pro 106

  1. J

    Audio/Video Cable for Pro-106?

    I've recently stumbled onto a problem with my Pro-106 Scanner and my PC/IF cable. (RS Category No. 20-047). It seems that either A). My computers sound card is not capable of picking up the audio data being put out from the scanner and cable or B). The model cable I have for the scanner isn't...
  2. C

    our area rebanded yesterday 4-13-2012

    Our pro 106 and our gre psr 600 does not do anything! We took the pro 106 to radio shack today and they cloned a set of v scanner files in it and it now still does there something I have to do now myself to get the scanner to function since the I need to readd the...
  3. N2SCV

    Bayonne and JC Trunk Systems

    Are the control channels low power? My new Pro-106 will not pick up these systems from S.I. near the Outerbridge. Also, I'm trying to learn this radio and using ARC-500 to program it. Any pointers? Thanks.
  4. J

    Harford county sheriff

    Hi, RR im brand new to scanning and wondering if any of you know the car to car frequency and talk group for the harford county sheriffs officer. I have a pro-106 and I'm manually programming. Thank you, Jared :)
  5. T

    Developing iPhone remote for pro106?

    Hi guys, just learning a small bit of programming here. I was wondering what kinds of things I would need to do utilize in order to reverse engineer the scanner as to see what kinds of activity runs on the serial port and how to interpret it and create an application that works remotely over...
  6. N

    New Pro 106 TN Highway Patrol

    I think I have programmed my 106 correctly, I am getting trunk and conventional frequencies but I am not receiving the TN HP from my Memphis area home. Any changes to their frequencies. Specifically those in the 42 and 45 ranges?
  7. E

    Programming Radio Shack Pro 106

    I am a New Kensington (Westmoreland County), PA resident. I have a new RS PRO 106 scanner and I am having trouble programming it. I know if I had someone walk me through a few basics, I'd be up and running. I don't know enough about the parameters to guess. I've tried guessing and I'm worse off...
  8. N

    MPSCS in Detroit using Pro 106 -- No audio

    I just got a Pro 106 and downloaded the trial software and cleared out the memory and created a new Trunk system object using the primary and secondary control freq's listed for Detroit Simulcast. System type: P25 AUTO Alpha Tag MPSCS Freqs: 868.72500 867.07500 868.53750 868.93750...
  9. F

    Pro-106 Skipping Voice

    I just recently took role of my frequencies, and refigured where i want them, as sorted in banks. I have priority on a few of the channels probably about 15 of them, my Pri - interval is set at 15, but it says i have no pri channels, Im thinking that this may be related to the voice skipping...
  10. B

    No Longer hearing drive-thru chatter

    Hi Folks, I live in the S.W Detroit. Lincolon Park area and I use to get alot of traffic from drive thru fastfood resturants ie: Wendys, Burger King Taco Bell,ect... on the freqency but, I no longer can pick up the traffic. Anybody else expierence this? did they change...
  11. G

    Stamford CT PD Frequency Help - with a Pro-106

    Hey there guys, Back into the scanning scene after a number of years and I know some things have changed since my last foray into this hobby. (Previous radios, Pro-94, Bearcat 200XLT, Regency Tabletop, Bearcat Five-Six) Just picked up a new Pro-106 and I am having some problems getting it...
  12. T

    pro 106 & trunking multiple control channels for LACWIRS

    I'm not quite sure where to post this thread, but I have a question. I own a RS pro 106 and I was wondering if I can program ALL the system channels into one channel list and not have to add the talk groups again and again for each set of control channels (as to save on memory). Or would I...
  13. R

    New 800MHz Antenna

    I recently purchased a Radio Shack 800 MHz antenna. 800MHz Scanner Antenna - It is a replacement antenna for my PRO-106 Digital Scanner. I am experiencing a few problems. First, all digital trunked systems receive great and have excellent signal strength. The problem is that...
  14. C

    Help with pro 106 will pay to have it programed

    Hi guys i have never had a scanner and trying to understand all this and read the book is hard when you own 3 business's so if anyone is in the Milford area just east of Cincinnati i would be willing to pay someone to stop over and program my scanner for the stuff i need in it please call me at...
  15. K

    pro 106 MPSCS washtenaw county help?

    Hi, Kevin here. I'm 2 weeks in with the pro 106 using the arc500 to program it. I live in washtenaw county and hear nothing but garble, occasionally I'll hear something but not much as it cuts in and out...even tho it shows a strong signal. I have it programed with the right MPSCS P25AUTO...
  16. J

    Strong signal, no audio

    I programmed my pro106 to pick up a trunking system. I'm positive I programmed it correctly because I hear transmissions from the city that I programmed. The problem is sometimes I don't hear anything - even when the LED lights up. I'll hear the first part of a radio traffic conversation and not...
  17. C

    Help with pro 106

    Hello to all i just bought a new pro 106 here in Cincinnati Ohio they programmed the radio for me and said that's all they could do but its not for the area i want and the way i want it set up if there is anyone in the Milford area that knows how to program these and will set it up the way i...
  18. E

    Pro 106 took a tumble off the dashboard

    My father owns a Pro 106 and had the idea to set it on the dashboard, but when he took off it tumbled off the dashboard and banged against the stick shift in his car and onto the floor. I tried reprogramming it because I had thought that maybe some buttons had gotten pressed on the way down and...
  19. F

    Pro-106 Trunking Programing Help

    I am very new to trunking scanners, I am trying to program a LTR system, Genesee Business Radio #2 Trunking System, Rochester, New York - Scanner Frequencies . From what I have found, I should be doing this right, but apparently I am not.... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Tim
  20. D

    How do I search for a talkgroup?

    I've had a PRO106 for over a year now, but haven't really done anything with it outside of scanning the pre-packaged info for my city. In the past few days I've bought a cheap windows laptop, a copy of WIN500 and jumped into the deep end of the pool. The campus where I work has security guards...