1. J

    HP-2: HP-2, extreme upgrade, and RadioFeed

    Just trying to confirm that for RadioFeed to communicate with the home patrol 2 and show alpha tags on my stream to broadcastify (or anywhere for that matter) - I need the extreme upgrade to unlock the ability for the radio to be used as a serial port? Then theoretically the audio and alpha tag...
  2. Bjc123

    Changing Background & Icons on HP-2

    Hello, I was trying to find online if I could change the background of my HP-2 to a different image for fun. I was also wondering if it was possible to also change the icons? I have tried to change the images in the folder when I plug it in but it didn't change anything and I was unable to...
  3. Bjc123

    HP-2: Uniden HP-2 Antenna

    Hello, I just recently got a HP-2 since my local system is upgrading to a P25 and I was just wondering does anyone like another particular antenna rather than the stock one? Thanks in advance, Bradley
  4. HomePatrol HP-2 Phase 1&2 - Extras - Warranty till 4/2021

    HomePatrol HP-2 Phase 1&2 - Extras - Warranty till 4/2021

    HomePatrol HP-2 - 4 Antennas - stock and 3 others. - 32gb Upgraded SD card - record more. - USB Programming cable - SMA to BNC adapter - Wall Plug to charge - Rechargeable Batteries - Stand - Advanced Menu Upgrade $49 value Sorry no manual( online - download) Works Great - Warranty till 4/2021...
  5. I

    HomePatrol 2 Battery/Charge problem

    I have a new homepatrol 2 scanner. I have had it for 4 days now, I put in the batteries that came with the unit and I can not get it to come on using battery power. I have plugged it into the wall to charge for 14 hours like I was supposed to but it still won't work on battery power. It does...
  6. D

    Lynchburg CVRCS P25 upgrade - problems with HP-2

    I have used a Homepatrol 2 for a couple years in Lynchburg and at Smith Mountain Lake (Bedford County). Since the change to P25, I have been unable to hear much on the Central Virginia Radio Communication System. I update the database via Sentinel at least once a week and it appears that...
  7. rvacs

    HP-2: GPS Setup - Best to Location Favorites or Scan Category?

    Hello All, Wanting to setup my HP-2 with a new GPS coming in. Want to be able to drive and use the GPS to scan close by Police and HwyPatrol. Have not really looked a lot into this - but is the best way - say if I want TX DPS (Hwy Patrol) to add them all in as a favorite in Sentinel and then...
  8. ka9rxk

    HP-2: Rubberized Coating Rubbing Off of HP-2

    I have a Uniden HomePatrol-II and the rubberized coating that frames the front of the radio is starting to rub off. You can see the shiny black that is behind it. Has anyone ever replaced the front of their HomePatrol-II for this reason? Anyone know the part number or price of the replacement...
  9. rvacs

    HP-2: Uniden how about Promoting your NEW PRODUCT - HP2 ??

    Sorry this is just a ramble - but want Uniden to Read.... Please update your website for HomePatrol Does not reflect anything about the HomePatrol 2 - just mentions the HP-1 - No mention at all of HP-2. (No even support listings for HP-2). Now I know they are pretty much the same except for...
  10. rvacs

    New Bcd536hp can I use my Sentinel Favorites from my HP-2?

    Hello All, Sorry if this is a bogus question. Can I use my Favorites in Sentinel for my HP-2 for my new BCD536HP? I assume I will need to add Quick Key assignments to them since BCD536hp relies on them. I didn't have to add those Quick Keys for the HP-2. Any other info? Thanks, Rich
  11. M

    Covington/Maple Valley Police and Fire?

    I have recently purchased a HomePatrol-2 and am working on programming in some frequencies etc. I noticed there is nothing in the database for Covington Police and Fire, and nothing for Maple Valley police? I know Covington is fire district 37 but I see nothing in the database. Does anyone know...
  12. Astrogoth13

    HP-2: HP-2 Goods and bads

    Well, I just got my HP-2 via UPS yesterday. It came in a surprisingly small box the size of two bricks in a pile. The unit itself is very well made and feels it. The big display is not the best but works well for what it tries to do. The antenna connector is sturdy and the battery compartment is...
  13. K

    HP-2: Pre-install for Win10?

    My HP-2 was just delivered and I am hoping to fend off some of the USB issues I am reading about. I have a current model ASUS laptop that came with Win10x64. I just returned a RS Pro-668 for the driver issues among others. I removed all the 668 drivers and software. I cleaned up all the port...
  14. S

    HP-2: P-25 Update Needed?

    Hi Folks - For the most part I've really enjoyed the HP-2. There are a couple of quirks, but that's not the point here. I doubled checked my firmware version this week and it remained the same from when I updated it upon arrival. The local (Coral Springs FL/Broward County), Palm Beach County...
  15. W

    HP-2: External Speaker options

    What are people doing for external speakers on the HP-2? Is my only option a DC powered amplified speaker connected to the Line Out or Headphone jack?
  16. N

    HP-2 Serial disconnects solved

    I've had the HP-2 for about 60 days. I've been logging hits using Arc Patrol. The HP-2 developed a habit of disconnecting the serial connection at random. Sometimes hours, sometime minutes after connecting. Other times it would not link up at all and Arc Patrol locked up. Windows always detected...
  17. N

    HP-2: HP-2 loses usb comm with Arc Patrol randomly

    I'm using Arc Patrol to log the HP-2. Arc Patrol loses communication with the HP-2 at random. Arc Patrol will display its default information screen and quits logging. Arc Patrol logs the comm loss like it was a scanner hit. The HP-2 continues scanning and Windows Device Manager show the comm...
  18. 2

    HP-2 vs BCD436HP for MPSCS

    I apologize if this topic has already been addressed but I did not see it anywhere. I am about to purchase a new scanner. I have narrowed it down to either the Uniden HP-2 or BCD436HP. I have been out of scanning for a few years and was looking for some advice. Any input on which unit would...
  19. C

    INDY DPS, IMPD P25 changes and HP-1 hit failure

    About a week ago, 3 separate, newish Uniden HP-1s simultaneously and suddenly lost the ability to hit on and/or decode the Dept of Public Safety (SYSTEM) IMPD (DEPT) CHANNELS. This was after several months of performing flawlessly. In immediate side-by-side comparison, the Uniden BCD436HP &...