paging tones

  1. Quik-Call03B74

    Inquiry for Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling Information (2+2 2-Tone Sequential Paging)

    Hello, I am 911 Telecommunicator/Radio Collector that has taken special interest in Motorola Quik-Call™ 2+2 (QC-I) paging. I own 3 Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling T1251-B units, as well as 2 Zetron Model 25 consoles, and a Midian Electronics PDE-1 Encoder which also encodes QC-I. I am...
  2. C

    P25 Conventional 2-tone.

    Hello, I am looking for assistance on programming a Unication G5 UHF-7/800mhz. Before anyone slams me, I had bought this off eBay from a unication dealer and they will not provide programming assistance, since they are not from the area. I have had this receiver/pager for about two weeks. I...
  3. B

    Indianapolis Fire Department Station Tones

    Does anyone have a list of the tones used to alert each individual Indy FD? Looking at being able to set up to only hear certain stations. Thanks!
  4. w2lie

    Sevier County Dispatch Question

    Hi All, I'm not from the UT area and I have a programming question for a customer of mine. They gave me tone out information for Richfield, Monroe, and Salina. I'm told that Richfield and Monroe are toned out on 151.0250. If I am reading his notes correctly, Salina is toned out on 151.3700 He...
  5. B

    G5 Paging Issues

    I have been having issues with the G5 paging over 2-tone analog. I have tried multiple different settings in the 2-tone protocol and several firmwares from Unication which have not helped. I have described the problem below and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and has any...
  6. C

    New here Minitor V

    hi i am new here and i am lookingfor some help i am looking at getting a minitor V pager and was wonder if there is a law that says u cant have a pager if youare not in the fdor emt in the state of virginia and if not i was looking for the frequencies and paging tones for south boston/halifax...