1. A

    Pro-668 and Harris County, TX P25 reception ends

    I am new to this forum and radio coms in general, so please bear with me. I have had this RadioShack PRO-668 for a couple of months, and when I purchased this thing right out of the box I gave it my zip code and was receiving all of the trunking frequencies under the sun. I am also using the...
  2. R

    What is the best scanner for the Houston, tx area?

    Folks, I have been an on again-off again scanner enthusiast; My dad was a Ham radio operator and I hadan early trunked hand held scanner back around the year 2000. I don't know if it still works; the battery pack is dead, and it connected to my computer back then with a serial cable, and I...
  3. A

    Baytown, TX TxWARN & BCD536HP

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Uniden BCD536HP and have enjoyed getting back into scanning. I have been out of the game during all of the rebanding and P25 conversion, so hopefully I am just overlooking something. As some of you probably know, the 536 has the Home Patrol database that...
  4. T04KLH9PW7AN

    Houston, TX - City PD joins county radio network.

    HPD flips the switch May 7th. HPD joins county radio network - Your Houston News: News
  5. jpunix

    What happened to the Houston Discussion group?

    I've just recently got back into scanning after a long hiatus. I'm running the Galveston County Scanner feed on RR as we speak. There used to be a Yahoo group called Houston_Scan where like-minded scanner enthusiasts in the Greater Houston area discussed local scanner topics. I went to Yahoo and...
  6. C

    Houston wrecker driver needs help with programing

    Im a wrecker driver in the houston texas area.... I have a bearcat bct8 trunk tracker and would like to know if anyone from my area has the ability to program my radio for me with all of harris county trunking system. I am willing to bring my radio to you and pay $$$ for your help. My mobile...
  7. C

    Southwest Airlines Suspends Pilot For Ran on Air Frequency

    HOUSTON, Texas (USA Today) Southwest Airlines confirmed an NBC TV affiliate KPRC news report that it suspended a pilot after he went on an obscenity-laden and homophobic rant, which was inadvertently broadcast over a Houston air traffic control frequency. Read more: Southwest pilot suspended...
  8. invhoutx

    Houston Fire Department Pager Tones

    Does anyone have any information on HFDs pager tones? RR has them listed as EMS TONE TONE A 1500.0 TONE B 800.0 FIRE TONE TONE A 1000.0 TONE B 1000.0. What frequency are they transmitted on? What exactly do they use these tones to dispatch? Any insight would be appreciated.
  9. U

    Trying to pickup cities around Houston

    Hi, just starting to join the scanner community. I'm in the Jersey Village area (290 & Sam houston tollway). I can pickup most of what I'm looking for, but of some stuff, I get nothing. I've programmed for Missouri City, Stafford, Sugerland, Galveston, Motgomery county, but get notta. Should...
  10. Tungsten

    Scanner choice for Houston and Cy-Fair?

    Howdy All, I'm looking to try scanning for the first time, so I'm brand new. I've been doing a lot of reading about it, particularly trying to decide which scanner should be my first purchase. I live in the Cy-Fair district in NW Harris county, near SH 249 (Tomball Pkwy) and FM 1960, zip code...
  11. T

    Pro-2096 for Houston? Best $250 Scanner Option?

    I've got a Radio shack Pro-2096 coming in to a local RS store for $250 (brand new in box) - as you know, the 2096's are being cleared out. I'm new to scanning, and want to scan all the local PD, FD, sherriff, etc. I've been looking around, and trying to figure out if the Pro-2096 is the...
  12. R

    Houston Codes

    Does anybody know what any of the 10 codes that are used by the Houston Police Department? I hear all kinds of stuff that I do not understand and have been trying to figure out these little codes for about a year and a half. Also they use Code 1 (which I think means respond with no lights and no...
  13. R

    Police Chase Houston Tx 2/16/09

    I was driving southbound on I-45 and when all of a sudden it broke out on the northbound side. There were so many agencies involved and I was jumping between the sheriff, constable, hpd, etc. And was pretty close to where the suspect turned over a police car when they passed me on the other...
  14. blantonl

    Houston, Harris County not on same emergency radio wavelength

    As many as 249 agencies, up from 79 in 2003, are now linked to Harris County's regional radio system, which lets police, fire departments and emergency services agencies in 11 of the area's 13 counties communicate with one another. Holes still exist, however, and none is bigger than the one...