1. B

    How do I do this?

    Hello everybody. I would like to know how I go about monitoring Washington county, Minnesota for police fire, and EMS dispatching. I would like to monitor the following cities, Woodbury, Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, Lake, Elmo, White, Bear Lake, and Maplewood police fire and ems in each of...
  2. O

    Baofeng Baofeng DM-1702 - DMR Help Needed

    I am not new to radio by any means, but new to the DMR world. I have my amateur ticket, but am currently just interested in monitoring local DMR systems so I have not registered for a DMR ID. The system that I am starting with is our local school district in St. Paul, MN. The call sign for...
  3. C

    Number of TalkGroups Affect Scanning?

    This is a general question, but location may be important - Olmsted Co., Rochester area (Stewartville). I'm fairly new to scanning and trying to wrap my head around all the trunking stuff. Using the ARC-XT software; I got my BCD996P2 programmed with the Olmsted Co. Simulcast (ARMER) frequencies...
  4. ae5yy

    Assistance in monitoring conventional p25

    Problematic Unmuting issue with scanning of conventional P25 personalities --- See programming information below We all start somewhere...My XTL5000 programming went off without a hitch. Maybe someone can help Elmer me on this older HT. Newbie over here! Okay trying to listen to simulcast...
  5. J

    AVR & 3M type 2!????

    Just curious has anyone heard anything on these Motorola type two systems from either companies!?? and also seeing if anyone has the talk Group info for these systems!?would like to listen to some old school stuff Thanks
  6. J

    AVR and 3M type ii

    Has anyone heard any activity any on theseto Motorola type ii analog systems lately!? And possibly no the talk groups for either one of those systems???t love to listen to some old classic analog type two systems !?!
  7. J

    L-Tac1 - Minnesota

    Could someone please tell me what the frequency is for L-tac1 so I can program it in? Thanks in advance!
  8. J

    Do I need all sites in a county enabled?

    New here, Crow Wing County, Uniden BCD536HP, I've scanned a lot in the vhf days, ham license, but never ARMER. Crow Wing has 5 sites I think, Baxter, Crosby, Jenkins, Garrison, Emily, Cass has several too, Pillager closest to me, leader seems strong too. Do I need these all enabled? or just...
  9. J

    Programing and setup question

    Hey everyone, I have been a scanner enthusiast for 15 years starting out with a pro-93 and upgrading to a pro-96 and for the last few years been using a bcd-396xt. So I am not exactly new to this, to trunking, or even to ARMER. I haven't really mastered the 396 yet. It's more of a time...
  10. S

    Best antenna for BCD536HP

    Any recoomendations for the best antenna indoor and outdoor for Uniden BCD536HP? Thanks for the anticipated help. I really appreciated. Notes: 50 miles range (aver or more). Live in the country, close to the city. MN. For trunkated Systems (MN Armor), newbie user.
  11. N

    Update on Austin/Mower County Digital transition

    Radio update may be delayed | Austin Daily Herald Basically we have a plan in place to update radio equipment on the 14th Street Northwest water tower, but the city doesn't want the tower left unpainted if equipment and new paint can’t be completed before winter for fear of rusting. That could...
  12. T

    MSP 2300 DSP on 2200 DSP CC?

    Is anyone else hearing Marshall patrol dispatch (2300) on the Mankato patrol dispatch talkgroup ID 20116? Also, there seems to be a LOT of echo recently on MSP, mainly when the cars are transmitting. I have a GRE PSR-800 with a wildcard for my talkgroups and radio IDs if that makes a difference.
  13. K

    looking for snow plow frequencies

    Hello I'm interested in getting the snow plow frequencies for saint paul, shoreview or Maplewood I'm not interested in talk groups, codes, or anything like that. I'm looking for the analog frequencies that are used. I don't have a digital scanner. I'm only using an ICOM T90 and a Baofeng UV3R...
  14. M

    Stearns Fire Tone-Out Wiki Additions

    I've been working on Fire Tones for Stearns County over the last couple of days. I added updated tones for Avon, Sartell, and Melrose Ambulance to the wiki page. They are all confirmed using the tone-out feature on my 396XT. I don't know why Avon and Sartell have new tones. I only heard...
  15. K

    Central MN: Analog vs digital trunking

    I've been getting curious about scanners. From what I can tell on this site, it looks like virtually all government and emergency services have moved to the ARMER digital trunking system. Would there be any point in an analog scanner here any more? What would I be able to hear? I don't want to...
  16. jerodb

    Feed Suggestion for Duluth Area Feed Providers

    Hello! Is there any Duluth/Superior area scanner feed providers that could add the Duluth Transit Authority Transportation feed? I am yet to buy my own scanner and would like to see this feed available via this website and my smartphone app. The frequency for the Duluth Transit feed is...
  17. WindsorOntario

    International Falls, MN/Fort Frances, ON

    I see that Duluth/Superior has online scanner live. Does anyone know if there is live scanner from International Falls, MN & Fort Frances, ON? I'm guessing because it's so far north and so few people it's going to be tough to find it. If anyone knows, let me know! Thx!
  18. fwfdengine2

    Chaska Fire

    Does Chaska Fire page on 154.100 [136.5]? Also, are they career or volunteer? Thanks fwfdengine2
  19. fwfdengine2

    Eden Prairie, MN Fire Department Feed

    Is anyone interested in hosting an Eden Prairie, MN Fire Department online scanner feed. I would like for this feed to be strictly EPFD. Containing dispatch and operations channels. I have the frequencies and TGID's if needed. My brother is an Eden Prairie Firefighter and my home scanners are...
  20. honestspider

    BCD996XT Garbled Reception

    I recently purchased a BCD996XT and installed it as a mobile in my truck. Useing ARC-XT Pro, I programmed the surrounding counties and cities where I live that are on the MN ARMER system. I have a Maxrad 800mhz nmo antenna on my roof that I used with my BCD996T, and it seemed to work very...