1. C

    Rookie Trying to bring childhood memories back! MUCH HELP NEEDED :) (ST. Louis, Missouri/MOSWIN; IL Starcom21)

    Hi there! I have been doing a lot of research, trying to understand, on how to exactly get the most of my Uniden SDS 200. It has certainly been an experience as this is all a foreign language to me. Not to bore, but, after my fathers passing I picked it us as I have listened to scanners with...
  2. C

    HELP! - Radio Shack Pro-197 Scanner Programming

    Hi all, Recently, my father passed. We always stayed up late listing to the various scanners in surrounding cities of the local activity. So... This has been my mission... I can't figure out how he had IL (Starcom21) all on there and able to hear everything. I was wanting to program in...
  3. R

    WS1065 Miller/Morgan County

    Hey all, new to scanning and have a Whistler WS1065. Paid for RR 180 Day Membership and bought the PSRedit500 software. I followed along with the pdf guidebut after a couple hours I have only heard it stop once or twice with any sort of communication. Just hoping someone could give me some more...
  4. J

    SLATER Encrypted Fire-Tacs

    3 shot, 1 dead in what was originally reported as an active shooter at the Applebee's on St. Charles Rock Rd. in St. John, MO. Was interested to hear how it went down on the triage side of things on Fire/EMS-North, but since it went out as an active shooter, the ops were on Tac 81E (Encrypted)...
  5. 1

    Google Plus Community Site

    Hey i was wondering if some people would be interested in Google Plus Community. I am wanting to give everyone an opportunity to vote below either if you would like it or not. Depending on the results is if i would create that google Community on google plus. If you have any questions please...
  6. 1

    Fire In Howard County

    There has been a fire at Highway 5 & 240 in Howard County call came in at 9:20 P.M. There has had some explosions and they are shutting down all lanes of Highway 5 because of the explosions. I will be updating this post as I get more information. At 9:35 heard the Howard County Sheriff's talking...
  7. 1

    Randolph County, Missouri Radios

    Hello i live right outside of Rocheport,MO and i have typed in these frequencies to my scanner and have never heard them talking on them or using them. Does anyone know if they are running on a digital system? If they are can someone send me there talkgroups?
  8. M

    St. Ann working or disabled?

    Hi, I'm new to the group. Ive been scanning for about 3 years not using the neat "Scanner Radio" app on my phone. St. Ann was switching to a digital system this month and I recently purchased a Uniden BCD436HP just for that reason but i cant seem to figure out St. Ann's situation. I scanned to...
  9. K

    Joplin MO, anyone in? (not receiving local PD)

    I just got a BCD436HP and it's receiving everything but my local Joplin PD (which is totally why I bought it, so I could hear them). The firmware version that my radio now shows is 1.01.01. When I was talking to Uniden Tech Support earlier today, they told me there are two firmware releases...
  10. Z

    Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C Question

    Is MSHP Troop C using both conventional and P25 now? I just saw that they are posted under the STL P25 page now. What is the difference between all of their dispatch talkgroups (1-7) and car to car talkgroups (1-7)? I'm not trying to program their SWAT or DDCC, just their basic patrol division...
  11. indepmo

    Independence Missouri Policee switch to total encryption

    08/02/2013 This morning Independence Missouri Police switched to total encryption for all police traffic. Scanner owners are still able to monitor Fire and other city services. I was notified by officers that the move was done due to smart phone listeners and their ability to monitor IPD's...
  12. Z

    Missouri State Highway Patrol Programming Help

    Can someone help me with the frequencies for Missouri Highway Patrol? I've read the wiki and it's confusing. I want to strictly monitor Troop C (STL County to be exact). Does MSHP use digital or analog frequencies? If they use analog frequencies, could someone give me the exact frequencies to...
  13. T

    BCD996XT trunking question

    I just uploaded all the info for Dent County Missouri using Freescan, but still am not receiving any calls from Sheriff department (trunked). What should I look for, or can someone look at my file for me? I have other scanners but they are using the conventional method. I am new to the...
  14. P

    Grecom PSR-300 - HELP !

    Hi to all. I just picked this scanner up and for the first time I am at absolute zero with programming this radio. I have downloaded a trial of Win97 and PSR-300. I do not have a premimum subscrition and I don't wont to risk purchasing with no understanding of programing to really include the...
  15. Dustybill69

    St.Charles (Future) 800/900 and Unknown 2(2) talkgroup question. O'Fallon????

    I'm confused over the whole st.Charles city talk groups and new future system. I don't remember where I found the St.Charles City MOT 800/900 system that I have programed right now in my scanner but I can no longer find this system on RR but I do see the new future simulcast feqs and do realize...
  16. D

    KCFD Feed

    Kansas City Fire Department and Police feed is up and running. It's under Jackson County in Missouri. Enjoy
  17. conrad314

    Home Patrol

    Any Missourians buying the Home Patrol?
  18. jeatock

    What other states are finding out the hard way.

    Option One: Develop a genuinely open standard plan that every agency and any vendor can quickly and easily participate in. Fix the DPS's problems without saddling the local agencies with costs they can't afford. Leave the local traffic local, but allow for statewide interoperability when it is...
  19. WhiteRabbitZooms6S

    North St. Louis CO - noob with scanner in car - antenna on top

    Got a Pro-164 from Radio Shack. PRO-164 1000-Channel Handheld Scanner - RadioShack.com And this antenna, hooked up to the top of my car: Magnet-mount mobile scanner antenna - RadioShack.com Driving around STLCO a lot, and wanted to know: <b>What now? What's good listening?</b> Listening...
  20. indepmo

    Independence Missouri PD/FD now streaming on rr

    Independence Missouri PD/FD streaming on RR. Please provide any feedback.