1. V

    WR120: Flashing NOAA sign meaning?

    Hi everyone! I have a Midland WR120 weather radio. Had it for a little over a year or so, kept it in the office (2nd floor of house, no metal roof) on my table next to the computer whose right in front of a window. No complaints...seemed to work great. I setup "the littleless shack that could"...
  2. HavenBTS

    Atlantic City NOAA 162.400

    At midnight my weather radio alarm went off with a 10 day sentry alert. I know that that means that there hasn't been a weather alsert in 10 days. I just realized that this is the second week in a row that this occurred. The first thing I checked was for reception of 162.400. There wasn't. I...
  3. thenikonknight


    Hello. I am interested in the BAOFENG BF-T8 radios. I like the form factor and that they're inexpensive. However, before purchasing, I'd like to know if I need a license to operate that radio? I don't want to get in trouble or get fined. The radio would be for family use only during hiking...
  4. R

    not sure what im doing wrong

    I've recently been trying to receive images from the noaa polar satellites but i have yet to get an actual image ive received steady signal from several of the satellites but all i see are black screens and static, im using an rtl sdr and the dipole it comes with with a wideband lna (5Mhz-4Ghz)...
  5. K

    FRS/GMRS radios in development for these specs?d

    Hello. I am on a search team for lost/missing people in wilderness areas using dogs. We have been using the .5 watt FRS radios, and they cut out a bunch. So we resort to other apps to communicate among team members and Base, but these have their own shortcomings at times. My question: Does...
  6. R

    Old Regency ACT R 106 only NOAA

    Just joined today as I just got my first scanner yesterday. It is the old Regency ACT R 106 model. I am able to receive the local NOAA weather broadcast on the last/most furthest right indicator only. The other nine produce nothing other than the squelch noise(?). Any help would greatly be...
  7. K

    Equipment for streaming NOAA Weather Radio

    Now that weather radio is permitted on Broadcastify I've volunteered to provide the stream for my local area. I would prefer to use a regular weather band radio for this instead of keeping a scanner tied up for such a simple task. The issue I've found is that all the weather radios I've found...
  8. A

    Large open fields near North Dallas area

    I'm looking for a good place to catch weather satellite data near Allen, but out of the suburbs. I've thought about the McKinney Airport, but I'm worried about RF interference. Some country road where I can pull off to the side in a car with the horizon viewable in all directions would be...
  9. M

    NOAA Weather Patch to Mototrbo System

    Working off a XPR8300 and a mix of digital and analog channels is there a reliable way to have a NOAA weather radio transmit (possibly a VOX feature) on the primary channel for when there is a weather alert for the county the system is in? Has anyone tried this type of setup before? Thanks mwuc14
  10. Chief45414

    Morris Co SO broadcasts "this is no drill" attack warning

    At about 11 AM on 9/28, an EAS alert was broadcast over the Morris County TX Sheriff's dispatch channel 154.875. The EAS alert, preceded by the EAS SAME tone bursts and warning tones, announced that 16 Chinese nuclear missiles were inbound and would impact within the next 15 minutes. The message...
  11. M

    help with uv82

    i have a baofeng uv-82 radio and it will not let me manualy program noaa frequency. it just beeps when i press mem-ch i think it has somthing todo with the fact that its receiving a signal while i try to program but noaa allways transmits so how can i program. also will the uv5r usb cable work...
  12. marksroberson

    Quick Call and NOAA WX radio

    I have a Motorola HT1000 VHF I use for Ham repeaters, and I also have the 7 weather channels programmed in. but i would like to use it as a weather alert radio but when i set up Quick-Call it seems that it uses 2 tones, and there must be a delay between tone 1 and tone 2. using the 1060 Hz tone...
  13. marksroberson

    APT Image Problem

    I Have tried to receive the NOAA APT satellites on the 136-137 MHz range but i can never see the picture (its attached) i use MultiPSK and use a TYT TH-9800 Quad band radio can anyone help!
  14. marksroberson

    137 MHZ NOAA satellite antenna ideas?

    I want to get into "APT" viewing on the 136-137 MHz range due to my intrist in the HF weather satellite frequencies, however, many pictures I decode on HF are charts, or other non-satellite picture, but I did recieve a satellite picture at 8:00 PM 1/26/2015 on a frequency I have stored...
  15. kk4dnl

    NOAA / NWS Fill In The Blank Weather Sheet?

    Has anyone ever hear of a fill in the blank sheet for NOAA / NWS radio transmissions? I have a very bad memory and thought it to be a great idea to have a sheet of laminated paper that has the basic structure of a NOAA radio transmission filled out and you the listener just fill in the blanks...
  16. daugherh

    GSP NOAA Weather Radio Question

    I happened to tune to WXJ21 (162.550 MHz) about 3:15 PM today, Sunday July 21 2013 and noticed that the broadcast fluctuated between the normal computer generated voice you normally hear and what sounded like a true human talking into the mic. Anyone know if the transmitter is having problems or...
  17. N

    Same Codes and Event Codes

    Hello Everyone on RR, Just a quick question.. So i've got this scanner.. Radioshack Pro-106 and I can program in SAME codes on it for my county and surrounding counties. Can someone please explain to me what Event codes are and do you need them for the SAME codes to work? Thank you! Henry N2HJS
  18. jcop225

    NOAA Radio

    Does any one know of anyone outside the RF relm that use NOAA broadcasts for weather, as far as I know receivers of this band are on scanners, amater radios, and CB/Marine radios and dedicated weather reveivers, all of which are not in the possesion of the common consumer.
  19. F


    Does anyone know what Skywarn is i have the button on my scanner i seems like NOAA and the NWS
  20. F

    Picking Up Commercial Airlines

    I was wanting to know if there was a way i could pick up TYS airport Comm i live about 30 mi away from the airport but live next to a repeater. I am new to this stuff.