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  1. kf6olc

    What are the main ARES/RACES nets for Los Angeles County?

    I'm programming my Kenwood Th-D72 radio for travel to Los Angeles. What are the main ARES/RACES nets for Los Angeles County? Thanks,KF6OLC
  2. kf6olc

    Replacement battery for old Standard C156A

    Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement battery and power cord for an old Standard C156A handheld ham Radio? Google Image Result for https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Standard_C156A.jpg Thanks for any help. KF6OLC
  3. A

    NMO Mount with Factory Roof FM Antenna Hole

    Hi all, Yesterday, I was looking at my ugly mag-mount U/V antenna I have on my trunk (2008 Ford Fusion), and had an idea. I don't use the AM/FM or Sirius functionality in my car (my phone has all the music I'll ever need), and I've already purchased a stubby replacement antenna mast for the...
  4. K

    Ham Fest free to sell and visit in Byron

    Saturday August 24th in Byron Georgia at 8am we are having a tailgate sale. Its free to sell and free to visit. No fees. Usually one or two have scanners if thats what y'all are interested in. Lots of coax, antennas, radios old and new, connectors, Ive seen boxes of crystals, tubes, and more. If...
  5. N1DDC

    Catawba County area Ham Radio

    Hey y'all, For those Ham Radio enthusiasts (or Amateur Radio, as some prefer to call it) in or around Catawba County I have had BrandMeister DMR network create a Talkgroup for me and my group to use. We are all a group of local Firefighters, EMT's, Rescue Squad members, etc. It took me 10...
  6. 1


    So i am able to pick up certain frequencies with whislter ws1010 but when i go to the ham frequency here all i get is static every so often even with the squalch turn up, so i do not understand what is the issue and how to fix it
  7. A

    WorkPlace Antenna

    Hello I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions for a nice antenna that could be inside of an office. I’m right beside the windows but this building was built in 1961 and it seems to block my signals pretty good. I tried a little Tram antenna inside the office but im coming over a bit...
  8. J

    Getting started with SDR receivers

    Low cost SDRs are a great way for newcomers to radio to get started. This video which SDRplay put together, illustrates how easy it is to get started with short wave listening using an RSP1A. The tips given, particularly to do with setting up a simple wire antenna, are applicable to all SDRs...
  9. wa8iqo

    Motorola Mentor/Elmer Wanted!

    Im looking for a mentor or amature radio elmer in Central Florida who has extensively knowledgeable with Motorola ASTRO and Mototrbo product lines. Im looking to expand my knowledge on the XTL/XTS5000 radios and gain some primer on turbo system as well. Can't seem to find anyone within the local...
  10. W

    Adventures with CW

    Good day fellow hams and those interested in the hobby. Mike - W9ODX here from the Central Indiana area. About three months ago I decided that I wanted to venture out from the world of VHF/UHF repeaters and explore the world of HF (since I am a new upgrade to the General class license). There...
  11. G

    Chevy Express Van Ram Mount

    Never owned any kind of laptop mount for the Chevy Express van. Does Ram Mount hold up well ? Have 17 inch laptop to mount. No-Drill Thank you 73 Kenny
  12. W

    DMR in Sussex

    The 448.725 repeater in Roxana is now connected to the "Tri State" network providing good coverage to the county and beyond. Further programming info can be found at N2JTI.net. It provides hand held coverage to the Delaware beaches & down to Ocean City, MD.
  13. K

    New MF/LF ham bands - with a catch...

    From the SWLing.com website... FCC Approves MF/LF Ham Radio Bands | The SWLing Post Mike
  14. H

    Operating in U.S. Virgin Islands

    Hello, I am going on a sailing trip in August to the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are going to be sailing to St. Thomas and St. John, and I am wondering if I will need any special permits besides my general class license (I'm a technician now but will be general before the trip). I am planning on...
  15. H

    Baofeng not Transmitting?

    I've been using my Baofeng BFF8-HP for a while now, and I recently received my technician's license. I called CQ several times and got no response. I became frustrated and tried to talk on a frequency I knew was used by a local crowd in Connecticut (I live on Long Island, near the north shore)...
  16. H

    JPole Antenna for Baofeng?

    I purchased a Baofeng BFF8HP recently, and I am considering buying a JPole Antenna to mount on my roof. I currently have the radio connected using RG-58 coaxial cable to a 26 inch Radio Shack antenna on a vent pipe on my roof (yes, Radio Shack came through for me in this day and age), and I'm...
  17. millrad

    Squelchtale.com - DMR and Brandmeister

    The Squelch Tale - Radio for Hams and Hobbyists
  18. millrad

    The Squelch Tale - radio blog

    Read about CY9C and other radio topics through the eyes of a seasoned hobby veteran, (This is a personal blog and is not commercial in any way, so it should comply with the TOS for RadioReference,com) The Squelch Tale - Radio for Hams and Hobbyists
  19. V

    What scanner and frequencies for Trent Hills,Ontario?

    At this time I only have a Realistic Pro-38,which is fine for listening to local ham radio repeaters. What would I need to listen to Trent Hills,ON emergency services? Are they encrypted? In which case I may as well not bother upgrading! Recommended outside antenna? Discone,other? Local...
  20. N

    2016 Ford Fusion Ham Radio

    I've been slowly documenting my install in my new car on my blog, so that the guys in my local radio club could follow along with my progress. Here's few of the pics. If you want to check out the details my blog is at November 3 Victor Echo Mike - November 3 Victor Echo Mike let me know what...