pro 106

  1. B

    Pro106/Win500 Please help make correction

    Of the six scan groups I've programmed on my Pro106 using Win500 & RR, I'm getting a "nothing enabled" message on group 4. I've saved each of the six groups separately. Group 4 is my EMS group. Can you walk me through the steps I need to follow with my radio and the software to re-insert the...
  2. 2

    New to scanners. New Pro-106

    I found out I was getting a scanner for Christmas and signed up for this website. I've been reading some of the past questions that folks have posted but I havn't really found anything thatdescribes what I've gotten myself into. So here goes. Equipment: Radio Shack Pro-106 scanner Radio Shack...
  3. E

    Having trouble programming my Pro-106

    I am wanting to program my scanner for two different towns, but here is the issue. One of the towns is Nashville, which is already in the preprogrammed V-Scanner folder of TN-GA-MO, but the other is one that I have to enter in manually. I'm guessing that because of the way the Preprogrammed info...
  4. SPFLDtv

    Programming Software

    I paid for the programming sofware for my Pro 106. I can't seem to find the software. I found the trial version of the software, but I can't figure out where to find the software I paid for, or where to enter the license key to unlock the full version. Where is it?
  5. robertshaw

    Pro-106 - Buildng a Programming Cable - Help Please

    Hi, Running Win500 and using a Prolific USB to serial converter, I have connected things like this: USB to Prolific with a DB9 connector >> Pin2 to tip of a 1/8" plug, Pin3 to middle (ring) terminal, Pin5 (signal ground) to sleve terminal. I've reversed Pins 2 and 3 to test, but no success...
  6. P

    Pro 106 deactivating a search mode

    When setting the scanner to a signal stalker search, service search or any other search, how to you get the scanner to stop searching, when your finished searching?
  7. EHammarstrom

    Programming PRO-106

    I recently bought the PRO-106 and know how to program a CONV frequency. I am wondering what is the difference between a Trunked system and Talkgroup? Do I have to program all the frequencies in either a Tunked and/or Talkgroup to hear the whole conversation?
  8. whiterabbit_medic

    03 ford focus and apt shack

    This is my home shack with my 2 radio shack pro 2096 top one is scanning the Colorado DTRS and the bottom scans Air, UHF&VHF. The top uses the 800mhz rubber antenna from radio shack and the bottom uses the stock antenna that works for the limits of what I can get in my apartment( no window or...
  9. whiterabbit_medic

    pro 106 volume squelch knob issue

    I have recently started to have issues with my pro 106 volume squelch knob. It seems to stick together when trying to adjust ether the volume or the squelch. it only after about 11:00 position on the knob, is there a way to safely clean it so I can prevent it locking up or having to send it in...
  10. S

    Sound Quality Issue on Pro 106

    I must first thank those who have already helped me here by answering my questions. I have now had my pro 106 for a few months and have had plenty of time to test test it. It seems that both the sound quality (speaker distortion and frequency range) has much to be desired in such and expensive...
  11. P

    (Actual) programming information sources?

    Hi, I have a neat idea for an application (I have a Pro-106) and being a programmer, the skills to pull it off. I have the 20-047 programming cable (which I use with PSR500). Can anyone point me towards any documentation for how to talk to scanners such as the Pro-106 via Windows based...
  12. T

    PSR-500 vs BCD396XT For a newbie

    Hello all I was planning on buying a scanner. Now I pretty much understand how trunking works. I have been researching scanning for about a year and I am a new ham as well. Now here in columbus, oh they use a motorola type II system which is analog. Now if I wasn't going all over the states i...