programming help

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    newbie trying to program my Radio Shack pro 106

    I've recently purchased a Radio Shack Pro-106 but have no clue how to program it for the frequencies I wish to listen to. Upon using the owners manual (provided) I can't make heads or tails of what I'm doing regarding the programming of certain frequencies in my area. Police, Fire, etc. Any...
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    programming HELP!!

    I an trying to program my radio and our department has 2 channels for our fire ground one goes to the repeater and the other is a talk around channel which does not go to the repeater it is only line of sight. on our frequency listing it is 49 and 49 t/a with only one frequnecy. does anyone...
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    FCC/Motorola License

    I work for a fire dept. and we are currently looking into legally purchasing some programming equipment. What I am trying to find out is, do you have to have some sort of an FCC license to program fire dept. radios. I do understand that you have to sign a licensing agreement with motorola...
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    psr-300 manual setup of rebanding table

    Just recieved my PSR-300 for Christmas. Running 1.07 release of the firmware. I have all of the table information that I need to enter the settings for my area to reband. The only issue, I do not have any pc software or the adapter. Does anyone know how to program the rebanding information...
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    TK-940 Programming

    Hello, does anyone know where I can get 2 TK-940's programmed? I would be willing to ship them out and pay for the service. It would all be conventional systems, no trunking. Let me know. --Nick
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    PRO-197 Programming Problems - MN ARMER

    Anybody here have any advice for programming the 197 to monitor Minnesota ARMER ? I'm manually programming a friend's PRO-197 scanner. I thought I had the scanner properly programmed, but I'm getting nothing. I don't care to buy the cloning software as I own a PRO-96 and already own that...