ham radio

  1. s21jdr

    Entel HT880 Programming

    Hello everyone, I'm a new HAM member in this awesome community, so please take everything with a grain of salt. First of all, I DO NOT want any CPS programs! Just wanted to make that clear. Recently, I've received a donation of 4 old salvaged Entel HTs, which I'm trying to use mostly for...
  2. kf6olc

    Civil Air Patrol

    Hour long video about Civil Air Patrol . Brief history of the Civil Air Patrol. The role & responsibilities of the Civil Air Patrol in the United States.
  3. D

    Tid radio H8 2nd gen socket adapter for antenna out to coaxial cable

    I’m looking to know which adapter is compatible to fit into the antenna socket of the TID H8 2nd gen handheld. I don’t have much clarity on whether it’s standard or not and the manufacturer wasn’t helpful when I asked them. Does anyone have experience connecting it to a Yagi antenna? I just...
  4. N

    QYT KT8900D

    So I just purchased this mobile ham radio and have been enjoying it a lot. 25 Watts, had it programmed for repeaters in my area and all of a sudden, the display is very dim, no volume, hand mic is not functioning at all and does not even light up, the screen flickers when I’m on a frequency that...
  5. S

    HAM Radio Coverage Of NYC Marathon Tomorrow?

    Does anyone have the details regarding which HAM repeaters will be used for the NYC HAM radio volunteers assisting with marathon comms tomorrow?
  6. K

    Maxon CP-0520 UHF

    hey everybody i was just wondering if anybody has any Ham Radio crystals for this Maxon handheld at all ?? i'm wondering if i could convert that radio to a ham portable if i can or if its too much money..
  7. C

    Motorola XTS2500 800MHz

    Hello All I have been planning on getting an xts2500 because I have been wondering what software(programming) I need and if I could use UHF/VFH frequencies will it be good because I plan on using ham/gmrs frequencies.
  8. M

    Sentinel: hpe file type convertor to csv format

    Hi I am new to scanning and this is my first post ;)) I hate to ask this question because I bet 1000's have already done threads on it ;)) But how do I convert a .hpe file type to a csv format? I have just bought a Uniden SDS100E HANDHELD FOR £700 and the free software Sentinel does not helps...
  9. C

    Wide or narrow

    Hello, I'm wondering, when it comes to programing a radio to a ham repeater, do you set it as narrowband, mid, or wideband? Couldn't find much on it when researching. Thanks
  10. dave3825

    Inside a TV and Radio station

    Interesting set up.
  11. Motorola XPR4550 UHF(403-470)

    Motorola XPR4550 UHF(403-470)

    Selling my lightly used Motorola XPR4550 high power, great for hams as it is UHF 403-470mhz. I'm only selling as I had to downsize recently and no longer have room for a radio setup at home.
  12. Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    I have for sale a 436 hand held scanner. Bought it off here with no box or manual. Software is online as is the manual. I have a usb cord for you to use for power. This also can use AAA batteries of your choice. I can also give you a magnet mount antenna, that can be used in your car or in the...
  13. $98 TYT MD-380 UHF 400-480MHz DMR Handheld + Free Shipping!

    $98 TYT MD-380 UHF 400-480MHz DMR Handheld + Free Shipping!

    Selling my TYT MD-380 UHF 400-480MHz handheld for $98 OBO free shipping within the United States! The condition is absolutely great only used it a few times in the house and have all accessories including the programming cable. I put the MD380Toolz software on there and can remove it if you’d...
  14. F

    Anytone Anytone termn-8r

    Hey everyone. What happened to the Anytone termn-8r and other radios of that series? Cant find them for sale new anywhere. Are they out of production? Ive been on their site but nothing except some accessories.
  15. L

    List BrandMeister Southern California

    Hi I like to know is there a List Brand Meister Southern California so I can program my scanner. thanks
  16. For Sale: Vintage REALISTIC Solid State Communications Receiver DX-150

    For Sale: Vintage REALISTIC Solid State Communications Receiver DX-150

    I am looking to sell my Realisic brand Solid State Communications Receiver DX-150, it is still in very good condition, and is 100% completely functional, and it’s also a great addition to any radio collection. *Please note: this does not include the original external speaker that it came with...
  17. T

    BCD436HP ANTENNA Upgrade

    Hey guys I've been looking to upgrade stock antenna on bcd436hp and I just monitor local stuff fire/ems/police 154-460mhz and 700-900mhz ranges if anybody can give me any suggestions on a good antenna that can handle those ranges please do. I just don't wanna buy junk and if it helps I live in...
  18. KC3SNR

    Icom: icom 207 programming offset manually ? UL 2m / DL 70cm...

    Trying to get this 207 to transmit on 2 m and receive on 70 cm. What am I doing wrong I thought all icom's were generally programmed the same. T/UL - 145.990 R/DL- 437.800 When I get to that point in the menu.. there is no option to split the frequency manually ? You cant just turn duplex off...
  19. A

    BC125AT: Are there any fun hardware hacks for this radio? Diode removal to open up 220 for listening to the ham band? Other fun stuff with a soldering iron?

    Are there any fun hardware hacks for this radio? Region diode removal to open up 220 for listening to the ham band or other bands? Any other fun stuff I can do with a soldering iron on the BC125AT? context: The BC125AT ships with the ability to listen to 225 - 380 mhz, but this excludes 220-222...
  20. W5DON

    SDS100 or SDS200 Wanted

    Cash, swap, partial swap. I have stuff. Don / W5DON