12. G

    Two licenses for same frequency

    Hello, I have been experiencing some interference on a frequency that I have licensed for our entire county. I went to the ULS (FCC) site to see what I could find. It seems that another entity in an adjacent county also has been licensed to use the same frequency. Should I contact the FCC, a...
  13. J

    Surveying radio reception before installing antenna

    I'm considering a few different sites for a new antenna installation. I'll be monitoring a number of frequencies and then streaming them to myself over the internet, so I have some flexibility on where to install. I'm looking for recommendations on how to do a survey of radio reception across...
  14. R

    best base station antenna for receiving all frequencies

    hello all. i happen to have an older radioshack patrolman pro-2025. i am wanting to find a good indoor or any good antenna that i can receive all frequencies with very well. right now with my setups or antennas i have used or cobbled up usually i can receive stuff but some is so badly weak some...
  15. C

    Need Help With Local Frequencies

    Hello All, So I received a radio shack handheld scanner a long time ago and just dug it out the other day after seeing a bunch of police in my backyard with flashlights searching for something or someone. I have been trying to find the frequency to put in for Denville, NJ Police and every...
  16. E

    Scanner To Monitor Cabarrus County

    I am planning to buy a new scanner to monitor Cabarrus County. What models are you folks in the area using? Are you happy with them? Is the data that can be downloaded from current and sufficient for programming. I would like to use software to program the scanner. I used...
  17. W

    Wethersfield P25 Frequencies

    Just in the past 3 days I have found Wethersfield using 2 new frequencies on their new P25X2 system. I have never seen 853.5875 used, although it's one of 6 freqs they're licensed for, but this week there was activity on 854.6750 and 853.6000. Thus far only radio service seems to be keying...
  18. gibson135

    Denver Helicopters

    Does anyone know what the frequencies are for the helicopters here? Do they use the same as everyone else? There was one flying all around just east of here with a spotlight for awhile (I'm in the Capitol Hill area) and don't think I have a channel loaded for that. Thanks, Jim
  19. J

    No Scanner Traffic From LAPD Frequencies

    Hi: I recently bought a Uniden BC345CRS. I have programmed a number frequencies associated with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), which can be found here: I get a lot of scanner traffic. However, when trying the same...
  20. M

    Luzerne County Fire/PD/EMS Repeater INPUT Freq's

    Greetings To All ! I was hoping someone here may be able to direct me to any website that lists not only the OUTPUT frequencies and associated PL tones but also their associated repeater INPUT frequencies. Any help/information along these lines would be most appreciated ! I can be reached via...