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  1. A

    MA/COM P7100ip Programming Cable Assistance

    I made an account just for this, but I've been lurking for a while. My XO has acquired a good deal of MA/COM P7100s, a far cry different from the AN/PRC 152s and 1523s we're equipped to program and fill. My JTNT doesn't have a 25 pin port, so I can't order a TQ3392 cable. The only cable I can...
  2. GraniteScanner

    Seeking Saber Programming Cable

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a programming cable for a Motorola M2 Saber (Model H04RDF9PW7AN) this is the one with 6 blue buttons on the front. I have a RIB unit and the proper CPS but lack the correct cable. I have purchased this cable off ebay but I heard it was the incorrect one for this...
  3. Engine79-7

    Baofeng Issue Programming BTech DMR 6X2 Pro

    Literally just purchased this radio. I like the features offered and I like the options the software gives. I have downloaded the CPS and ALL drivers for this cable. The radio seems to acknowledge the download and everything says it acknowledges and has been completed. But when the radio...
  4. Hytera PC45 Programming Cable

    Hytera PC45 Programming Cable

    Hytera PC45 Programming Cable. I used it with my PD682 which is now up for sale. USPS Priority Shipping for lower 48. Payment via PayPal Only. No Facebook or Venmo.
  5. allandunn

    MD=2017 Programming Cable

    Ten months ago I purchased a MD-2017 for amateur radio use.. Problem is that two of my programming cables have failed apparently due to poor workmanship limiting my use of the radio. Is there any source for a reliable programming cable?
  6. N

    Programming CDM via Accessory Port with FTDI RIB-less cable

    After several months, and fully dedicating a weekend to this project, I have pieced together from various sources (especially this forum), enough information to make an Accessory Port programming cable for the Motorola GM/CDM radios that will work with the generally available FTDI based RIB-less...
  7. G

    How to make a programming cable for Pro-106, Pro-651, and the like

    To make a inexpensive programming cable for the Pro-106, Pro-651, all you need is a CP2102 USB to TTL converter (about $5.00) and an old 1/8 inch stereo cable. Cp2102 TX goes to the "Ring" and the RX goes to the "Tip", ground to ground, 3 wires! Windows 10 recognized the CP2102 and installed...
  8. M

    TK-3173 UHF Handheld Transceiver

    Greetings to all ! This is my first post on here so please forgive me if I am not posting this properly. I recently was given a Kenwood TK-3173 UHF handheld transceiver that needs to be re-programmed since right now it is programmed for the previous owners with business frequencies. I want to...
  9. Eclipsesecurityinc

    Midland ML3215 Programming Cable Pinout

    Hello, I Have a Midland ML3215 Radio REV.E . Cant Find The Programming Cable Online. So Attempting To Make One. Any Know Where I May Find A Pinout / Cable Diagram So I Can Make One. Any Help Would Be Appreciated
  10. R

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT-50R Programming Tip

    Recently installed CHIRP to program my Yaesu FT-50R HT. I purchased a USB to radio cable on Amazon which works with this radio. Cable installed on Win7 + Win 10 right away, correct latest Prolific driver. Could download FROM radio to CHIRP no problem! Every attempt to upload TO radio failed with...
  11. G

    kpt-20 programming cable

    I have a KPT-20 Programer, I dont have the cable for programing a tk-820. does anybody have the cable wiring so i can build one myself as they are not being made anymore. thanks
  12. A

    $1 for a Baofeng Programming Cable?

    Found a site $1 for a Baofeng Programming Cable including shipping. Is it reliable? 2 Pack 2015 Baofeng GT-3TP Transceiver US + 2 Remote Speaker + 1 Programming Cable -Online Shopping for Gadgets & Electronics
  13. 1

    Pro-651 USB Cable the same for Pro-106?

    Hopefully this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but is the pro 106 usb programming cable the same as the pro 651 usb cable? Online it seems they are segregated out and are sold differently, but they look the exact same. I have a programming cable for a pro 164 which is supposed to also work...
  14. 1

    Pro-164: Pro 164 Won't Connect To Computer? Bad PC/IF Jack?

    So i've received a pro 164 that has definitely been used and slightly abused. It still works and i wouldn't suspect a bad PC/IF port if it weren't for the condition it is in...however the scanner still runs and operates great. Basically i bought one of the FTDI programming cables, (not the...
  15. R

    Tekk SD-5200 Programming

    Hi all.. Looking for a programming cable (or schematic for one..) and software for the Tekk SD-5200. This is not a current production radio, and I've already asked Tell Inc how much and availability. They say none are available from them, buy a new radio! Well.. A good deal was had on a few of...
  16. 8

    BCT15X: Need Help, Please!!!

    I recently purchased the Uniden BC-15x and since having it my hands am unable to listen to the things I need to. I downloaded "Freescan" and spent a couple of hours inputting many frequencies. The frequencies I need are LA County Fire, San Bernardino Fire, LA Sheriff Dispatch, LA Sheriff L-TAC...
  17. F

    VXD-7200 Programming Cable

    Trying to figure out which programming cable I need for our VXD-7200 mobiles. CT-150? CT-151? CT-154? In our installation, I've got easy access to front or rear to plug in. Getting conflicting information from different documentation.
  18. S

    HKN6155 Programming Cable for Astro Spectra Plus

    Anyone know how I can build a cable myself to program an Astro Spectra Plus? Or can I convert a HKN6184 (which is about half the price new). Or does anyone have a HKN6155 they want to sell?
  19. C

    Minitor V Programming

    I have researched for a few days now both here and on the internet in general, forgive me if I've overlooked a thread somewhere in here. I have A Minitor III/IV and V Cradles plus a Pager Interface Box, however I have lost my serial cable over the past few years of moving and changing...
  20. F

    Motorola HT1250 CPS programming

    I currently have CPS R06.04.00. We recently acquired some Motorola HT1250 radios. Can my current CPS version program these radios? All the radios say VER.NO: R05.03.02 Also, I was looking on ebay and I saw some RIBless USB cables that claim to be able to program these radios. Would they...