pro 106

  1. R

    pro 106 repair

    im looking for someone that can check my pro 106 radio. it will scan,search and has squelch but will not stop and transmit on any of these no traffic at all any ideas thanks for advise
  2. P

    Barix metadata / alpha tags...

    Hello: Looking for some help. I burned out 5 old laptops since 2012 uploading a feed and decided to go the Barix Instreamer route. There is mention from Barix that the Instreamer CAN upload metadata / alpha tags (...similar to an internet radio station showing title/track/artist names during a...
  3. E

    Pro-106: Needs Programmed

    I am trying to program the pro 106. I had a gentleman at radio shack do it for me when i bought it. Thet are out of business so... I am in Franklin County PA and looking for help? Any suggestions on program for the computer or how to manually enter the information? I watched videos on you tube...
  4. B

    what program to use to upload to scanner

    what programs can i use to upload to my pro 106? im thinking about buying a premium subscription so i can upload to my scanner. is it worth it? im going to want anything in raytown missouri on my scanner. i want to listen to things other than police/fire/ems is that possible? any guides on how...
  5. B

    Pro-106: Manually putting just a few frequencies in my scanner

    I would like to just put a few frequencies in my scanner from my city but am having trouble, i don't have money to buy a subscription so it downloads it to my scanner for me so im trying to do it manually. could someone "dumb" it down for me? i have all the talkgroup numbers i want to install...
  6. G

    How to make a programming cable for Pro-106, Pro-651, and the like

    To make a inexpensive programming cable for the Pro-106, Pro-651, all you need is a CP2102 USB to TTL converter (about $5.00) and an old 1/8 inch stereo cable. Cp2102 TX goes to the "Ring" and the RX goes to the "Tip", ground to ground, 3 wires! Windows 10 recognized the CP2102 and installed...
  7. dfbailey

    PRO-106 Alpha Tags & WIN500 v02.08

    Several agencies just updated to the P25 system so I had to update my scanners. I also downloaded the most recent version of WIN500. For some reason some of the groups are not showing the ALPHA TAGS even though they are all filled in. Any ideas what I am missing? I want to get my feed...
  8. J

    Pro-106: I can't figure out how to turn off password protection

    I activated the password protection on my pro 106. I now regret it, I turn on my scanner when I hear sirens in the area. I waste time entering my code and may miss exciting radio transmissions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. D

    Found streaming and recording software

    Hi everyone. I found streaming software and I would like your input about it. This software worked for me for streaming my scanner online and my friend said it sounded good on his end. the thing I don't like about it is that it uses my IP as an address to connect. I would like your opinion...
  10. W

    Pro 106 does not enable

    Pro 106 says "nothing enabled". When I do what the manual says, it does not change
  11. C

    Lowndes co Motorola Type 2 Smartzone

    I have a pro 106 that I am trying to program for Mototola Type 2 Smartzone. I have the ARC 500 programming software and have uploaded the system information from RR. I have updated my filmware on my scanner. ver Ru2.1 DSP RU1.4 DSP VocVer 1.0 I am not picking up anything and am not sure what to...
  12. 1

    How to fix PSR-500, Pro-106, Pro-651 Keypad

    Just an informational post, if anyone has a scanner with a worn out keypad that won't register key hits, here is a video on how to repair them. Pretty easy and cheap! This should also be the same type of procedure for pretty much any handheld scanner.
  13. 1

    Pro-651 USB Cable the same for Pro-106?

    Hopefully this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but is the pro 106 usb programming cable the same as the pro 651 usb cable? Online it seems they are segregated out and are sold differently, but they look the exact same. I have a programming cable for a pro 164 which is supposed to also work...
  14. 2

    What is the difference between a PRO-106 and a PRO-651?

    I've seen both on Amazon. They look the same. But there has to be a difference.
  15. Y

    Pro 106 missing calls

    My uncle has the Pro 106, I just purchased the Uniden HomePatrol. We were comparing them and we both set our scanner to Fire dispatch channel in Colorado Springs. Half of the calls would not be heard on his scanner, while mine had traffic. He has had the Pro 106 for about 6 years, it has never...
  16. K

    RS Pro-106 battery assistance

    Hey, This is my first post here so hopefully I get it right LOL. I have a Pro-106. I must say its a nice unit. I do have one problem with it though. I've been using rechargeable batteries in the radio since I bought it. However, it seems I have to replace the batteries once a month because...
  17. T

    Clinton Freqs

    How would I program in a Motorola Type II SmartZone? would that be the Mot 800/900 or how does that work? I am new to the scanner world so I don't know how to go about doing that :) I have a Pro 106. What are the Clinton Freqs? Thanks Chris
  18. J

    Distortion on line-in when using A/C adaptor through IMac

    Trying to stream my RS Pro 106 through my iMac. Going from headphone out of scanner to line in of iMac. Works fine when powered by batteries. When powered by A/C adaptor get severe background hum while streaming even when scanner is not on. Even get hum through computer speakers when not...
  19. D

    Upgraded antenna, can't hear MSP?

    Hey everyone, I finally bought myself a pro-106 a few months ago, and still new to all of this. I finally have that beast tweaked out, and it works great. I took a ride over to the HRO in Salem, NH. I upgraded the rubber duck to the RH77CA Diamond antenna. I was told that this is a shifty...
  20. A

    Just bought a Home Patrol, but thinking of getting a Pro-106 before 30 day return

    Hello, I would like to first introduce myself as a newcomer to scanners, as its taken a while for me to save enough money for a good scanner. I also recently acquired a job at Radio Shack which of course grants me a discount on most items (partly just to get myself a scanner ;-) ). After months...