1. PSR-800 (WS-1080) with official upgrade

    PSR-800 (WS-1080) with official upgrade

    I’m selling a lightly used PSR-800. It comes with all the accessories (antenna, belt clip and usb cable) plus four (4) energizer rechargeable batteries. Moved the sale to eBay due to more interest there...
  2. PSR-800 Great Condition

    PSR-800 Great Condition

    (SOLD) Selling my PSR-800. The scanner was upgraded by Whistler with the authorized Legacy DMR upgrade. I have the original box with usb cable, belt clip, the plug in adapter for the car and the cd with the owners manual that came with the scanner. I will only ship to a physical street...
  3. N

    GRECOM PSR-800

    Selling a psr-800 that was improperly upgraded. DMR does not work. Scanner handles all other tasks just fine. I bought this with the intentions of using it for my local DMR system but was not told it did not handle DMR. can email pics (too large for this site). $89 to whistler and you’ll have a...
  4. Joseph11


    I'm having a little trouble fully understanding how the DSPLevelAdapt setting works on Whistler's PSR-800 based scanners. The Easier to Read Pro-668/PSR800 Digital Scanner and EZ-Scan/iScan Software Manual states that it "controls how fast the DSP adjusts to varying P25 levels. Lower values...
  5. teknishun

    Unitrunker not creating log files with PSR-800

    I have had Unitrunker about 3 years and I have never been able to make the logging function work. I am using a PSR-800 scanner with the USB connection to a desktop pc running Windows 7 Ultimate. I am using the current version of Unitrunker which is v I have checked the logging box on...
  6. ND3U

    Slow Scaning PSR-800

    Is it just me or does the PSR-800 seem to scan real slow? I have a PSR-500 and it flies compared to the 800. Is there any way to speed up the scan rate? Second, I have everything pretty much set up and working for the Delaware Valley (PA Counties). When in scan mode it seems to miss...
  7. R

    PSR-800 lockout Radio IDs so they can't be heard on a scanlist

    I have setup a TRS with a bunch of radio ids locked out and skipped so that I don't have to hear traffic from them. But all this seems to do is not display the alpha tag I have attached to the RID's that are locked out and skipped. The reason I want to do this is the city I want to listen to's...
  8. T

    Copy data from PSR-800 to PSR-600?

    I have a PSR-800 configured the way I want. I just picked up a PSR-600 and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with moving the data from an 800 to a 600...if that's at all possible. I would like to use the 800 on the road and the 600 to stream as it passes along alpha tags. Any help...
  9. wmetech1

    PSR-800 Freezing

    I received my PSR-800 on Friday (1/4) and I have noticed two interesting issues. I wanted to throw them out to everyone here before contacting GRE. 1) When using the unit in my car, whilst plugged in to my 2 port cigarette lighter to USB adapter (name brand, not a cheap one) I have had an issue...
  10. A

    Used PSR-800 but concerned about GRE's restart.

    I found a used PSR-800 for $300.00. It looks brand new and the owner has taken great care of it. This will be my first scanner. My biggest concern is support. Would I be better of getting a uniden HP that has a warranty that I know will be covered, am is everyone confident that GRE will be...
  11. S

    PSR-800 Dmode changed to Digital

    Using the software supplied with the PSR-800 I changed all of the Talk Groups at once from the AUTO Dmode to Digital Dmode. I now want to change back to AUTO Dmode, used the same procedure to change back to AUTO Dmode and nothing happens, looks like it is working and nothing changed. Tried...
  12. mobboss

    PSR-800 Library Corupt

    Well wouldn't you know it I am on a trip with my scanner and go to update the files and is says they can't be found. I am on a Mac to boot. I have the ezscan software installed with wine but it does not see the card. I see all the files in My Documents I just don't know which one is the...
  13. M

    GRE PSR-500 vs. GRE PSR-800 (Help Me Decide On GRE's Top 2))

    Hello Radio Reference'rs, I am somewhat new to the DIGITAL scanning world but not the old. I have been looking at the GRE PSR-500 and I was sold until I noticed the PSR-800 for just a few more bucks. Even the PSR-900 is coming soon but well skip that for now.. Now besides the obvious cosmetic...
  14. G

    PSR-800 Record/Playback Question

    If you are recording channels w/ Tone Search or NAC Search, will the radio display the PL/DPL tone or NAC code that was active during the recording? Also, is there any way to record audio from Limit Searches or Signal Sweepers? If so, does it display tone or NAC on playback? Thanks!
  15. P

    One Button Operation to Get 'Scan Set' on PSR-800?

    In the RR Wiki for the PSR-800 it says: "...Scan Set; create a scan list tailored to your favorite scan list settings. One button operation to get to this set....." Can someone tell me how that's done? I understand Scan Sets that can specify the Scanlists you can have up to 20...
  16. P

    Stumpedon Setup/Import Issue w/ PSR-800

    So I am liking my new PSR-800 so coming from a BC-396T and Butel SW. Not new to scanning by any means, but am still getting stumped on how to set up certain aspects of this radio with EZscan. I have created a bunch of Scanlists from the follows: Hometown All Hometown...
  17. E

    PSR-800 scanning issue

    Just picked up the 800, and I'm quite impressed so far. However, there is one major issue I've noticed when scanning, especially with the local trunked 800mhz system here in Madison, WI (moto II). The issue is that when the scanner picks up a transmission, I hear the first second of audio...
  18. jedi1000

    PSR800 Mobile Mount

    I decided to build a mount to hold the unit in the mobile. It took about 3 hrs. with a Dremmel and a few parts from Lowes. It'll hold the unit with the clip on the radio. Just thought I would share with the group. 73.
  19. kkirkpatrick

    Need advice on a new scanner purchase!

    I am looking to purchase a new handheld radio scanner. I currently have the Pro-97 and it has been working well up until the area I live in (Ogden area of Northern Utah) re-banded their frequencies. It still works but not like it did before they did this. I normally listen to all Police, Fire...
  20. J

    Legalities of the recorded transmissions from a PSR-800....

    What are the legalities for sharing transmissions that are recorded with your PSR-800? Is it legal to "share" these?