project 25

  1. J

    TRX-1: Efficient Programming

    I've had the TRX-1 for eight months now and what I thought about it early on still stands. It takes minutes to learn but you'll never master it. What I've found difficult is programming the scanner so that it scans efficiently. Here is what I'm trying to do. 1. I'm setting up scan lists by...
  2. L

    BCD436HP Multi-Site following

    Hello, I am a little confused with Project25 Phase II multi-site scanning on my Uniden BCD436HP. I follow a fire department on the P25 Phase II system (TxWARN) so I mostly just monitor their dispatch channel and nothing else. I understand that their Motorola radios can be connected to...
  3. kf6olc

    I'm Confused?

    I have the Radio Shack Pro 668 handheld scanner. I want to program Law enforcement,Fire,EMS & Sheriffs of Sacramento County in my scanner. Sacramento County uses a combination of Motorola Type II SmartZone & Project 25 Phase I from reading RR. Do I enter both types systems & frequencies or do I...
  4. A

    Project25 en Puerto Rico

    Saludos! Quisiera saber si alguien ha podido hacer funcionar lo que aparece en la base de datos de RR, específicamente el P25 de la Policia de Puerto Rico. He programado ya varios scanners con esa información y parece no funcionar o faltarle algo. Programé recientemente un HomePatrol...
  5. A

    BCD436HP P25 Programming

    Hi! Perhaps someone can help me. I'm new to digital trunking and just go the BCD436HP a few weeks ago and have not been able to program it. The RR and Sentinel databases are no good where I live, so I have to manually program the scanner. I found a few P25 control channels (8 so far), or...
  6. fp35

    Fairfax County P25

    Does anyone know if Fairfax County is still using its Project 16 analog system and if so what the schedule is to shut it down?
  7. NFR85

    BCD436HP: Trouble listening to Project 25 Phase 1

    I have loaded all my information in my scanner as my town in Nashua,NH has switched to P25 Phase 1. I have loaded everything I believe is correct please look over the screen shots. When anyone talks my scanner is still scanning. What I've done 1. The latest firmware is updated on scanner and...
  8. P

    PROJECT 25

    yes i live in midland and we have a (project 25) and it say site 1 but in the data bank it has lots to choose from but when i go to scan that site it just gives me the site 1 and thats it but i do get a signal but no sound it says ID searching onec in a wile ill get TGID 40273 and ill have...
  9. B

    Garbled transmissions

    Help, I am new to scanning project 25 systems. I am trying to scan York County, VA. Everything I hear is garbled. Any suggestions?
  10. B

    Trunked Frequencies in Pleasanton???

    I would appreciate any insight to my in that, I am confused about the trunked frequencies used by the Pleasanton Police and Fire Departments. I am finding two RadioReference sources - one says they operate on the Motorola II Smartnet while the other reference is showing the Project 25 Phase I...
  11. J

    Metro Boston 700mhz Project

    Boston Fire tweeted that they were testing out the new 700mhz P25 trunked system for the greater Boston area ( Has anyone heard anymore about this, if it will be phase 2 or part of the MSP's new P25 system?
  12. NUGEN

    Need help programming a BC796D to Phila Project 25

    I am using Arc 250 software and have not been able to get this scanner to pick anything up. Ive tried several ways. I first loaded all frequencies then just control channels, using band plan 1 and tried 4. Nothing works...has anyone had any luck with this or can give me any insight whether it...
  13. O

    New News For Toronto Project 25

    Hi everyone, I had the opportunity to speak with a worker for the Toronto Police's Information Technology Unit today. The two person unit showed up in a marked police vehicle with the marker "ITU04." They were setting up the handheld units for the P25 system at the marine police station down on...
  14. L

    Project 25

    Not knowing a whole lot about Project 25, I was on Craigslist earlier and a place called "Poptronics" will program your radio so that they could pick up the Project 25 signal. Can anyone clarify that it's just a simple task of installing software to receive the signal. Would the scanner have to...
  15. dondraper40

    RS Pro-164 and Project 25 Systems

    Old Radio Shack Pro-95 quit working at some point. Just purchased a RS Pro-164, a subscription to this site and used Win97 to import trunked public safety for Fulton County and it worked great! However, attempting to import other counties such as Forsyth, Gwinnett, Dekalb and Cobb and its says...
  16. griffinks

    PRO-164 and Project25

    I have a Radio Shack PRO-164 Scanner and I would like to program the Project 25 for Union County to scan. Can I do this on this scanner. If so how would I program it?
  17. B

    Forsyth County P25 System Newbie

    I am brand new to scanning and have a few questions. I just purchased my first scanner, a Uniden BC246T. While reading a lot of forums and the user manual as well as a lot of information on this site I found the system type in Forsyth is a Project 25 Phase I (FDMA). Forsyth County Public...
  18. G

    Pro 197 --> Nearby Transmissions

    Any suggestions on a way to program the Pro 197 to listen to nearby P25 transmissions (Sweeper objects?)? The area is using a Project 25 Trunked system and when I tried to set up Sweeper Objects, it keeps bumping into what I believe to be the control channel. (Recently bought the a scanner after...
  19. P

    Project 25 Hybirds?

    What is a Project 25 Hybird? I am familiar with a Type 2i Hybird but a P-25 Hybird is new to me. Thanks. Happy Holidays.