1. P

    What brand (decodes) DMR, NXDN, and other digital modes (besides P25) the best?

    I was wondering because I'm planning to get the BCD996P2 and I want to know which scanner brand receives all digital modes (except P25) the clearest. Edit: I meant decode.
  2. R

    Doubts about GPS in NEXEDGE

    Hello friends, I have a question about the NEXEDGE related to GPS data, I have captured a signal that gives me this information: In the events window: 2023/02/02 15:40:10 RAN=12 LOCN; Tgt=1 Src=67 37.35875 -5.86354 59mASL 4kph 225° In the CC.bat: 2023.02.02 15:40:09 Sync:+NXDN48 CB DATA...
  3. SpectralContent

    Kenwood NX-3720 wanted

    Looking for a new or used NX-3720. Message me if you have one you would like to sell/trade! Email: Thanks
  4. E

    Are Kenwood Digital Radios compatible with the Mototrbo Standard?

    I know over analog, these would obviously be compatible, and I'm pretty sure that Kenwood is the only brand that uses NXDN, but Motorola is not the only brand that uses Trbo. In simpler terms, do the Kenwood Digitals have a Mototrbo mode or is it only NXDN?
  5. J

    DSD+ Fastlane Not Decoding NexEdge

    I have been using my SDR with DSD+ for serval months. Until now I have always monitored P25 trunked systems. Recently I decided to I wanted to monitor a local NXDN/NexEdge 4800 system. My DSD+ Event screens show that the sdr has locked on to the NexEdge system and it is showing various talk...
  6. L

    Kenwood Site Roaming Setup Repeater locks in TX Mode

    Over the weekend I experienced a problem with our or Kenwood NXR-710 repeater sites connected to site roaming. The area that was affected called and advised that they could not transmit and they were not receiving any radio traffic. Looked at the system had it showed all sites up and running...
  7. M

    For simply receiving NXDN digital audio, do I need to use the 'NXDN Trunking System' feature when programming my radio?

    Hello all, I am looking to program my Kenwood NX-300-K radio. I have the KPG-111D programming software. My intentions are to use this radio to receive, not transmit, both analog AND NXDN channels. Does anyone know if I need to use the 'NXDN Trunking System' feature in the programming software...
  8. V


    Please Note NXDN NXCOre servers for Kenwood nexedge and Icom IDAS repeaters have been setup, and are also intergrated with the new mmdvm NXDN system for VK NXDN systems countrywide. New high speed servers have been setup in Sydney. Audio quality is exceptional. Please email vk4tux regarding...
  9. K

    NX-5000 mobile pricing

    I have done a few research , i am trying to put a price on a kit .. what i am looking for ; 1 deck VHF Nexedge and DMR 1 deck UHF low (380-470) Nexedge and DMR 1 deck 700-800 P25 With 2 or 3 head (preferably 3) does all of that can operate together can i scan all vhf-uhf and 700-800 in...
  10. kc0bqb

    Nexedge - NX-700 Signal Strength

    Is there a way to log signal strength from the NX-700 through the com port? We are trying to do some testing/logging on the coverage area of the trunking repeater. Thanks, Josh kc0bqb
  11. TomServo

    Info on the Foley-Robertsdale-Daphne-Bay Minette NXDN system — anyone listening?

    So, I was wondering if anyone in Baldwin County has had any success monitoring the NEXEDGE system that these cities use. I acquired an SDR a while back for SW/HF monitoring and since conditions have been poor down in those bands, I've expanded into seeing what else this thing can do. With...
  12. H

    DSD+ 1.101 works on all systems but this one!?!

    Hi all, I have a successfully configured DSD+ install using a RTL2832u + R820T SDR stick. All other systems decode successfully when I have a strong enough signal, but not this one. The problem is not with noise, as the signal is way above the floor. Based on my experience, it sounds like a...
  13. K

    GPS and Dispatch Software

    In the following link you can download demo version of EZ PTT Software, user guide and troubleshooting included Fleet Sync and Nexedge compatible (including new special status for NX5000 series), advanced GPS functions, call recording, automatic answering machine, calls reports among other...
  14. A

    nexedge channel spacing

    Hello forum members. I have a question, will the nx 740 which is 6.25 khz only receive nexedge digital signals that are 12.5 khz. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Z

    Kenwood NX-5300

    Where can I buy a NX-5300 portable radio from as well as what would the cost be for having options for P25 conventional, Nexedge Conventional, analogue conventional and LTR trunking?
  16. Z

    Marquette University Nexedge

    Is all of Marquette University's operations & public safety on nexedge trunking or are there some departments that are on conventional nexedge. Specifically, public safety dispatch is noted in the database as nexedge 6.25 conventional.
  17. DFD1994

    Where to go from here: The next purchase

    Hello All, I appreciate you taking the time here to read my post and hopefully offer up some assistance in this decision I am looking to make here in the near future. I am currently the owner of a Uniden HomePatrol-1 (Yes I know it ruined scanning for some of you, made it available to the...
  18. B

    Kenwood NXR-710 IP network compatibility with Icom IDAS

    I am curious if anyone has any experiance with using Icom Digital IDAS radios on a Kenwood nexedge IP conventional digital networked repeater system? I am not talking about the trunking portion, but the digital conventional side. Thankyou everyone!
  19. traumacop

    Nexedge audio

    I am preparing to install a Nexedge repeater at an existing site. I'm looking for an audio sample of an existing site that I can use for training presentation. Can someone upload a clip or point me to a RR audio feed that uses Nexedge. I know Kenwood and Icom have examples on their sites, but...