1. P

    Cheapest Trunking systems?

    On the topic of trunking; what would be the cheapest form of trunking? Let's say you want a 3-channel system. Which ideal would be cheaper than the other, DMR or LTR? Or even a networked DMR repeater system. Let's set this up: we will put DMR trunked (insert any of the available options), DMR...
  2. DatedGore

    LTR on a scanner

    I am trying to figure out how to program a LTR system on a radioshack pro 197. I have the frequencies but I do not know of any talkgroups. They have an analog channel but you can still hear the random little blips of sound on the channel that is analog and all the other frequencies. But on my...
  3. F


    Hello I am looking to program the summerfest security into my uniden bc346xtc trunk tracker 3 using ltr. Can somone give me some steps on how to do this I am pretty new. Thanks.
  4. F

    LTR programming

    Hello would anyone be able to help me program an ltr frequency into an uniden bc346xt trunk tracker 3. I have no idea how to input it into there.
  5. A

    XPR 6550 LTR Trunking

    Hello RR World, I've not posted before, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure if I'm posting in the right area or if it's been answered, but I really need some help on programming an 6550 to do LTR. I am a beginner and trying to trouble shot my way through this for work. First off, I am...
  6. Motoballa

    Dirty Secret behind LTR Passport Trunking Systems

    One thing about PassPort trunking protocol: It exposes — and overcomes — the dirty little secret among “good” dealers, “bad” dealers and their customers involving LTR systems. (Source: PassPort exposes dirty secret | content content from Urgent...
  7. Z

    Motorola XPR-7550 LTR

    I've seen from multiple sources that the XPR-7550 comes with LTR trunking built in however it must be activated when purchasing. How do I go about getting LTR enabled if I buy an XPR-7550 aftermarket & how much would it cost. Also, is there a seperate CPS needed to program the LTR trunking info...
  8. N

    Penn State University LTR

    I noticed some Motorola PR400s floating around and the presence of the talk-permit-tone chirp when a user keys up. From my understanding, this is only possible via a LTR system for this radio (without the "DTMF hack" etc.) Does anyone have any info on a possible LTR system or why the PR400 would...
  9. phallout2000

    Warrick county indiana system

    I had been told that Warrick County was going totally to the new p-25 system due to damage to their existing LTR antenna being damaged. Can anyone verify or debunk this? I have heard some p-25 transmissions, mostly sheriff dept and ems. but not enough to support the entire county.
  10. Z

    Kenwood NX-5300

    Where can I buy a NX-5300 portable radio from as well as what would the cost be for having options for P25 conventional, Nexedge Conventional, analogue conventional and LTR trunking?
  11. nhfdcadet

    XTS3000 flash code

    anybody know if the XTS3000 has a flash code that would enable LTR trunking? I just bought one, and we use an LTR system for our radio network, it isnt necessary for me to put it in this particular radio, as i have it in my HT1550 already, but it would be nice. The current flash code doesnt do...
  12. Viperguynick

    Problem with LTR System on Pro-106 - no audio

    Hello all. I am having a little problem trying to get a local LTR Trunking system to work correctly on my Pro-106. The following is the link for the trunking system I am working with: WPSR407 (RADIO COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT INC) FCC Callsign Details I am trying to program from site #3 on...
  13. C

    BCT15X questin

    I have a uniden BCT15x I want to know how to program the NYCOMCO EDAS (dutchess,orange,ulster) system in I have the AC XT PRO program. also I want to put the east fishkill LTR system in. cant fig out how to do it. ( I don't post on here much I hope I posted in the right spot ) thanks chris
  14. Freqed

    Multi Agency Pursuit 11/04

    Last night Claremore PD started a pursuit that ended up in Tulsa. They asked for help from OHP as the pursuit left their area. OHP joined in as did Catoosa, not sure about TPD ever being involved other than Police 1 (copter) or TCSO, I was listening to OHP when it came about and it ended in...
  15. gtaman

    Columbus Ohio unknown LTR System

    Awhile back I was scanning and I found the frequency for my local school. Then I notice they were on an LTR system. But the problem is the system is not pirated anywhere. The frequencey I have is 152.0375 but also it can be heard on 152.0300 at the same time. I was wondering if anybody can help...
  16. RandyG

    Quantar LTR Interface

    Hi Guys I have 3 Quantars (Ver 16) that I am trying to add Zetron model 452 external LTR controllers to and most of it is working but the transmit data look and works like crap. Zetron supplies a written document that show the connect of the LTR data to the 50 Pin Telco connector on the rear of...
  17. R

    I have questions about LTR and a discriminator port

    In order to save money and avoid having to buy new EFJ equipment. Has anyone had success in monitoring an LTR system with the software found on RR and what scanner should I buy to add a port to? Any help is appreciated. In searching the RR database I found a very nice discriminator port added...
  18. F

    Pro-106 Trunking Programing Help

    I am very new to trunking scanners, I am trying to program a LTR system, Genesee Business Radio #2 Trunking System, Rochester, New York - Scanner Frequencies . From what I have found, I should be doing this right, but apparently I am not.... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Tim
  19. Z

    LTR Mapping

    I have been trying to map several local LTR systems and finding it is a lot harder/time consuming than I thought it would be. I found this reference Mapping an LTR System - The RadioReference Wiki on how to map a LTR system but it's VERY tedious. (Checked RR and FCC ULS, no luck) I am...
  20. M

    Looking for Alabaster LTR info

    Has anyone been able to identify the LCNs for the LTR channels used by Alabaster on the ALLCOMM network. I have tried monitoring individual channels but am not having any luck getting the correct LCNs for each of the frequencies. Thanks