1. D

    Los Angeles LAPD LASD Radio Zones and Channel Setup

    Hello, Does anyone know how LAPD or LASD have their radio's setup? Which channel's/freqs are in which zones? Are they all setup the same or does each station/area have theirs setup however they want? Thanks.
  2. Radiocar

    Bypassing the busy-tone? Want to hear LASD deputies angelic voices all the time.

    Not to be a felonious terrorist but... So I have been experimenting with input freqs, receive only input freqs, in an effort to try and catch those oscillating radio waves before SCC, but to no avial, I am having issues. Is it possible to somehow catch airwaves coming from the field deputies...
  3. Radiocar

    LASD beeping around 0320 hours?

    If any of you fine LASD aficionados or SCC Superstars can help a brother out it would be most appr3ciated. Okay, so I'm kinda nocturnal by nature so I generally catch a lot of code 9 10-29Vs* and 459s on the dispatch channels really late at night. I don't know if I have been hearing this for...
  4. J

    Time for a new scanner.. Uniden BCD436HP vs Whistler TRX-1?

    Hello All, I'm looking for a new handheld scanner. My current one is almost 15 years old and is falling apart. I'm currently debating between the Whistler TRX-1 and the Uniden BCD436HP.. and I'm not sure which one would be best for Southern California (specifically Los Angeles, Kern, San...
  5. O

    Callsigns For CHP, LASD, and Fire

    I'm familiar with the naming convention used to identify LAPD units (e.g., 10-A-12) where 10 is the division, A is a two-officer patrol, and 12 would be the car identifier. Can anyone provide similar conventions for callsigns of CHP, LASD, LA County Fire, and LA City Fire? I hear them called...
  6. D

    Confused about LASD radio systems

    Hello RadioReference! I'm using an RTL dongle to listen to LASD frequencies in my area, and I'm confused about a few things. 1. I understand the busy tone, but why is it sometimes a steady pulse of beeps and other times it sounds like morse code? 2. With SDR# I get a waterfall view of about...
  7. K

    Video: How Raytheon Helped Create the Ultimate High-Tech Cop Car

    Video: How Raytheon Helped Create the Ultimate High-Tech Cop Car | Gadget Lab |
  8. K

    LASD rolling Code 3 down Sunset Blvd.

    LASD unit code three down Sunset Blvd - YouTube Always have to have your camera at the ready....LOL....I was hoping for a paramedic squad and engine to follow...but that didnt happen
  9. bryan_herbert

    Fire Destroys Compton, CA Police Radio Equipment

    A fire broke out at a city fire station in Compton and destroyed $1.1 million in radio and communications equipment that the city bought last year in an ultimately aborted attempt to bring back its municipal police department. Fire destroys Compton police radio equipment -
  10. AuToGrApHzZz

    Pro-92 Software to sync with RR DB

    Hola Fellows, I am currently trying to program my Pro-92 scanner with all the conventional frequencies associated with LASD and LAPD but am having a hard time not losing my cool. Currently all programming is being done via hand on Win92 programming software which does not (to my...
  11. scanfan22

    Los Angeles Area feeds?

    When are the following feeds expected to be back online: Verdugo Fire LACFD LASD Los Angeles County Working Incident Feed Los Angeles, Burbank, and Glendale Police Departments
  12. K

    Is Irwindale really going with LASD?

    I heard that the City of Irwindale couldnt pay the cost of living increase proposed by the Irwindale PD union and that they were contracting with LASD on July 1. All I can find was that they asked for a cost analysis, not an actual decision....does anyone have any updated info?