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  1. P

    Looking for radios for my department, help?

    good day, I am currently working as a CPO in Alberta, the department im working with is brand new and we are essentially replacing a security company that operates on UHF to talk to their officers and other staff within the organization. This is the challenge I am facing, some staff cannot...
  2. u2brent

    Lancaster County - P25 System (Part II)

    Finally, Some good news for LCWC listeners & hobbyists. (y) LE encryption may end soon.. (At least on the Dispatch side...
  3. ladn

    Electronic Communications Equipment Installer (L.A. County)

    A friend passed this on to me to post around as appropriate: Job Opportunities | WELCOME TO THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES FILING DATES: JUNE 12, 2019 at 8:00 A.M. (PT) through JUNE 25, 2019 at 5:00 P.M. (PT) EXAM NUMBER: J6545F TYPE OF RECRUITMENT: OPEN COMPETITIVE JOB OPPORTUNITY DEFINITION...
  4. Muffin


    Was down on the British Columbia / Washington State border today. I was is Surrey which borders Blaine. I had my scanner on frequency stalker mode and came across a number of "new" channels that are nnot currently listed on the RRDB and after checking the FCC and IC databases, the only evidence...
  5. T

    Okaloosa County, Florida

    Does anyone have a list of Frequencies that Okaloosa County and the surrounding area uses as far as mutual aid or Interop use? The only thing I can find is a list of interop frequencies that seem to be out of order and need to be updated. EMS MED Channels: Public Safety Scanner Frequencies and...
  6. AuToGrApHzZz

    [.pdf] Official Law Enforcement Communications Handbook [.pdf]

    Hello all! I realize I hardly ever post but hopefully this post can help break that habit. To keep things short, one of my many skills involves public records laws (e.g. the California Public Records Act or Freedom of Information Act) as well as other open government laws. For those that are...
  7. S

    Madison County, NY Police Freqs

    I'm wondering if there is away to listen to ONLY law enforcement frequencies for Madison County, NY?
  8. R

    New Kenwood radios for Corrections?

    Anyone have info. on new radios being used at Toronto South Detention Centre? Said to be Kenwood(?) -replacing the Tait Orca radios. Supposedly have 20+ channels that are in, or can be used for interal comms. - Any info on radios or freqs? - Thanks.
  9. K

    Crosstalk issue with LE, WX freqs. BC92xlt

    I'm having an issue with crosstalk or interference on the primary frequency used by local law enforcement when scanning with my 92xlt. Freq. Is 154.86. Sometimes, I hear the local noaa wx radio walking on transmissions from the le dispatcher, only. This is frustrating, as this is the primary...
  10. L

    Stanislaus National Forest

    I'm looking for the repeater INPUT frequencies for the Stanislaus NF, as well as the frequencies used by USFS law enforcement in the Stanislaus. Any information appreciated. Larry
  11. R

    Possible Intro of Motorola Tri-Band Portable Radio in 2013-2014

    Does anyone have information regarding Motorola possibly introducing a Tri-Band radio sometime in the near future? I know the XTS-7000 is actually a dual band, not a tri-band radio? Any information would be more than helpful!
  12. S

    Police Radio Setup

    I am just thinking one day, and the thought came to me (and I am in no way knowledgeable of radio networks) do law enforcement use some kind of repeater in the police car to help amplify what is coming out of their handhelds. So if the handheld can only transmit 10 miles, the repeater in the car...
  13. Z

    Fayette County Call Codes

    Does anyone know the law enforcement call codes for Fayette County, and specifically Peachtree City police? I'm referring to the codes they use to communicate, such as "10-4." I asked this same question over a month ago and got no responses. Is it just not cool to share them, or does no one...
  14. FreeOperator


    I noticed that the Buckley/Orting Law Enforcement feed left our listings? Anyone know what happened?
  15. K

    Shawnee County, KS

    The Fire/EMS feed for Shawnee County has been playing a TV show or something, and the Law Enforcement channel is down, I was wondering if anyone knew why?
  16. X

    Programming PD

    I live in Rochester NY, (Monroe County) I've programmed my scanner: Uniden BC346XT to receive EMS and Fire and it works great. How ever, the frequencies I put in for law enforcement seem to just come back with constant static, screeching or quite honestly just busy noise. ... I don't think it's...
  17. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Two men threaten firefighters

    From the article linked below: "When firefighters responded to a house for a medical call, cops say they were threatened with a shotgun on the 4000 block of Ruskin Way. That's near South Academy and Airport." Police: Two Men Threaten Firefighters
  18. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Shooting on Airport & Academy (one 62 y/o man dead)

    A 62 year old man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant near Airport and Academy in Colorado Springs. Police suspect it was a targeted killing. This was paged out on INcident Page Network (IPN) within minutes of the event. One Person Shot & Killed Near Colorado...
  19. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Shooting and stabbing on B St (one dead, 2 others hurt)

    At about 1am on APril 23rd, there was a shooting and stabbing incident on B St in Colo Springs. One was found dead in a parking lot nearby where one victim had already been shot and one stabbed several times. Those two were taken to the hospital. 1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Southside Shooting - News...
  20. U

    Helping law enforcement based on info gathered from scanner

    A hypothetical example: say someone robs a bank, dispatch describes the car and individual, I later look out my window and see the person they're looking for... ... do I call 911 and say "hey I heard you over my police scanner and I see the guy you're looking for." ? Is that frowned upon? Any...