frequency change

  1. R

    snohomish county scanner frequency changes

    i have noticed that within the past year or so snohomish county had changed all their police and fire frequencies. they used to be in the 866 to 868 section and then they went and changed to around 855 to 858 mhz. i have been looking around online for current frequencies for snohomish county and...
  2. T

    Please Help ME with IC-F3161DT

    I will start by saying that I am a complete noob when it comes to ICOM. I just picked up a used ICOM IC-F3161DT from a guy off of craigslist, and when I turn it on it has railroad frequencies saved. Is there a way that I can reset it so that I can program what frequencies that I want to use? I...
  3. D

    pompier drummondville

    Slt depuis quelques temps jai remarqué que les pompiers on changer de fréquence car jai passé par hasard a un incendie et il avais la fréquence de la caserne et une fréquence entre les pompiers et je ne captais rien sur le scanner pourtant je les attendait parler sur leur haut-parleur du camion...
  4. bob-k

    Mayday Mayday

    Raleigh - Wake County, NC USA Raleigh Fire and PD I have a RS Pro-96 some time in the past two weeks I lost Raleigh Fire Grounds and all Raleigh PD I bought from RS a USB/data cable and loaded ARC 96 SW. I bought a RR 180 day account and proceeded to load the Arc 96 SW. when I loaded it on...
  5. V

    Kenwood TK-2207

    Just purchased radio on line from China to add to our vhf portable collection for our fire department in Ontario Canada. I am able to to connect and write and do any programming I need but I am not having much luck in making the radio work after I write to it. Initially I had a tone when I...
  6. B

    ARC500 resets frequency after import from RR database

    After importing a single frequency from the database (Woonsocket RI PD1 in Providence county 156.3300) ARC500 changes it to 156.325000 when I download it to the scanner. It shows up as 156.3300 after the import within ARC500 but the frequency in the line entry changes to 156.32500 after the...