programming help

  1. J

    DMR - Wildcard Talkgroup

    Hello, I've seen mention of people using Talkgroup 167776415 (Hex: FFFCDF) as a "wildcard" talkgroup in their G5s. I've been trying to get this working and haven't had any luck. The only way I can get DMR working at all is to specify the discrete talkgroups that I'm interested in monitoring...
  2. K

    Vertex Standard VX160U

    Hi all, I want to program my radio to the frequencies on a Vertex Standard VX160U. I can't find the frequency list for this model anywhere, does anyone have it? I have the following information on the radio: Vertex Standard VX-160 Spec and I have the manual here: Vertex Standard VX-160U...
  3. M

    SDS100: Programming SDS100

    I have had many Uniden Scanners Including the Homepatrol 1 and 2 the Uniden 436HP and Now the SDS100. I got this when it first came out and for some reason it sounds worse than the BCD436 and Both Homepatrols. I called ZipScanners where I purchased it from and they said that I didnt program it...
  4. Radiocar

    The disappearance of MTSX RSS 6.08.

    I can't find this version for the life of me. Its one problem after another with Motorola radios (ham equipment in general). I guess that's what makes it fun. I've been trying to program my MT2000 for a little of four months now. I figured out my computer issue last night and I was finally able...
  5. N

    NX-800 and Setcom Headset Intercom

    I am trying to program the radio for use with a Setcom intercom system. The instructions they have are as follows. -Mic In: Pin 6, "MI2", default gain setting -PTT: assigned to pin 12. "AUXIO7" -COR (muting):Pin 20, "AUXIO5", ACTIVE LOW I can program the second 2 but can anyone help me with...
  6. T

    BCD436HP - suggestions on getting started

    Hi. A newbie here with both a Whistler TRX1 and Uniden BCD436HP. The Whistler is easy stuff. I input my zip or city. I select my scan list (Law Dispatch). Boom, I get my city, adjacent cities, state police, etc. I try to accomplish the same thing on the 436HP but with much less success...
  7. S

    Freescan: Help importing frequencies using freescan

    I have successfully programmed a Uniden 396XT and 325p2 scanners using the freescan software and importing from RR. But I don't see as many counties in the import wizzard of freescan as I do on the databases list on RR. How do I import those other counties too? I'm kinda new to this and any help...
  8. N

    BCD536HP: Grandmas scanner SD card went bad (under a year warranty) need help with new one

    So my grandma lives in mower county MN. Her scanner SD card went bad and I loaded all the channels from here on it and I still cannot get it to work. I even tried the basic programming but it will not get what the below link gets. It is bad when I have 5 years of corporate IT experience and...
  9. B

    Kenwood TK-5410 programming

    I have a friend who bought a kenwood tk-5410 off of EBay. It was not dealer programmed. He is having a problem finding out how to program the radios. Could anyone help?
  10. O

    396T manual programming help

    Hello everyone, I'm new to scanning and the forum, so I appreciate your patience and help. I purchased a number of months ago a 396T. The gentleman who originally programmed it, has unfortunately passed away and am trying to figure everything out on my own. He programmed the unit perfectly in...
  11. H

    Trouble Programming :(

    Hi all, I have an XPR7550 and I am trying to program it via cable, but having no luck. Cable says IMPRES Accessory when connected to the radio, and connects properly to Windows 7, but I cant seem to read or write to the radio. At a loss, any help appreciated!
  12. H

    Program Help

    Sorry if this is not the place or if already posted, I am new. I would like help programing my Radio Shack Pro-651 scanner. I have a Mac and notice the cables and programs people discuss are for Windows. Do they have a Mac version? Secondly if I need local (Indianapolis) help, does anyone know...
  13. V

    ARC Patrol: No Activity After Downloading

    I have spent the better part of the day trying to add some more LOCAL Virginia systems to my Home Patrol 1 using both Home Patrol Sentinel and ARC Patrol, and NO LUCK in getting any reception. Fist let me say, I am getting many of the other local systems, (P25 Phase 1, Motorola, Standard). The...
  14. C

    Pro-164: Programing Trunked System using Win97

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me. Ok so basically I have a pro-164 and also have the software Win97. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to program a trunked motorola II system into Win97, I have searched the internet, forums and I just cant find anything. Somebody please help me...
  15. joefil

    BCD536HP: Problems monitoring National Frequencies

    I have been programming the scanner using both Sentinel and ARC 536 PRO software. It doesn't seem very easy but I have been for the most part successful if I am programming local/county/state frequencies .have been trying to enter the National Maritime VHF and Nationwide Railroad frequencies...
  16. Robert721

    BCD536HP: Programming multiple radios

    I have several radios(436 & 536), plus a friend wants me to sent up his radio for a different area (he is not scanner or software literate, he is just a casual listener). I want them to have different data in them. different FL, QK, systems etc... Is this possible using Sentinel? I have been...
  17. N

    Kenwood: Kenwood TM V71 and narrowband public safety reception

    I have a couple of Kenwood TM V71's that I am trying to program to receive a couple of frequencies I use at work. I don't want to transmit on the public safety frequencies below, just listen to them, These VHF public safety channels are narrowband and will not program into the TM V71. The...
  18. K

    PRO-652 and Frederick County Fire

    Hi! New user here. My old analog scanner finally dies and I wanted to purchase a digital unit in anticipation of Carroll County going digital and to listen to Frederick County Fire. Bought a RS PRO-652 and had no problem loading Carroll through RadioReference download. However, have tried...
  19. L

    Baofeng UV-82L question

    Ok, just picked up a Baofeng UV-82L. I’ve downloaded and installed both the Baofeng SW as well as the CHIRP SW, both seem to work well except I can’t figure out how to program “Channel B” independently from “Channel A”. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  20. S

    BC346XT Programming Kerrville Texas

    I always thought I was of reasonable intelligence until trying to program our new Uniden BC346XT scanner. Seeking someone from Kerrville area (to include San Antonio) for hands-on assistance and training to set scanner up for a variety of areas in Texas. Will pay for your time. Thanks....Jim