1. K

    389 NAC

    I am trying to scan a sheriff's tactical channel in Richland County, MT. I've listed what I'm given below. I am using CHIRP software for handheld BTech radios. I don't understand NAC well enough apparently, because I don't know how to put this into my CHIRP software to make the 389 NAC show up...
  2. The_NotARubicon

    Filtering P25 simplex on NAC in Sentinel - possible?

    I monitor a simplex P25 channel - no trunking or anything fancy, just a NAC. There are two entities using this same frequency - the one I monitor using P25+NAC, and the other using DMR. I would like to be able to filter-out the company transmitting DMR, so I only hear the P25. I thought I...
  3. BCasto

    System ID and NAC

    If using a BCD996P2 or BCD996XT, can I determine the system ID and NAC of a P25 voice channel I am hearing. I can get the system ID if I hold on a control channel. I can get the NAC if holding on a voice channel in search mode. Is there a way to get both at the same time from a voice channel?
  4. Bote

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: How to receive all NAC?

    On the 996P2 and the mobile 996 family of scanners how do I program a conventional frequency such that it hears ANY NAC that it receives? Is it 293 or F7E or just leave it blank? Thanks.
  5. mcjones2013

    173.45 $167 Encrypted Downtown Sacramento

    At around 3:10pm today I was scanning the Federal VHF and UHF ranges (1/27/2015) and I received and am still receiving encrypted traffic on 173.4500 with a NAC of $167. Based on that NAC I'm going to assume it's FBI traffic of some sort, but I could be wrong. I'll keep on monitoring it and see...
  6. B

    Help! I need Polk county NAC, please

    I need the Network Access Code (NAC) for the Polk county P25 system. I need it to program my P25 800mhz radio. Please note that I am NOT programming the radio to affiliate with the system ( I consider this in appropriate) or operate on the trunking system. I simply want to scan and hear the...
  7. G

    PSR-800 Record/Playback Question

    If you are recording channels w/ Tone Search or NAC Search, will the radio display the PL/DPL tone or NAC code that was active during the recording? Also, is there any way to record audio from Limit Searches or Signal Sweepers? If so, does it display tone or NAC on playback? Thanks!
  8. J

    P25 Conventional System

    I'm wanting to set up a Motorola Quantar as a P25 repeater with multiple talkgroups for our FD. My thought was to set up a talkgroup for each district. Each talkgroup would have the same NAC but different TGID. We will be running XTS2500 VHF / XTL2500 VHF units on the system. One drawback is...
  9. joshua86


    If a frequency has a NAC Tone, does this mean its encrypted? If so are there scanners that will decrypt the NAC tone? Thanx in advance.
  10. M

    APCO P-25...Do I need to set P25 NAC or CTSS/DCS?

    Hello all! I just recently set up a new BCD396XT to monitor the newly activated Dublin/Delaware/Worthington OH Police/Fire/EMS/City... Question #1: I see there is a function in one of the scanner menus for choosing either P25 NAC or CTSS/DCS. Are these settings I need to be concerned with...
  11. G

    Programming a Motorola Astro For Apco-25

    Hello all this is my first post so please be gentle with me if it is in the wrong topic I have a Motorola Astro Saber Digital APCO. where do i put the freq and Nac. I know i put the freq under personality, but where do i put the Nac tone 466. or do i need to convert the Nac tone. I am using...