1. jakeschnabel

    Baofeng or Motorola 3.5mm Audio Input

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me the best Motorola attachment for an HT1250 to be able to have audio from a 3.5mm cord be transmitted? I know there is a VOX function and want to be able to have audio from a phone put through, similar to the existing speaker mic, but a 3.5mm jack input instead. If...
  2. M

    Manual input of names on scanner

    The DMR previews have highlighted the tedious nature of inputting names manually on a Uniden scanner. The only features provided when inputting names of the scanner are the ability to go back and forwards using the 4 and 6 keys, and scroll thru a long list of characters, many of which are in no...
  3. M

    Luzerne County Fire/PD/EMS Repeater INPUT Freq's

    Greetings To All ! I was hoping someone here may be able to direct me to any website that lists not only the OUTPUT frequencies and associated PL tones but also their associated repeater INPUT frequencies. Any help/information along these lines would be most appreciated ! I can be reached via...
  4. N2SCV

    Staten Island FDNY

  5. F

    RX TX So confused

    I am new to all of 2 way radio and i am very confused from the website. On is Rx the frequency and Tx the input? Please help, i am so confused.
  6. T

    Repeater Question (schools)

    Hi all- I am new to scanning and amateur radio in general and I had a couple questions regarding repeaters. I have browsed the FCC records, and determined the frequencies my school uses. I programmed them all into my scanner, and the only one I have heard anything on is: 463.9125 I have...