paging tones

  1. w2lie

    Sevier County Dispatch Question

    Hi All, I'm not from the UT area and I have a programming question for a customer of mine. They gave me tone out information for Richfield, Monroe, and Salina. I'm told that Richfield and Monroe are toned out on 151.0250. If I am reading his notes correctly, Salina is toned out on 151.3700 He...
  2. B

    G5 Paging Issues

    I have been having issues with the G5 paging over 2-tone analog. I have tried multiple different settings in the 2-tone protocol and several firmwares from Unication which have not helped. I have described the problem below and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and has any...
  3. C

    New here Minitor V

    hi i am new here and i am lookingfor some help i am looking at getting a minitor V pager and was wonder if there is a law that says u cant have a pager if youare not in the fdor emt in the state of virginia and if not i was looking for the frequencies and paging tones for south boston/halifax...